LG announces new Smart Bulb

Will work with Android and iOS

LG Electronics today announced its first Smart Bulb — a pair of lightbulbs, actually, that will connect to Android and iOS devices. LG says the low-wattage bulbs will run for more than 10 years, five hours a day. "LG Smart Lighting" will work with Android 4.3 and up, and iOS 6 and above. It'll feature a security mode to make it look like you're home when you're actually away, and a play mode for when you're playing music (Android only).

And they'll also be able to flash when you receive a phone call.

LG's new smart bulbs will retail for around 35,000 won, or about $32 each.

Source: LG Electronics

Phil Nickinson
  • Sounds pretty cool.... Clicked on the source link for more info.... Sorry, I don't speak Japanese. Posted via Android Central App
  • LG is a Korean company, not Japanese :P Also, Chrome will translate for you.
  • Way to make it awkward ;)
  • lol
  • Dumb nut... smh
  • New idea makes the remote smart enough provide a service to human.Like this easy operation.E27 LED Bulb with Remote Control(http://www.ledlightmake.coml)
  • What about smart condoms that detect STDs coming through and give you a mobile alert? Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, but would you actually stop? Posted via Android Central App
  • MIND BLOWN LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat
  • or just blown...
  • Just remember that condoms don't stop all std's, especially herpes, The More You Know.
  • You win Posted via Android Central App
  • WANT
  • LOL Kev..
  • I wish there was a way to upvote this over 9,000 times
  • We actually have this, it's called 'common sense'. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm loving the fact that they can flash when your phone rings. Hearing impaired people will love that feature. Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!
  • That's a good point! Posted via Android Central App
  • if hearing impaired people can't hear the phone ring, how would they hear someone on the phone?
  • TTY
  • You're welcome.
  • Phones also have a hearing aid mode . And some hearing aids double as bluetooth devices Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah like me :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • LG made a bulb that currently works with only one of their phones. …hehe Posted via
  • Epileptic people will totally tweek out over the incoming call feature as well. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm sure it's a feature you can turn off. Posted via Android Central App
  • I guarantee it doesn't flash at a strobe light's pace.
  • Doesn't matter how fast or bright it is actually, it can still have an affect on them (my Mum has epilepsy as does one of my friends so I know). Posted via Android Central App on my Motorola XT890 RAZR i
  • Did i some how miss it or was there no when on the site? Posted via Android Central App
  • Idk how i feel about this. I guess it's cool. *flies away* LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat
  • And at $32 a bulb, it better wash windows, do the dishes and take out the trash too Posted via Android Central App
  • Ten year lifespan with lower power use than a CFL bulb. Long term, it's a very good purchase. Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy
  • TCP Connected bulbs are rated for 23 years... At 16.00 a pop. I have several, and they are really handy. At that price point, you will not see a ROI over a CFL ever.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea, saving money on the electric bill and replacement bulbs for ten years really sucks! ... /s Posted via Android Central App
  • Oh, you mean the same benefits of a regular LED bulb that costs way less? /s
  • Wasn't aware you could control regular led bulbs from your phone... /s Posted via Android Central App
  • And it better make babies too. Posted via Android Central App
  • Seeing that at home depot they charge $40 for a super bright LED bulb that does nothing. $32 is kind of a fair price. IMO. Posted via Android Central App
  • That price will take those bulbs places , as long as they open the software
  • So they say 10 years that means they will actually last 2 years. Posted via Android Central App
  • Waaaaaaaant.
  • There's a short video is on Youtube. There is no commentary other than a TV running in the background and can't really see what the app options are on the phone unless you can read Koreanbut, looks pretty responsive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax7hQH23jVo
  • When does it come out? Posted via Android Central App
  • LG better reverse those numbers from $32 to $23 even that is pushing it. From my Note 2 to you
  • Sounds interesting but if that is all, it's not enoughfor that price. You should also be able to control it through the smartphone - on/off dim change colours. There are already bulbs like that.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Wait.. You can't control it through the smartphone? So in what way is this bulb 'smart'? Posted via Android Central App
  • On and off works... from the vid above. How about dimming? Changing colours? Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm sure you will be able to control it through your phone, otherwise what is the point. Posted via Android Central App
  • Smartbulbs are a silly idea. The smarts should be in the light switch. I know this makes them harder to install, but I want to be able to turn them on and off when I enter or leave a room, and for the smarts to be any good in a smartbulb the switch will have to stay on, and that means controlling them with your phone which 95% of the time is far less convenient than a switch by the door, that is unless you were to stick a smartphone on the wall by the entrance to every room that uses a smartbulb. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok Google - lights on in the livingroom. Or control it via smart watch. Or smart watch position tracking (if i enter room x and brightness = below Y then turn lights on). The future is awesome... Posted via Android Central App
  • Lamps... Like a torche lamp, porch light, kitchen over-the-sink light, and a spare bedroom is where I have mine... Porch comes on and shuts off automatically since it is too shady for a photoeye... The others are turned on and off by my phone depending on when it's dark, and which I want on... Confuses the hell out of the dog. My tstat is also wifi and handy. I do like the WeMo switches, but they are hella expensive... I have two of those also...
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Due to my house having limited bedrooms, I actually sleep in what used to be a second sitting room. It doesnt have a light switch inside the room and its a royal pain in the a** having to get up open the door then switch the light of in the hall.
    Bulbs like this solve the issue.
    Hopefully there available in the UK at some point.
  • You can cheaply buy remote control bulbs on eBay. That way you can control them from bed. I think I paid about £2.50 delivered from Hong Kong. Posted via Android Central App
  • I love seeing "music play mode" (Android Only) that line right there!!!! Oh HOW I LOVE IT!!! Finally iOS gets to ask why doesn't it have that feature for my fashion glass dickscan button phone?? Posted via Nexus 7 Razor Rooted (nexogen)
  • The fashion glass model didn't have a dickscan button, that's only on the newer fashion aluminium model. Isn't the nexus 4 a "fashion glass phone" also? Serious query for iPhone 5s users: can you activate touch ID with your penis? (To avoid leaving the ladies out, how about a nipple?) Posted via Android Central App
  • is there a point to all the classless banter? Is it really needed?a point can be made without being an idiot.....
  • The no-fun police have arrived! This is a no-fun zone! Smh... It's ok to be offended. It's not ok to be a prick. EVO 4G LTE still doing work!
  • Actually, what's "no fun" is trying to learn about, and have a discussion about [insert product here] and having the whole thread taken over by a flame war between Apple drones and Google drones. Like every other thread about any other product that can be controlled by an app. This thread has been relatively clean until now, and please kindly take your Apple vs Google crap to someplace more appropriate and stop ruining everyone else's fun. "smh"? Seriously? Says the guy bashing someone else's phone for no reason. It's been 4 years, most of us don't find it "fun" anymore, if we ever did.
  • I agree that the comments on many of these posts are complete shit from trolls and the mods/editors don't do a damn thing about it. The two comments above look like friendly banter to me, not a long drawn-out dick measuring contest between ios/android fanboys. By the way, this is the internet and most of us looking at this site are doing so from phones and simple abbreviations are very common so take your judgmental ass elsewhere. EVO 4G LTE still doing work!
  • Yeah, I was trying to prevent it from turning into a long drawn-out (dick measuring? Please, the only people that passionate about their phone's operating system are likely compensating for that particular shortcoming) flame war. I don't care what you think those comments look like, what they look like to me is the start of a flame war. Can we move on now please?
  • Well, I can't speak for the original commenter but I was just making a flippant response to what he posted, personally I don't care what device anyone uses, but on android central you should probably expect an android bias. Also, we all love our tech, but let's not take this stuff TOO seriously, this is a post about LIGHTBULBS after all. Posted via Android Central App
  • The first person was [maybe unintentionally?] trying to start a flame war. I am honestly just sick of reading the same pointless crap from trolls every day on every article. Just trying to stop it before it started. BUT "this is a post about LIGHTBULBS" - exactly my point. Every article about everything is a friggin iOS vs Android flame war even when it's about LIGHTBULBS. It's very very annoying after 3 or 4 years of it.
  • My only point is why be crass ? -------------------------------------------
    You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you
  • Thirty-two dollars is a bit steep for a lightbulb, but I'd get one just for the security mode feature. Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • I pay $60 a bulb for the Hue lights :P
  • People pay for innovation. $32 might be a lot to some of us but we're talking about the first of its kind. When (not if) other manufacturers jump on board competition will likely lower the price. Can't even imagine what the world will be like in 20 years. EVO 4G LTE still doing work!
  • TCP Connected has the same design basically, and their bulbs are 16.00 a pop. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's something I might need... probably not, but I MIGHT!!!
  • For those whining about the price see Philips Hue or the handful of other kickstarted projects. Another major player in the market is good news. Until things settle down I'll be sticking with normal LED lighting. Posted via Android Central App
  • $32 for a pair of bulbs that we don't have to change for the next 10 years. Count us in! Thanks for this great first hand news, Geekalogy wrote an article based on it! Here is the URL, AC staffs! (Not spam! Sorry!)
  • I love lamp. I would seriously buy one of these...although a simple programmable switch does the same thing whilst on vacation etc for much less. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can I get it to turn on when I have a good idea? Posted via Android Central App
  • My old neighbours left their lights on when they went on holiday. All that happened was the burglars left a note saying "thanks for leaving the lights on for us, we've saved you money on your electricity bill by turning them off when we left"
  • Hahaha... I'm assuming you could set the lights to turn on and off at different times being that they're smart. Maybe they'll be able to cast shadows and such for extra security. Make it look like movement inside the house? Maybe? EVO 4G LTE still doing work!
  • Wow dimming! :) How innovative. And 1 bulb per caller flashing? haha how functional.
    I use AppLamp: Color + warm white bulbs, Dual White bulbs (cool to warm) and RGB/ RGBW HQ (super bright in my opinion) ledstrips and 2 types of downlights. That is my sytem of choice, not
    only for budget, but because it has more ways (luminaries) to light. And
    soon there will be E14 andled panels also I was told. 19 to 27 a bulb
    at www.wifiledlamp.com
  • I just had a Jetson's moment. Now all I need is a smart kitchen that'll be compatible with my smart phone's smart kitchen menu app that will tell my smart kitchen to cook whatever smart menu items I chose, and then I'll need a conveyer belt installed on the floor to get me to my smart kitchen where my smart lightbulb will turn on as soon as I enter my smart kitchen.
    IDK how I came up with that from an article about a smart lightbulb. Posted via Android Central App