Let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its micro-USB port

The recent leakage of apparent press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, along with corresponding hardware specs, have given us plenty to think about. Sure enough, the physical design of these two closely resembles what we've seen out of Samsung for the past 12 months. And for the first time it seems we're getting new Samsung flagships in two screen sizes — and with significantly larger batteries to address one of the GS6's biggest pain points.

However there's one hugely important detail hidden away in the bottom right corner of these Galaxy S7 renders. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are pictured with what appears to be a plain old micro-USB port, as opposed to the newer USB Type-C connector.

USB C cable

USB Type-C is the future of connecting stuff to other stuff.

That's a big deal because the reversible Type-C port is what's next. When all mobile devices and other computers eventually adopt the USB 3.1 standard — with the faster data speeds and quicker charging that entails — Type-C will be the port that enables it. We've already seen Type-C connectors in a few Android phones in recent months, most notably in forward-looking devices like Google's 2015 Nexus phones and the OnePlus 2, as well as in the Nextbit Robin. It's also used in Apple's new MacBook, Google's second-generation Chromebook Pixel and the Pixel C tablet.

Simply put, USB Type-C is the future of connecting stuff to other stuff. But it's going to be a painful, annoying transition — and that's just one of many reasons why Samsung may have decided to stick with a tried-and-true micro-USB connector in the GS7.

Let's play devil's advocate for a moment. Sure, USB Type-C is technically superior and less frustrating to plug in, as anyone who's fumbled around with the wrong end of a USB cable will appreciate. The reality of Type-C and USB 3.1 is muddy and nuanced, however. Just because something uses USB Type-C doesn't mean it's also USB 3.1.

None of the Android phones currently using the new connector really take full advantage of it.

This is why none of the Android phones currently using Type-C really take full advantage of the new connector — the OnePlus 2, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P all use Type-C, but with USB 2.0. The only real benefits are the more convenient reversible cable, and faster charging without the need to license Qualcomm QuickCharge. (The 5X and 6P both charge at up to 5V/3A with the bundled power brick.)

MORE: What is USB Type-C?

It's probable we'll see Android phones that do feature USB 3.1 in 2016, but there's no guarantee that any of the Galaxy S7's immediate competitors will be among them. And in any case, the argument in favor of faster wired data transfers to a smartphone is weakened by the fact that many of us now use the cloud, not a USB cable, to get stuff on and off of our phones.

As for faster charging, Samsung already has this through its Adaptive Fast Charge capability, which is its re-badged version of Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0. So from a purely practical point of view, Samsung isn't really missing out.

There are a lot of incentives for Samsung to stick with micro-USB — at least in the short term.

That being the case, let's look at the potential disadvantages of a fast switch to USB Type-C for the company.

The first hurdle is potential confusion from Galaxy S 3, 4, 5 and 6 upgraders who find that none of their existing cables work with their new phone. Most normal consumers aren't even aware of this new, slightly different kind of USB port. And if people will put their S Pens in the wrong way around, you can bet some of them will break a Type-C port trying to jam a micro-USB cable in there. Delaying the move to USB Type-C allows Samsung to wait for public awareness of it to grow, avoiding a wave of customer support calls in the process.

Micro-USB isn't going away anytime soon.

Samsung also has a diverse accessory ecosystem built around micro-USB, including GS6-targeted add-ons like the first-party fast charging battery and wireless chargers. It certainly wouldn't hurt to maintain accessory compatibility between the GS7 and its immediate predecessors. (As much as Samsung would probably like to sell you a bunch of new accessories as well.)

Another big consideration is Gear VR — the current version of the headset was released just two months ago with an internal micro-USB connector. A new Gear VR for a new Samsung phone wouldn't be unprecedented, but it would be a little weird for yet another SKU to launch so soon after the last one. (But that's also assuming that new phones would fit in the current Gear VR.)

Or maybe it's just not economical to switch yet. It might be as simple as a matter of money.

Again, Samsung will have to deal with the many annoyances of the jump to a new USB connector eventually, but delaying this push for a year or so means competitors will instead bear the brunt of inevitable Type-C teething issues.

Micro-USB itself isn't going away anytime soon, even after high-end phones make the switch to Type-C. Gadgets like wireless headphones, mice, keyboards, wearable gadget docks, digital cameras and storage devices all use this connector. It's going to take a long, long time — maybe a decade or more — for micro-USB's presence to start to fade.

USB Type-C is better, and it's what's next. The eventual move over to this new standard is as inevitable as the confusion that'll go along with it. In the meantime, maybe it's not such a big deal if Samsung's not chomping at the bit to bring the new port to its high-end smartphones.

What do you think of the possibility of Samsung skipping USB Type-C in the Galaxy S7? Shout out in the comments!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Nice defense but I think it's a huge mistake. Most normal people will have the S7 until like Jan 2019 or longer. MicroUSB is dying. Samsung still using it on a 2016 flagship is not a good idea. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My new Microsoft 950XL and Continuum Dock came with enough type C cables that I can carry a spare to plug in if needed.
    Now I have to carry 2 cables as my BT devices use micro USB.
    If your new device comes with enough cables, it won't matter that your old ones won't work.
    Since when does an OEM like Samsung care that you need all new accessories? Isn't this where they earn a large amount of money, making you buy their OEM products?
  • A huge mistake? Lets not get crazy its a charging cable and love they stayed with micro usb
  • No. This. is. Spartaaa! I mean huge! Like earth shattering, end of days, HUGE!
  • Spartaa??? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Are USB C ports more robust than micro-USB's? The worst hardware problems I've had with phones had to do with micro-USB ports that either stopped working or worked intermittently. My Nexus 4's port works most of the time, but about once a week, it gets into a mode where it can't decide whether it's charging or not and runs down the battery putting up and taking down the 'charging' notification.
  • Absolutely. They have a satisfying click when inserted and it doesn't matter what direction you insert it. Its far superior than the micro USB design. But oh well. Check back in 2023 I guess. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Absoltely not, keep in your mind that now what fails are the cables, because of the weak moving parts, now with USB-Type C them are on the phone, so like before you used to draft your cables, start drafting your phones. Don't think so? Ask to someone with Lighting or old MiniUSB, or ask yourself why its becoming harder and harder to fix anithing on your phone or just to change a battery....
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • for me, this is a BIG selling point. I dont need a new charger just to have the latest and greatest.... i can figure out how to plug in a USB the right way and dont need a reversible plug, its not rocket science. And, with quick charge, i have never ever one time said "gee i wish my phone charged faster"... and last but not least, i have a millions of cables and chargers already, why would i want to buy new ones. Personally, i say THANK YOU SAMSUNG for not being like others and just changing for changes sake of change when there really is no benefit except to the idiots that cant figure out how to plug in their regular usb cables,
  • future-proofing?
    The other things are nice. Quick charge is something I really like, and you have to realize that most of America probably can't figure out the right way to plug in a micro-usb.
    Plus, as Jen said, USB-C is the way of the future. I really do see it that way.
  • Your right, most of America can't figure out a lot of things, like what a real President is, there are a lot of things Americans can't figure out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh don't get me started on terrible presidential candidates. At least some of the Republican candidates look good, though the front runners are still a bit extreme...
  • You need to figure out spelling and grammar.
  • Umm....wrong!!! A phone can always, always charge faster, so I welcome QuickCharge 3.0 and beyond. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have tons of cables as well, micro, mini, normal. The thing about going to type C is I dont need all of them anymore., and I gain a massive benefit from the new cable. This is not changing just for the sames of changing, there are massive benefits to the new cable, besides just the reversible cables.
  • MicroUSB is dying in the way that all standards are eventually going to "die". But to say you won't be able to get microUSB accessories in 2019 is pretty crazy. These things take a lot longer to move on than you'd think. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm aware. I didn't say you wouldn't be able to buy MicroUSB cables in 2019. You can still buy 15 pin Apple cables. On well. Its clear we will hang on to MicroUSB for another decade. That's cool. I just think wide scale adoption by having someone as large as Samsung on board with USB-C is for the better. Apparently I'm wrong. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not wrong. You just clearly don't remember how long adoption of the previous USB standards took. Heck there's still new devices that don't support USB 3.
  • I didn't realize that usb 3.0 is 8 years old....
  • What? From mini-usb to micro-usb? It didn't seem like it took long, can't say an exact amount of time, but it didn't seem long. Posted via the Android Central App
  • A huge mistake you say? You're getting too carried away. That's no big deal at all Posted via the Android Central App
  • DEALBREAKER! Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition
  • Not a huge mistake though. Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition
  • Agreed, just including bunch of new rubbish bloatware is the Samsung's key selling point. I still don't understand why they are using Micro-USB in their flagship devices.
  • 2019? In what crazy world does a phone these days actually last 3 years without upgrading out of sheer frustration because Android users get left in the dust after 2 OS updates? Not only that, again, if no Android phones are making full use of USB C anyway, if the biggest appeal is the reversible connector you can buy reversible micro-USB cables that work with any phone out there right now. I really don't think it's going to make a difference until at least 2017.
  • I think it's not such a *bad* decision afterall. Check the reviews of USB-C cables in Amazon and look how bad they are. https://plus.google.com/collection/s0Inv
  • I think Samsung is just holding back for USB-C to be more widely adopted before they can find it feasible to put on their flagship. I think I can live with that, even though I'm getting used to the reversible connector on my iPad Pro.
  • Yeah. I'd rather see manufacturers go to USB-C sooner rather than later, but it's not like Samsung is screwing anyone here. MicroUSB may be on its way out, but it's not going to be obsolete any time soon. MicroUSB cables will still work and still be readily available for years and years to come. Posted via the Android Central App
  • cause you cant charge your phone fast enough with quick charge and have issues with pluggin in a usb cable... ?
  • It's a nice luxury, just like wireless charging.
  • They were the guys who went to 3 before anyone else (I think) and sorta got burned. I get the apprehension Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, I remember the Note 3 and S5 having USB 3.0. They were the only devices having it AFAIK, and they killed it off with the Note 4 onwards. Honestly, that connector is just......ugh. Mmmmm, Android Smores....
  • I'd agree, they made the right call. A far smaller percentage of customers for Samsung's galaxy line are tech enthusiasts or even tech savvy compared to the nexus 5X, 6P or OnePlus 2's customer base. They'll need to be eased into it gradually. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed, the majority of Samsung users are not as technical as it's the biggest Android brand, nexus, OnePlus or maybe even Motorola should go USB-c
    Lg could wait too probably Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung is the biggest Android OEM because of their mid and low end. Even if they do adopt USB C for their flagships this year, it's not going to be that huge a percentage of their overall customer base. And people who are willing to pay the kind of money for a Samsung flagship, will just go ahead and buy a couple of new cables. Posted via the Nexus 6P!
  • You mean like all the millions of high tech savvy people who went from the old iPhone plug in, to the latest one within a very short amount of time?
  • Exactly. That's also what I'm thinking. Not a fan of Samsung, but let's be honest; as a leading manufacturer and someone, who is looked upon by other manufacturers, Samsung should be bolder. This way, it's doing exactly what Apple accused them years ago: waiting for others to be brave, then move in with their corporative brunt and take over.
    I definitely agree with those saying that USB type c is redundant at the moment, but also it is the future.
  • That also looked totally different. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Nexus 6P!
  • Yep via AC App on
    VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • Or they are waiting for manufacturers to stop dumping bad cables on the market : http://m.pocketnow.com/2016/02/02/bad-usb-type-c-cable Posted via TCP/IP
  • I don't care one way or another personally but I don't keep a phone more than a year.
  • I don't know. Are people really not adaptable to change? I used a Micro USB charger for years and transitioned to Type C on my Nexus 6P with no problems. Posted via the Android Central App on the Nexus 6P
  • Some people just don't like change. Personally, I can adapt to change almost instantly, so I really don't mind any change that is not impractical.
  • same here, and there's no denying the fact the USB-C is a lot better. The whole reversible side thing didn't appeal to me at first, but now that I have it, it's a luxury I'd rather not do without. also it fits nice and snug, and I've gone through countless car chargers over the years since micro usb easily wears out.
  • So your saying Type C is more reliable & durable than micro-usb? That is exciting! Charging a phone, preferably constantly going up is very important!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • You would be surprised. I would hope people would see the port is shaped different and would put 2 and 2 together, but I've lost faith in humanity in that regard lol. Posted via the Android Central App
  • People not being adaptable to change is not what this article is about at all. You seem not to understand Alex's prospective on why Samsung may not be going with USB type C just yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The cable just doesn't fit because there's no concern for a speedy cable data - wise is what he's saying, and since we have charing speeds that are WAY faster anyways, Samsung doesn't see a priority in USB C cables, and to be quite honest I don't say that I blame them.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, this whole paragraph Alex wrote must've thrown me off my interpretation. Silly me:
    "The first hurdle is potential confusion from Galaxy S 3, 4, 5 and 6 upgraders who find that none of their existing cables work with their new phone. Most normal consumers aren't even aware of this new, slightly different kind of USB port. And if people will put their S Pens in the wrong way around, you can bet some of them will break a Type-C port trying to jam a microUSB cable in there. Delaying the move to USB Type-C allows Samsung to wait for public awareness of it to grow, avoiding a wave of customer support calls in the process." Posted via the Android Central App on the Nexus 6P
  • Nothing wrong with waiting until it is more wide spread. Also no point in having a neutered version of it.
  • Not sure how I feel about it. But I'm thinking mistake.... they should switch now in just get the ball rolling and they would have beat Apple to the punch Posted via the Android Central App
  • Apple is unlikely to use USB-C on their iPhones. They usually use their own proprietary stuff.
  • They'll use lightning on one side, and then USB c to connect to the computer, maybe Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why the heck is it called a so called lightning charger in the 1st place? LMAO Posted via the Android Central App
  • Because they had just recently come out with thunderbolt cables at the time
  • They'll just make a new proprietary format. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a render calm down and wait for the final product! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Right on! This guy knows nothing. What a waste of a post. Talk about starting rumors.
  • AC to their credit is pretty careful with rumors, and tend to play it safe in that department. He's not right 100% of the time but @evleaks is a reputable source worthy of making news on any Android website.
  • ok, I'll give you that AC is careful with the rumors. I still don't think anyone can be sure about this!
  • My thoughts too. But I am buying LG g5 any way and I know it does or HTC m10=. I will be happy either way. By by Sammy if you don't use USB c Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a pretty official looking render...this isn't something that a fan made up. Posted via Nexus 6P
  • We all thought the same thing about the M9 last year... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Back in the Palm days, people fussed with every connector change. Seams like the 90s. Posted via the Android Central App for WebOS
  • Seems like Americans will never learn to read and write correctly. Even with auto correction software you still can't spell!!!???!! Wtf
  • If you need something type c NOW, good luck. At least in my area there aren't many tech stores besides best buy and they hardly have anything type c. If you can't figure out connecting a micro you have bigger problems. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well I mean there are people who put the s pen in backwards and complained, so complaining about USB wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  • Bah, when I got the 6P and 950XL, I just got a bunch on Amazon. They are everywhere I need them and it's a non issue. Apple got everyone all huffy when they changed their design. Today? Its juuust fine. Samsung should just rip the baindaid off and join innovation. They are a risk taking company, no? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm not sure that non tech-minded folks know that they can buy cables off Amazon.
  • I suspect if Samsung switched to type c most stores would quickly start selling those cables. It would be a mistake of they didn't. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No they are not. They are an idea stealing, design stealing, wait till other companies do it company.
  • right, but if Samsung used USB-C we'd see a lot more 3rd party chargers on the market. also, some people, myself included have a MacBook or iPad that might have USB-C and we've already made the transition. I have the 6p and need a work phone to replace my S4. Is prefer my second phone have USB-C so I don't need 2 separate chargers. Not to mention that USB-C is just better.
  • I honestly dont give a damn about micro usb vs usb c Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good idea. I personally have over 15 microUSB connectors/adapters and all the rest. I can gradually change my infrastructure, but slow and steady will be nice... not to fast :) We all have USB Thumb drives, MicroUSB devices and other devices that still use it, so why not transition slowly but effectively?
  • I only switched to micro USB in 2012 so I can go for a few more years yet. Don't really see what the hurry is. New ports really only appeal to hardcore enthusiasts. The other 99% of us just think "Oh great...now I need another cable!" Just like we said after amassing huge collections of Mini USB cables. Market churn for accessories mostly.
  • To me, the render actually looks like it's using USB type C. I'd have to see all of the bottom before I'm convinced otherwise. Posted using my Moto Maker Moto X Pure Edition on Verizon... Unlimited Data as well...Android Central App helped as well ;)
  • I've heard that it is indeed Type-C
  • Gear VR is the most probable reason.
  • Nice article, but let's be honest here. If there is any reason for usb type c not being on 2016 flagship is that the micro usb connection is cheaper to implement. It's all about the bottom line. Posted via the Android Central App
  • you my friend, hit the nail on the head ... completely agree ... always follow the money
  • It's actually Type-C on the S7, so I have heard.
  • I really hope your right. I've already made the transition with my 6p and I'll be replacing my MacBook this Spring, maybe sooner. Don't want to use separate chargers and hope to replace my S4 (business phone) with the S7 or M10 ... all things being equal, the port could be the deciding factor.
  • I work as a Samsung promoter in Carphone Warehouse and have been told this by one of the staff who has contacts higher up in Samsung. I trust him but of course I won't know for sure until I get the training for the new product (scheduled for next month) or if I hear directly from Samsung management before then.
  • Cool. Thanks for sharing. I really hope you're right. Posted via the Android Central App
  • They let other companies get it out Posted via the Android Central App
  • Type-C is better than micro in all ways. I've loved using it. Yes it is a pain when traveling, and the wife and I need different chargers and cables, but if manufacturers would just get on board that pain won't last long and we'll all be using far superior technology. As far as the Galaxy 7 goes, I thought you guys said something a while back about not doing pieces about highly speculative unconfirmed leaked information? I question the value of these articles. Posted via Nexus 6p
  • AC does a good job with rumors, usually erring on the side of caution. @evleaks is a reputable source though, worthy of posting an article. also, let's be honest, news is pretty slow right now, so we should expect some S7/M10/G5 articles over the next few weeks. There's just really not that much else do write about at the moment.
  • If Samsung does this, I will actually PRAISE them.
    Yes yes, USB-C may be the future but until there's a massive shift towards USB-C, there's no point in putting it in things that will be used daily. I sign under the motives against USB-C. And I can also say its presence in a phone will be a negative for me when evaluating it. I already have many microUSB cables. Nowhere I go do I ever end up not having a microUSB cable available for a quick charge of something I might need. Move it to USB-C and what happens? I'm dependent on that ONE cable. If it gets lost, damaged etc, there goes the charger (by the way, this is also why I hate proprietary charging solutions *coughMicrosoftcought* * coughApplecough*).
    And USB-C cables aren't yet produced massively cheap that one can go out and simply replace all the cables. Not to mention we can't, because well, all the other legacy hardware uses microUSB. I already have enough cables around me, I don't need MORE cables just because they're now "type C". This is also why I much prefer Qi wireless charging to cable charging. Yes yes, fast charging is nice etc. But I prefer to have it and only use it as a last resource than to actually plug in phones daily. Wireless charging is far more convenient and once they mass produce fast wireless chargers, it will be even better. So yeah.
    If Samsung skips USB-C on the S7, it will be another point in favour of the phone in my book. And my book isn't known for having many points in favour of anything Samsung does.
  • Amazon has plenty of them at relatively cheap prices. So you shouldn't be dependent on just one. And if anyone is buying a $700+ phone they should be able to spend a few bucks on cables. That said, I get your argument, and there's no right or wrong. I'm just more of a rip the band aid off kinda guy, and I already have transitioned with my 6p and will be replacing my MacBook soon. Plus, if you haven't used one yet, they're superior to micro USB. Not to mention if a company like Samsung used USB-C, we'd see an influx of 3rd party chargers/cables flood the market at reasonable prices. I hear you though, just sharing my perspective and I don't think finding a backup charger/cable is as costly or difficult as you seem to think it is.
  • Not everyone comes from US/UK to be able to freely purchase in Amazon so i think that may also be taken into account since Samsung rely on being able to easily sell everywhere. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As sayf777 pointed out, the World doesn't turn around the UK/US. Buying cables from Amazon to me, for example, would have me pay more for the shipping costs than for the cables themselves.
    And if I'm already paying 600€ for a phone, I shouldn't have to go around and spend another 100€ replacing cables. ;) I personally don't see any benefit in going with USB-C. I tried it with the Nokia N1 which was the first device to ship with one, but apart from not caring about which way I would plug it in, nothing else was a better experience. Mainly because of that exact problem of being a special cable for that one device. But yes, I also guess that if Samsung went with it, the market would move faster in adopting it...assuming consumers would be willing to make that transition. And the feeling I have is that there's no real consumer demand for USB-C. It's something no one clearly asks for (outside the tech-geek world).
  • good to know. I don't live in a bubble and think the world revolves around the US, but I honestly didn't know that about Amazon ... hopefully if Samsung does go with USB-C other 3rd party chargers/cables will flood the market at much cheaper prices.
  • I agree completely. I am now basically only charging via my wireless chargers (both slow and fast versions). The thing I enjoy about still having micro usb on my Note 5 is that if i am out of battery, virtually everyone i know has a spare cable. Last night is a perfect example. I put it on the wireless charger, but for whatever reason it wasnt charging... woke up annoyed at 13%, plugged into fast charger for 15 minutes got me to apx 30% (maybe more)... car charger bumped me up, @ work had a spare sitting around and was able to top off enough to get through the day. Now its afternoon and im running low at 31%, ill top off with the wired fastcharge then head to a buddies, no need to bring a special cable as someone there has got a cable i can steal some power off. In the above scenario i would have had to have 3-4 cables available and/or carrying them around. Which isn't a lot, but the ability to just assume that one will be available wherever I am is a luxury I enjoy.
  • very disappointing ... wanted to use the S7 for work, but have the 6p and don't want to use two separate chargers. this definitely opens the door for the M10 and possibly G5. plus I keep my phones 2-3 years and would've preferred USB-C. not to mention my MacBook will be upgraded next year which will have it too.
  • Don't be too disappointed. I have heard that it is type-c in the S7. These are all merely rumours after all.
  • I hope you're right ... I really like everything I'm seeing from the S7, specifically that 3600 mAh battery in the Edge+ ... would love both my phones to have USB-C so I don't need to separate chargers, and the more I think about it, the more important it is to me. Hopefully if it doesn't have USB-C end M10 will. We'll find out soon enough!
  • I actually am pretty disappointed if it is true, but I'll reserve all judgement until we see the phone in the flesh. The lack of a USB-C port won't be a deal breaker for me, but it can somewhat stifle the adoption rate of the standard. Mmmmm, Android Smores....
  • Definitely not future proof. Just order a blu Vivo XL for $100 with usb type c... While a $700 flagship won't have it?
    Pretty sure lg g and htc m10 will have type c. I hope the new moto x does too. I understand it will be a pain to transition but it has to happen.
  • And the more manufacturers who adopt it the quicker the transition will be.
  • The transition to USB Type C hasn't been that difficult for myself, but that's because I've bought the cables when they go on sale on Amazon. I buy a couple here and there. I currently have 3, 4 including the mini one that with the 6p. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well it's not that expensive to buy good usb type c adapters for standard usb cords. I already have a few that I bought off amazon, that work without any issues
  • I still have a few mini-USB cables lying around for some random cheap/old gadgets that still use them.
    Just upgraded to the Nexus 6P and have been slowly converting to USB-C. Will have to make a separate pile for micro-USB in storage soon. It'll be nice when everyone makes the switch, but it could take a few years. I think it'll likely be Apple making the push though, so once that happens Samsung and everyone else can follow. No matter your thoughts on Apple, it'll be nice when EVERY gadget can use the same standard USB-C. No more proprietary cables/ports and incompatibility issues. Use whatever device and brand that you love and just plug it in!
  • I doubt Apple is ever going to use Type C on their phone. Their connector is already reversible. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Don't care much about the tech side of it, but the reversible thing is useful... However, it's not a deal breaker
  • It doesn't matter what they use. People who buy Samsung phones are not going to forgo their purchase over a USB port.
  • From the renders it seems like S7 will have type-C port Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well they have to save *something* to give you a reason to buy a S8 next year... Just bundle a 50 cent Micro-USB to USB-C adapter with the phone, and mark the price up $4 more dollars. Easy.
  • Exactly. Problem solved Dam It Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • Good article, and all good points about not switching to type c just yet. Not that I'll have that phone anytime soon, I just got my S6 and really like it
  • If you have a family with a Dozen devices using micro USB, such as Bluetooth headsets, speakers, keyboards, mice & portable batteries etc, throwing a usbc device or 2 in there is a big deal. It's not insurmountable, but it is a thing. Via the Android Central App
  • I hope the S7 has RCA and 1/4" stereo outs, because I have a lot of them lying about, too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Brilliant. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow could you defend Samsung anymore than this. They left out a new feature that every flagship in 2016 should have. Posted via the Android Central App
  • But lots of them probably won't. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It looks like type C to me. Just looks like the sloped sides on micro USB because of the curvature of the sides of the device Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope they put USB-C in one phone and Micro USB in the other just to see the tihs show that will ensue here... Posted via the Android Central App
  • You're evil. I like it.
  • Champing at the bit Posted via the Android Central App
  • Chomping, too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Would be nice if Samsung jumps on board sooner rather than later to force other manufacturers to do the same and finally make this the new standard. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think that if Samsung went with USB C, I think it would actually speed up the transition to C. Nexus 5X, Android Central Ambassador Team Leader
  • My micro USB cords are reversible though.
  • To be completely honest, it looks like a C connector to me. It's just a render anyway, so who really knows, but it looks symmetrical to me horizontally and vertically. Maybe the slight curve around the bottom throws it off, but if you take that curve into account and really look at it for a minute, it looks like a C connector. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Keep micro USB! Posted with my NOTE 5 on damn verizon!
  • Yes! Keep the old, more limited standard! No progress for us!
  • Hasn't been a problem at all with my 6p. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, if everyone waits for usb-C to be "standard" before making the switch, won't it never become standard? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really don't care much about usbc right now. I consider myself a very techy guy, but only seen devices with this plug a couple of times. Just about anything in the world uses micro usb and there's nothing more convenient then having a cable available anywhere (any iPhone user can tell you how annoying their fancy cable is).
    Furthermore, I know they make micro usb waterproof and I don't know about the type C yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah those fancy ubiquitous iPhone cables are everywhere now thanks to the iPhone 5. Remember when Apple introduced the new connection, abandoning the 15 pin cable? People got all pissy, then the market was flooded with the new design. Now they are sold in gas stations. Its going to take a player as large as Samsung to get USB-C into gas stations. Guess we will have to wait another few years. Oh well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Coolbreeze78, but those cables are of inferior quality and cost more at gas stations Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's not the point he's making.
  • USB Type-C 2.0 is STOOPID. Much better to what for USB-C 3.1
  • I've already made the change with my 6p. It's not a problem when the cable is bundled with the phone.
    I'll skip the 7 if it's a step backwards. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed Posted via the Android Central App
  • same here
  • Have a Note 5 and charge it exclusively on my fast wireless charger and car charger and have never once connected it to my MacBook since I dump everything to the cloud. Why would I get excited about not having a type C USB? I get its utility for a laptop but it's not a game changer for a smart phone.
  • Bottom line. ..if it ain't broke don't fix it. USB will be around a lot longer than one phone model generation.
  • so by your standard we should still all be using flip phones.
  • No, b/c smart phones brought a massive increase in functionality over a flip phone. I'm all for an orderly transition to type C USB but it brings very little increase in functionality to start phones.
  • Isn't it funny the rumors claim lower resolution camera and classic usb, which would be criticized highly if anyone did it in 2016, but because its Samsung, this website defended both? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think Apple needs to adopt USB 3.1 type C and you'll see Samsung jump on the bandwagon so fast your head will spin, then this Samsung apology article will crumble like an osteoporotic bone.
  • I know this an android site but the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL both have USB type C and I swear when I hook the 950 up to my USB 3.0 port on my computer I am seeing faster transfer speeds.I also have a Galaxy s6 edge and that is why I read stuff on this site.
  • Maybe it's just me, but this still looks like type C to me...the angle makes it distorted...but we will see soon. I can't imagine Samsung uses an older standard on a flagship. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Glad it's not just me. Can't tell for sure due to the angle. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Every move Samsung makes is the right one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Having Type-C on 1 single device is nothing but a lot of hassle for miniscule benefits.
    This would mean having to get new cables and ensure I always carry an adapter so I can charge away from home.
    When I get a laptop, tablet or whatever using Type-C that will be the time to get a phone with it.
  • Unless manufacturers are going to make their phones USB-C AND 3.1, there is no advantage to switching now. Samsung is smart for waiting for USB-C to mature before deciding to switch. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I get the reasons for it. But for me personally, a lack of USB C is a negative. I'm not saying it is a deal breaker, but if I'm struggling to decide between the S7 and something else, it might just swing it against Samsung. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't remember the last time I plugged a cable into my S6 period. The inclusion of built-in wireless was a much bigger deal for me. While I will agree that the battery capacity isn't as good as the S5 was, it is still plenty for me 95% of the time, and I have a wireless battery pack, so don't have to worry about carrying cables at all. From my Galaxy S6
  • Still doesn't charge as fast as it does with the cable in my opinion. The tip is not included! So tip your Uber driver. They're simply trying to make a living from a company that makes evil billions, yet gives little payout.
  • There's absolutely nothing in my household that even has a usb c connection .... I think. Posted via the Android Central App
  • USB C is present for a few years. Samsung is waiting Apple to push it first? Huge mistake and trust me... No such connector... I will not buy it at all. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Totally fine with Samsung continuing Micro USB in the next gen Galaxy S phones, if true. Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition
  • That looks like a type C port. The curvature of the phone makes it look like micro USB. Also, if I'm not mistaken Samsung did the wider end of the micro usb on top whereas the argument is that Samsung has flipped it? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well, people seem split right down the middle on this. Meaning whatever decision they made will be the wrong one, as we know the naysayers are always the most vocal group. Personally, I hope they went with the change to C. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm happy to keep micro USB for now. I have plenty of cables and chargers to use (and with wireless I don't plug them in very often anyway). USB-C on the 6P doesn't really provide any benefit (I can figure out which way the connector goes, thank you) and having to replace a bunch of cables is an unnecessary expense (and most of the cables available are crap). Once the industry really get USB 3.1 working, and there are plenty of decent, inexpensive cables available, I'll be ready for another phone.
  • Im sorry but it doesn't take a freaking genius to put a dab of fingernail polish on the "up" side of a micro USB connector so you can feel it even in the dark. This argument about not knowing what way is up is sad.
  • What I think is hilarious, I just bought a99$ phone with it. USB c that is. I am excited to simply plug my device up first try every try. Yeah I have been using micro for yrs but I have also used apple s lighting charger too. Time is everything and just a few more seconds of my life I will gain back, with USB c. Blu vivo xl just released and I am excited about USB c. I will be a cool person with the new toy Posted via the Android Central App
  • You will never be cool if you think USB C is what it takes to be cool.
  • You know that you can buy reversible micro-usb cables, right? *facepalm*
  • GearVR compatibility is their #1 reason. And microUSB is just fine for a few more years. For me this is a big plus. I love my GearVR :)
  • Jumping to conclusions from a leaked 'render' that shows an oval/rhombus at an odd 45* angle? This is quite a long article to be completely based off speculation. Plus, I've heard the port is indeed USB-C.
  • Haha yes...they have to fabricate material for clicks and comments sometimes.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Anyone else thinks it looks like a mix of both? The left has the shape of the micro USB, but the other side has the shape of USB C. Maybe sammy made a port that supports both?
  • Yep Posted via the Android Central App
  • don't care either way. usb c would be nice but it's Just a charge port. Micro USB is Not "frustrating" or hard to use...
  • UCB Type-C is not going to give any useful advantage to Samsung. 1. They already charge faster with normal charging methods
    2. Wifi transfer rates are faster than NAND performance, no advantage of connecting cable and transferring data.
    3. Gear VR would be another issue. Only people who don't think practically would shout about a feature which will be give no practical benefits, but cost more for the vendor.
  • You should really not post false dilemmas..Type-C gives plenty of practical benefits, just because you do not see them does not make it so..
  • I apologize, I made a mistake the Samsung phones will come with the next generation USB ports
  • Samsung should name the port the Hermaphrodite port. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I honestly don't care too much. I'd like them to switch to USB type C, but I understand why they wouldn't yet. either way I'm getting the Galaxy s7.
  • So the point of USB-C is to use USB 3.1 for faster data transfer speeds and faster charge times. But your old microUSB fast charger recharges your phone within an hour (most power within 30 mins) and your computer doesn't support UsB 3.1. Not that you bother to plug your phone into your computer for transferring data anyway. Your phone data lives in the cloud as regular Android backups. Meanwhile you've invested in a microUSB cable for the desk, bedside, car, office and an extra just for travel. Maybe when you buy your next computer in 2018 you'll be glad to have USB-C. Course by then Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S9. I'm not seeing the problem here. If anything USB-C is a major detracting factor from buying Nexus.
  • ..."many of us now use the cloud, not a USB cable, to get stuff on and off of our phones." America RUINING smartphones for every country else. I get it, your national past time is Netflix and Chill, but your idea of cloud centric-ity is ruining innovation for frivolous practicality. Here, we practically don't use the cloud because our Internet is one of the world's worst, and in many places its the same story, so wired transfer is still preferred by a long shot. This Android with the AC App is On Fleek.
  • I don't see why the US is "ruining..." That seems a bit harsh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • if your network is that bad, why buy a high dollar, high end phone for a crap network. grab a S5 with SD card slot, or G4 or the like.
    That's kind of like buying a Ferrari and having nothing but dirt roads... kind of pointless.
    So here in the US, we should sit around and wait until 3rd world countries networks catch up before we move forward? um. ok.
    And Americans don't just sit around watching netflix all day. we have this thing here in the US called a Job and it involves Working for Money.
  • Why not wait for the real pics to show up..because these aint it... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Are type-c connectors more sturdier than micro usb? I have a bunch of micro usb where the two small tooth that latches to the base always wears out and I have to buy another one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have had type C for about 3 months now and it so far seems to be to me. I cannot tell you how many times I broke the damn port on my galaxy S4... Either on the phone or the cable itself. Plus, some of the microUSB cables were too short to even reach in my phone to make contact. I don't get it.. My type C has been super easy and smooth to plug in. I don't really see any way to break it yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As an owner of a gear vr I am hoping they stick with the micro USB for the S7. I plan on getting the device and keeping one of my S6 edge phones so I can continue to swap between the two.
  • And then youa re going to want them to stick with it again when VR2 comes out, because you have an S7, and the loop continues.
  • Who wrote this article, the Galaxy S5 had an USB 3.0 port, an extended microUSB so you can run data speeds between USB 2.0 and 3.0
    I have done lots of 4k and there is a BIG difference when pulling video out on USB 3.0
    It's lame if they just keep going backwards with USB 2.0
  • C is better and they should switch. Micro is too prone to failure over time.. It was a mistake to keep the old standard Posted via Techmology
  • Whichever format they choose I hope the port is perfectly aligned with the speaker grill holes so Rene doesn't have another seizure. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Kinda looks like a Type-C port to me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup Posted via the Android Central App
  • Never had a problem with a usb port. Does probably take a little longer to be sure it will go in. Interesting point by Alex about not many transferring to pc anymore, I do but just mostly from the camera. I get the encroachment of type C, but happier I won't have the hassle of cable switching (as Meyerweb said) if the S7 is more appealing than my boring Moto X Pure, if rumors are correct. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not sure if anybody else mentioned this, but another possible reason is IP67 protection. If you remember, the S5 has a USB 3.0 connector which is much wider, can handle much faster data transfer, but isn't water resistant. So Samsung puts this flimsy "door" over it that seals it to keep the phone water proof/resistant. If you look at the S5 mini, and the S6 and other IP67 rated phones that Samsung made after the S5, they went back to the normal USB 2.0 micro USB connector. Does a IP67 rated USB 3.1 Type-C exist? Probably, and if not its not too hard to put another flimsy door over it like on the S5. Is it cost effective to put one into a phone while Type-C hasn't been fully adopted yet? Probably not. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How much longer will the transition take if samsung lags behind? The tech is ready, let's get on it.
  • I kinda get this, as of now it is only half implimented. Current smartphones on the market with Type C ports don't even take full advantage of USB 3.1, give us the FULL thing, or nothing at all!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Its simple. The reason the S7s are the SAME size as the S6s AND has microsub is for ONE and ONLY one reason. GearVR.
    Too many people already baught it. They MADE too many to not sell by killing it with a new version. 2016 is suppose to be the year of the VR.
  • And the next gen VR will have microUSB to allow all the S7 users to be able to use it, then the S8 will have to have microUSB for all the VR2s that were sold. The argument is weak and leads to a perpetual loop.
  • Not a huge mistake if it does not have USB type C. This can be discussed when actual images come out, not just renders.
  • I like my type C. It's easy to use and fast. That being said, I'm glad Sammy stayed with the micro USB. It'll keep people from asking to borrow my charger Posted via Nexus 6P snitches
  • You can try and justify this choice but in the end it's a poor decision. I certainly won't be getting an s7. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just include a few microusb to usb-c adapters. I bought a bunch so that I didn't have to buy all new cables.
  • I hope every manufacturer makes the switch asap because USB C is amazing. Yeah it sucks that old cables and accessories will be unusable but really who cares it's worth the trade off IMO and I don't know about others but I get new accessories for every phone anyways so it's not a huge deal getting new ones.
    USB C is actually one of my favorite features of my Nexus 6P because the cable is such high quality, the connection is such a firm connection that there's no worry of bending anything within the connection like micro USB and best if all it charges faster than anything on the market right now. I thought Samsung's fast charge was quick but it's slow compared to the Nexus 6P charging, I mean my Nexus charges as fast as my Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but the battery in the Nexus is WAYYYYY bigger than the S6, now that's rapid charging at its best and worth buying new cables for sure IMO. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I believe microUSB will start to fade much faster than that. The tech world as a rule adapts and evolves faster than almost any other market out there. When a new, clearly superior standard takes over, it makes sense to implement it. The fact that we've already seen it crop up on a lot of laptops suggests exactly this.
    I wonder why no Android phone has taken full advantage of USB Type-C yet. Microsoft did with the Lumia 950's. Both use the USB 3.1 standard.
  • Make perfect sense not to make the change right now. For all the great reasons and potential disadvantages pointed out in the article. Besides reversible connecter has absolutely ZERO advantage over Samsung's quick charge, plus its fast wireless charging. Who transfers data via USB on a phone anyway? And as stated, not even usb-3.1 yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Actually it makes zero sense. all of the "great reasons and potential disadvantages" will always be there.. It is a self fulfilling prophecy that keeps you from advancing.
  • For me, I end up buying 1 or 2 replacement cords a year. Why, they get hot discolored or stop working. And these are the OEM Samsung cords. Coming from a galaxy nexus s3 s4 and now s6 I can honestly say my non Samsung micro USB cords last longer and are more durable...but the nag screen about using a non Samsung cord gets irritating. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I like type c. To me seems like it fits better and doesn't come loose. That's what I hated on the micro usb it will get loose then you have to replace cords. Nexus 6 was the worst experience I've had with that. To me it looks like a type c connection for s7.
  • As far as I am concerned most of this misses the point. Whilst getting excited about a cable might appeal to some getting excited about no cable is of wider appeal. I am not going to buy another phone without Qi wireless charging and an SD slot. Preferably also a removable battery. No wires is my ideal. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think using an excuse like "The market is not ready" is really on tbh. Unless there are fundamental issues with type C (e.g. hardware/software or a massive price hike) I don't see why we shouldn't move over as soon as possible. Yes, it will be annoying in the short term but there are the obvious benefits in being reversible and being USB 3.x wIithout the stupid massive connector. It was much worse when we moved from mini-usb to micro-usb as the advantages of micro-usb were not that obvious. At the moment, I'm likely to get an S7 unless they really muck things up. I'll be pissed if they don't include it as I keep my phones for 2 years so would like the benefits right now. I'm still of the opinion that the premium handsets should have as few compromises as possible. It looks like the S7 will fix some of the issues that stopped the S6 from being a truly great phone. Time to look forward and adopt new standards.
  • Considering I lay my phone on wireless charging pads most of the time, it makes no difference to me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The angle of the picture makes it look like it isn't type c.... I am willing to bet money it will have type c... Get your eyes checked people XDA: Shayneflashindaily
  • Who cares. It doesn't matter yet. When it does they'll be plenty of adapters and migration will be easier in larger scale. It's a bit like driving electric cars now.... Not many filling stations!
  • The Lumia 950 XL has a USB Type-C 3.1 port. So I don't understand as to why can't other manufacturers do the same.
  • Very simple solution. Executive, call your chief product engineer and say: "Here are the specs for our smartphone's port: USB-C,
    USB 3.1 2nd gen superspeed 10Gbps,
    Quick Charge 3.0. Make it happen." Everything will be good now.
  • I don't see what all the fuss is about. Eventually when usb c is the standard, the new usb will be creeping in and this discussion will begin all over again. The reality is that the technology beyond usb c probably already exists. The plan is to keep giving the public little bits at a time, keep them buying. Open your third eye and don't believe the hype!
  • It's funny how playing devil's advocate makes galaxy owners sound to stupid to know the difference between type c USB & micro USB, first of they look completely different & if apples iPhone users have no problem transitioning what would make it harder for an Android user. Remember most Android users are technically more aware than iPhone users imo* & making galaxy users, especially note users that stick there s pens in the wrong way only represents 1% of galaxy users in all so no this is a chance for anyone to show that galaxy is slow to adapt or maybe even other reasons like just plain lazy or cheap?. Still they really could of just give us an adapter for micro USB to type C, instead of a USB to micro USB adapter.... While I'm transferring video recordings of 700 MB's to my phone in minutes instead of seconds in the name of what, an excuse? A poor one at that? This also isn't a $400 phone either *which they already radio the benefits of type C* it's an $800 -$1,000 phone! At these prices you should get the latest, and yes even a tow C USB 2.0 is better than micro USB 2.0. just my thoughts.
  • What kind of user are you? Your spelling and grammar are embarrassing!! To. too. two. there. their. they're. first off. could have. had given.
  • I just bought a brand new S7, and I am getting 1MB/s (MEGABYTE) USB transfer speeds from my USB3.0 Macbook Pro port to the internal and SD card storage. My Moto X 2014 got roughly 20MB/s transfer speeds, how pathetic. :-( Paul Anderegg
  • Seriously. Who's having that much trouble manipulating a USB Micro cable? It's not rocket science and it's sure not worth getting worked up over. "Oh, it's the wrong side. Let me just turn the cable over." The performance of USB-C is the only issue worth talking about. Having some kind of bizarre confusion working a USB Mini cable is just asinine. I need to replace my Galaxy Note 5 and I was in-between a Pixel (which is backordered forever) or an S7, which, BTW uses USB Micro, which all of my Note 5 chargers already use, preventing me from dropping $30 a pop replacing chargers (home, work, briefcase, car adapter).