LG G3 leaked in textured render glory

We've seen plenty of the officially unofficially not announced but still LG G3 at this point (the leaks are getting to the point that they're rivaling the insanity we saw leading up to the HTC One M8 launch), but most of that has been smaller renders lacking detail or blurry cam photos. But this? This is the G3 as it was meant to be seen: up close, big, beautiful, and loaded with texture. These renders don't really tell us anything new about the phone, but we've got a few more after the break to keep whetting your appetite.

The top of the LG G3

The buttons of the LG G3

For more, check out the source link below. And let us know what you think in the comments — is the LG G3 a beauty or overdone?

Source: Phone Arena