Flash drives are an undeniably convenient way to keep files within easy reach, but they're not exactly the most secure solution. Someone could easily swipe your flash drive off of your desk, or you could lose it from your keyring, and then what? If you have personal documents, family photos, or any other sensitive information stored on a flash drive, the files could easily fall into the wrong hands and you'd have no way of preventing it.

Keep private information private by picking up a Lexar 128GB Fingerprint-Secured Flash Drive today at Amazon. These drives are usually pretty pricey, selling for $70, but today you can get one for just $49.99. That's a match of the best price we've shared. It's also just $20 more than models with much smaller capacities, so you're getting lots of storage space without the typical $40 price increase that you'd see if it wasn't on sale. Shipping is free.

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Lexar 128GB Fingerprint Flash Drive

This flash drive never really drops lower than today's price. It has a huge capacity and is protected by fingerprint security to keep your files secure. Fingerprint unlocking is fast, and up to 10 prints can be stored too.

$49.99 $65.00 $15 off

This flash drive, for the most part, works just like other models you're familiar with. It uses USB 3.0, features speeds up to 150MB/s, and has a small form factor that can fit into a pocket or backpack with no issue. The neat part, though, is the fingerprint authentication. When you first use your new flash drive, plug it into your computer and use the built-in software to set up passwords, enroll fingerprints, and manage users. Then, when you need to use it again, simply place your finger on the flash drive and the light will blink to let you know it's ready to use. The flash drive reads and recognizes fingerprints in less than one second.

You can also set up multiple partitions, which is another neat trick. Up to ten different profiles can be created, and you'll be able to select which users get secure partitions, and which users are confined to public partitions. For added peace of mind, the flash drive features 256-bit AES encryption as well as a three-year warranty.

Note that the fingerprint reader software is only available to Windows and Linux users. This software is not compatible with Mac. That means you will not be able to access secure partitions using a Mac device. It can still recognize public partitions, however.

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