LG G4 takes to the skies in new drone video to show off its superb camera


A new video has surfaced showing the LG G4 being attached to a drone and sent into the skies to take some stunning shots. Smartphone cameras have become really, really good, no matter which manufacturer you choose. The LG G4 is no exception and can stand alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone as one of the best phone cameras out there.

But fear not if you own the LG G4 (or have just purchased one) and are unable to take that perfect shot as we've got some handy tips and tricks for you to read through. You've also got until July 31 to show LG your absolute #BestShot to win a trip to New York, as well as two LG G4s.

Shot on Android: Because smartphones running Android take stunning shots too

Source: YouTube (LG)

Rich Edmonds