The LG G6 hasn't been shy in showing itself before its official announcement later this month at MWC. We've seen how the phone will be made of metal and have very slim bezels, and we're heard that it will be water resistant and eschew modularity.

Now we're seeing a live shot of the phone from the rear, exposing its familiar dual camera setup and rear home button, while giving us an indication of how tall it will actually be. While the form factor of the 5.7-inch flagship won't stray too far from traditional handset, its will reportedly have a 2:1 (or 18:9) aspect ratio, giving the QHD screen slightly more vertical space than most Android devices.

Other than that, we can see from the photo that the (blue? black?) metal reflects a fair amount of light, and that it may be prone to some serious smudging — so stock up on microfiber cloths if you're planning on ordering one when it goes on sale, likely in early March.

What do you think of the LG G6 from what you've seen so far? Let us know in the comments!