LG Electronics joins Linaro

While this isn't directly Android related, it's important to support and develop open-source software on ARM devices, and this is great news. LG Electronics is joining other corporate giants like IBM, Samsung, and Texas Instruments as a member of the Linaro group.

While many an Android hacker or nerd recognizes the Linaro name when coupled with a special compilation toolchain, not everyone knows just what the Linaro group's goals are. Linaro works with partners like Adeneo Embedded and Canonical to create core open-source software that benefits the entire group versus each company at odds with each other.  

We've seen what that can do with the aforementioned Linaro Android toolchain. Things run better, are more efficient, and most importantly, patently unencumbered when the right minds all work together on it. It's great to see the some of the folks responsible for the latest Nexus devices as a part of it all, and to see partners with such a vested interest in Android.

Source: Linaro

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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