LG Nexus 4 renders leak [Update: more]

Update: Added additional image from @evleaks.

Here it is -- the LG Nexus 4. Some official-looking press renders for the much anticipated fourth-gen Nexus phone has emerged via noted Twitter leaker @evleaks. The images confirm what we've already seen from the extensive Belarusian leak of a few weeks ago, while showing us the final rear chassis design. As expected, "with Google" is gone, and in its place is a big old Nexus logo. In addition, LG's "crystal reflection process" back has dots arranged in a speckled pattern, in a possible nod to the original Nexus One live wallpaper.

The second image released by @evleaks sports a different notification dropdown setup to the first, suggesting that the on-screen image in the earlier shot is likely a placeholder. (Note that promotional shots like this are often assembled from scratch by manufacturers in Photoshop, making on-screen images easy to swap out.)

In any case, it seems this is our clearest look at the Nexus 4 yet. Don't forget we'll be live from New York City next Monday, Oct. 29, to bring you full coverage of Google's new Nexus devices and Android announcements!

Check past the break for the original image, and discuss in the Google Nexus 4 forums.

Source: @evleaks

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  • cant wait to own this phone, however if the signal is equal or worse than the gnex its going straight back to lg
  • My daughter has an older LG dLite - it's reception is FAR better than my Samsung Nexus S (she gets usable signal where my phone is useless) - both on T-Mobile. If the Nexus 4 is anything like a cheap flip feature-phone for reception, there's hope yet. However, if user-complaints from other LG Optimus devices, you may have genuine reason for concern.
  • The signal on my Optimus V has been nothing but exceptional. It will pick up 3g when others phones don't ad it keeps wifi that my laptop wouldn't
  • Go Nats!! I like center clock, and please launch this thing with LTE!
  • Won't happen, sorry.
  • Center clock?? Is it running aokp?? Haha
  • I'm still praying there will be a 32gb version.
  • <-- this. I'll still get it in 16GB but 32GB would be ideal! Games are getting bigger and bigger! Hopefully they learned from the Nexus 7 :)
  • You pray for weird things....
  • It's not weird at all if he's praying to Google
  • +9000? Lmfao
  • I know this is a render but it would be nice to see the "nexus" logo etched into the case (like the N7) so it doesn't rub off from wear.
  • What in the heck are you rubbing it on??? :)
  • Kind of odd that there are two different weather notification icons - seems a little sloppy for an official screenshot. Also, don't Apple have a patent on a timekeeping output aligned to the top centre of a device display?
  • Actually those are battery percentages, which makes it 3 battery stats!
  • To me it looks like the one on the far left is battery percentage, the one slightly to the right of that is weather temp, and there still the tradition battery icon on the far right with a percentage inside. So 2 battery and 1 weather. I think it's bad that the battery percentage and the weather temp are the same. That's just confusing.
  • Looks awfully like AOKP to me... Also, does no one else find it odd that the date on the Google Now card is July 25? Also, if you look up the weather forecast for that date in NC, it was 90. So, my guess is that the 92 in the notification pane is for the current weather.
  • Are you kidding? Apple invented time. Among with the protective reality distortion field. :p
  • Did you know the first clock in history was invented by Apple for the 1984 Apple Macintosh? True story.
  • what are those stuff below LG logo? Why put them on the phone, they are supposed to be on the box
  • That's one of my beefs with non-removable batteries. The CE mark and FCC junk is crapping up the back of the phone, instead of hiding under the battery door where it should be!
  • Yeah looks crappy with all those logos but nothing can be done about it except for giving us a battery door again.
  • They have to be visible according to regulations. Nothing anybody can do about it. Every unibody wireless device has to deal with it. If the battery is removable, then you would have those on a sticker under the battery.
  • Who the f-k cares? When you put your little protective cover on the phone, you won't see sh!t! DUH?! And if you don't then your a bigger du-mass! LMAO
  • Why must you be so rude? It's a simple expression of a concern that at least one person has. There is no need to act this way. I'm sure you're going to want to reply to this in some vulgar way, calling me some would be demeaning term(s) but don't bother. No one cares. Just stop ruining an otherwise great community website.
  • +1 Agreed.
  • I am curious about the battery indicator....looks to have a percentage tucked in the icon. this would be very nice as its a feature missing from AOSP that I ALWAYS use. i will not be holding my breath for 4.2 but it would be awesome if this was a stock feature. i could take or leave the center clock...i always hide it in my ROMs anyway.
  • There's too much text on the back. I also do not like the center clock at all.
  • Yeah...the double weather notification and the FCC info on the back, plus the phony-LOOKING camera/flash on the back just don't make this look "official" by any means.
  • Not double weather . .one is battery percentage 92% and the other is weather 92 degrees . . does seem kind of dumb/confusing that they'd use a pic where they are the same.
  • What is the darkened band below the volume rocker on the left spine - SIM tray? Micro SD card slot?
  • Google has said that there won't be a SD card slot. Since the back isn't removable, it's got the be the sim card slot.
  • micro sim card slot.
  • All of the "leaks" have stated that it will have a SIM-Tray located below the volume rocker, like the iPhone. I wouldn't be surprised to see that become something of a "standard" place for it on phones without a removable battery cover.
  • What is that slot on the bottom left below the volume rocker? Is that the sim tray or a SD card slot?
  • Sim tray I believe
  • Official press renders have what appears to be a third party battery % indicator in the status bar? Just doesn't seem legit to show non stock stuff on press renders for a Nexus device.
  • Or maybe it will be a new feature in stock. Although there seem to be 1 battery percentage on the far left and also battery percentage inside the battery icon on the far right, so I agree that it's fishy.
  • The more I look at it, the more I want to call BS. The one on the left just seems out of place. A baseball score as the Google Now? Surely there is a newer/better feature in the next version of android to advertise other than baseball scores?
  • I'm as excited as the next guy about new Nexus phones but these headlines seem a little contradictory. Wouldn't a leak be details unintentionally released from the company (whether it be the company itself or one of its employees or visitor to the company)? and a rendering be what an outsider thinks its going to be? Maybe I'm just overthinking things. It you don't think about it at all it's completely logical. Either way, I look forward to Monday's event :-D
  • A render just means that it is an image created on the computer instead of an actual photo. Most of the time official press images are renders, not photos. So they are saying that this appears to be an official render.
  • I must say that looks a bit more appealing than the leaked test unit. I do with the "NEXUS" was a bit more understated. Very odd what they have on the screen as others have said and that NEXUS logo - maybe it looks a bit too prominent because it's a Photoshop layer?
  • Honestly, I think the "Nexus" looks to be photoshopped on the render itself, which in itself is not entire unusual. Probably difficult to get the same effect as the real unit with that "Crystalline Process Finish" in the render. Or the person doing the render didn't know how to make it look? I imagine it will likely be a *little* more subdued on the final device, judging solely on the previous Nexus device branding.
  • Battery life is important, 4.2 better have Project Roadrunner or something similar if not that Non-removable battery is gonna kill Google. Signal strength is important for me, I've used both an S2 and currently using a gnex and am not getting decent HSPA stability in my area even though the people around me do so easily. I blame it on Samsung as they're known to manufacture bad radios. If both of those i mentioned are addressed. Google will have one more satisfied buyer (:
  • I'm not buying a new phone this year, so I'm just looking forward to getting 4.2 on my GNex!
  • +1, My AT&T contract is not up till July. Plus I just got my Gnex 3 months ago. I'll wait and see what next year brings.
  • +1 - I've still got a ways to go on my Gnex contract. But I'm still waiting for 4.1.2, hopefully Sprint just skips that one.
  • This render is a fake. If you blow it up you can see artifacts where the nexus logo has been super imposed onto the device, also there is a strange highlight on the bottom right of the back panel.
  • I think the strange highlight you're referring to is the external speaker. That's the location and orientation of it. You're right-on regarding the artifacting around the Nexus logo. I'm surprised that evleaks wouldn't catch this; they are usually really good with their leaks.
  • Good catch, now that I look at it more closely your right about the speaker. I also noticed if you look at the centered clock on the front panel, it doesn't have consistent artifact noise like the rest of the image. It's also an odd square shape like someone has pasted it there.
  • There's similar artifacting around the left most battery/weather notification (the one with the yellow bar under it).
  • I won't go so far as to say it is not a fake, but the artifacts you are talking about look more like compression artifacts than image manipulation. Notice on the 3/4 view, the Google logo in the Google Now interface has a lot of artifacts. So do the mountain edges, and really every high contrast edge in the images. I think someone was just too liberal with the jpeg compression setting when they saved the image, or kept opening and saving it. I do think that they do not look like professionally created images for marketing purposes, and are possibly someone's attempt to pass them off as a legitimate leak.
  • They have to put all that text on the back. Since it has no removal battery similar to the iPhone, that is the only place that the FCC info can go. Same as the iPhone. I think they should start putting it on the microsim tray or on a removable sticker.
  • Ugh....Looks like you are right. I went to look at an iPhone and sure enough its plastered there because its non removeable backing. Such a shame.
  • call me crazy but i'm fine with my galaxy nexus.... gona skipe this round
  • I am with you on this. I know a lot of people that skipped the GNex and kept their Nexus S simply because they know that they'd still get updates, etc. I am in that boat and will wait for the next Nexus, though I am a phone slut and will drool over any new specs that haven't been seen. Software, eh - it'll make it's way to my GNex soon if there's new stuff.
  • agreed. i think my strategy will be to upgrade to every other Nexus.
  • Center clock, percent inside battery logo.
  • Those nsfw pics of Alyssa Milano might be fake, but they are still fun to look at.
  • Couple of things 1. Hardware looks alot better than my Galaxy Nexus, a hands on will determine that tho 2. That center clock looks odd to me (maybe since I now run stock android since I no longer root) 3. Not sure I like the word Nexus in the back....meh 4. its thicker by a little, if LTE is added tho its deff worth it 5. PLEASE AT LEAST AT LEAST AT LEASTTTT HAVE 16GB of Storage! 8GB would be a joke Google
  • They have already confirmed that there will be a 16gb version. Not sure if its 8/16. But anything without external storage should provide more than 8gb. I'm actually a little mad that I got the 8gb N7, seeing how only 3 months later they are doing away with it..
  • Obviously fake. Just look at the status bar and notifications. The nexus logo looks shopped as well. How can people believe this?
  • Do you know why it looks like it was Photoshopped? BECAUSE IT WAS! These aren't photgraphs, they're renderings, which are generally created using a combination of a 3d modeler, illustrator and photoshop.
  • Yes, but official OEM renderings are much higher quality than community made renderings. The first set of pics don't have the quality of official renderings.
  • It should have 32g of memory. Now we see how Android fans are little different than Apple fans. Most will bend over, pay for it, and then thank their master for the opportunity. At least the younger and weaker guys in prison have an excuse. Okay, let the rationalization begin and then we'll compare to those provided by the Apple gang why they think their product is best: 1. Dude, it's Google. OMG. Google!!!
    2. I find comfort in knowing that I can't do much when no service or wifi is available. It's my quiet time.
    3. I like Milk.
    4. Google for the win+
  • lol you're a funny guy. You know whats cool about being an android fan? That if we needed a phone with different features we can instead buy a GS3, or a Note 2, or a HTC One X+ etc.. The list goes on. Quit trolling.
  • fake
  • Idiot.
  • So after Phil throwing a fit about being wary of taking leaks as the word of God we get this? What are you playing at AC?
  • Awesome!! but I'll wait till other nexus devices are revealed before I upgrade from my nexus s
  • You know that "crystal reflection process" looks awfully "disco Dan". Lot of 80's cheese in that design. Very disappointing in what should be the best Android phone.
  • I don't think the Nexus phones will ever truly be the best Android phone. There's give and take. The fact this seems set to launch with an S4 Pro though in itself is pretty amazing to me. I thought for sure this Generation Nexus would go to a S4 since it's so popular with LTE or Tegra 3 chip to match the Nexus 7 with no LTE.
  • *double post*
  • Very interested in this phone, I really like how much flatter it's looking than my GSM Galaxy Nexus (it's curve is too much imho) I'll be seriously considering this phone, though I too want to see what other nexus's come out if the rumors of multiple nexuses are true. I can wait a little while my current nexus is far from obsolete, I probably should hold off on a new phone till later next year honestly, but my smartphone addicted self may need a new toy lol.
  • It should have this! It should have that! It's not gonna have this, so I don't want it! If it's not gonna have that, no one will want it! I hope Verizon gets it! Verizon isn't gonna get it! I'm just gonna wait til Monday and go from there.
  • +1 probably the most reasonable thing written in this thread :)
  • Well thank you. I really don't mean to bitch, but it's kind of sad seeing folks freak out over something that hasn't even been officially announced. An event has been announced...but that's it. A lot of what we've read and images we've seen look legit, but you never know. I hope this device is made available to anyone who wants it...even Verizon users. It's a Nexus...it's android...it was meant to be in the hands of everyone.
  • Yeah, but since when is the internet supposed to be reasonable. :)
  • the pics show the clock in different locations. one's centered and the other is aligned to the right.
  • I might have missed a leaked blog article somewhere, but is there any indication of what carrier this will arrive on? Radios? GSM? CDMA?
  • I can't tell for sure, but from the looks of the original picture it appears that the battery percentage is included with the battery meter, or am I just seeing things?!?
  • Wtf kinda of jacked up route it is telling that individual where to drive?
  • Welcome to Washington DC driving...
  • Really not liking this phone. I think I'd rather have the optimus G... software aside of course. I don't care for the design overall. Just looks horribly cheap... and I like LG.
  • Joe?
  • The second picture makes it seem like the screencap was taken from a CM10 or AOKP based ROM. You can also see a battery with a percentage marking which stock doesn't have (yet). Would be nice if it was true though.
  • I heard the Nexus 4 was supposed to have a sim card tray like the iPhone...is that true or is it all smoke and mirrors?
  • The back isn't removable so yeah, it's got a sim card tray/slot on the side.
  • Sweet, thanks for the confirmation :)
  • All I want is LTE and I'm pretty sure I'm getting it.
  • I've gave up hope for an "identical to the Nexus 7 but smaller" device. I'll be getting this. I wish they would have made a 4", 7" and 10". All the same look and feel.
  • Is it wrong that a big reason I dont like this phone is that the headphone jack is on the top?
  • YES! ;) LOL. Are you being serious?
  • Looks too much like my GN. Won't upgrade unless it's $350 or cheaper.
  • I just want to know how much it's going to cost.
  • Why whyt! google..! the nexus curve is gone..! :(
  • I've grown fond of the headphone jack on the bottom. I hope there are other Nexus phones coming as well. Not that I'm looking for a reason to replace my GNex. One thing is interesting... no pogo pins??
  • Suppose to have wireless charging