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Lenovo teases a truly bezel-free smartphone that'll be announced on June 5

Ever since the LG G6 debuted last year, OEMs have been in a race to trim down bezels on smartphones as much as possible. Samsung's got its Infinity Displays, Apple paved the way for the infamous notch with the iPhone X, and now Lenovo's begun teasing its Z5 handset that hints at a phone that's truly bezel-free with no notch in sight.

A press invite that recently went out invites the media to an event that'll be held on June 5, 2018, in Beijing, China. This is where Lenovo will unveil the Z5 for the first time, and while specifics on the device are still up in the air, we do know that it boasts an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 95%.

We're ecstatic to learn more about the Z5, but don't get your hopes up about owning one if you reside in the Western part of the world. Lenovo-branded phones typically don't come to the U.S., but considering that Lenovo owns the more widely available Moto phones, it could be possible that the Z5's tech creeps over to them in the not-too-distant future.

Don't forget, the Z5 isn't the only phone of its kind that'll be revealed next month. A week later, Vivo will announce the consumer version of its Apex phone that was debuted at MWC this past February. That phone also features a screen-to-body ratio of more than 90%, and also includes things like an in-screen fingerprint sensor and selfie camera that pops out of the top frame.

Although these first few all-screen phones will likely get limited releases, it's still exciting to see them actually come to market.

Are you excited for phones like the Lenovo Z5?

Vivo's Apex concept phone has tiny bezels, pop-up camera and in-display fingerprint sensor

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  • That metal rim? It's a bezel ;) Question is, will it have a notch!
  • Probably. That's why they hide the center top area of the phone. They are purposely showing that it will be smaller than the iphone's though as if that matters.
  • To hit 95% screen to body it would probably have to be an Essential sized notch with no bottom bezel. Essential is the current leader at 84.9%.
  • Please read the article! It says "no notch in sight"! That should answer your question.
  • Ahh, I missed that.
  • The metal rim is a frame, not a bezel.
    That will probably never go away, at least not until they make indestructible glass.
  • Frame is accurate and I know what you mean in terms of function, but the dictionary definition of bezel also fits.
    Merriam-Webster definition of bezel - 1 : a rim that holds a transparent covering (as on a watch, clock, or headlight) or that is rotatable and has special markings (as on a watch) I had thought about a completely glass exterior, almost like a glass sleeve, but until they do make indestructible glass, I guess we're stick with the frame ;)
  • I don't think it does much to reduce the frame much further than that. I would rather have the frame than an all enclosing glass around the entire device. But everyone's preference will come into play at that point I guess.
  • It can be annoying that the term is misused. I even saw on some Apple fan site showing a concept of an iPhone X without a notch, calling it true 100% bezelless. Which is 100% horseshit. If you look at true bezelless, something like the concept below pops to mind.
  • Why would I get emotional about a phone? (I noted your mentioned ecstasy"
  • I can't get excited over Lenovo. They don't sell in US much and if I recall correctly are horrible at updates. Correct me if I'm wrong. Still I'm curious to see how this looks.
  • I would be excited for a new Lenovo Phab
  • The article misleads us into believing that LG caused the other companies last year to trim the bezels, while the reality is that all the phones released last year had been planned and started their existence in 2016, could even be before then for some.
  • I'll call it first.
    It's a copy of the iPhone X1.
  • It was just last year that Lenovo was saying that all of their premium smartphones were going to fall under the Motorola brand. Now they have this thing coming out. This after announcing that disaster the Fab 2 Pro in 2016. It was supposed to be all about augmented reality and Project Tango, and then they didn't even offer a single software update because it was such a bomb. It truly is amazing how some companies can just be so aimless in what they do.
  • You would think writing for android central would make you point out android things and not apple things.
    "Apple paved the way for the infamous notch with the iPhone X"
    If I am not mistaken, Essential was first. At least before apple.
  • Even though the Essential was first which Apple didn't copy /follow no one is bothering to copy the Essential's notch shape design. All the phones with notches released have some sort of resemblance to the iPhone X's notch design.
  • Agree completely. Essential was first but gets virtually no credit. Just b/c everyone is copying Crapple's design doesn't make them first to market.
  • Motorovo: please give me a 16:9 phone with no notch! That would have been a no-brainer a year ago, but is now not likely to happen :(
  • I have an S7 Edge. Literally every time I'm with my mum and I want to show her a cat video from Instagram or something, she manages to end up on a different page as soon as she holds the phone. I understand the benefits of monitors having clean edges for multi-monitor set-ups, but I will never understand why bezel-less design is the Holy Grail of phones.
  • I do enjoy these new technologies, as it means that I will be able to get a smaller phone with the same sized screen as todays in the field...or more likely, they will just stay just as big and just extend the screen. However, I am one of those that prefers phones more closely around the 5inch style, and if I had a couple more options at that size that had little to no bezel, that would be the more enticing factor for me.
  • I couldn't care less about bezels. Give me better battery life. Make phones using either gripable plastic and unbreakable glass. An SD card. Removable battery. Dual SIMs. Stock Android. Guaranteed OS and security updates for 5 years. And updates within a week of Google releasing them. I'm never buying a Moto or Lenovo, just on updates. I wish tech journalists at least stopped getting so breathless on ridiculous things like how thin the phones are and how small the bezels are.
  • It won't be bezel free, It has a small "chin" bezel at the bottom, where the camera is.
  • I really question why we need 95% screen ratio. Are we so cramped for space on the screen that the extra 8mm of space is really going to be a game changer? The bezels on my 5t are plenty small enough. I'm not sitting around wishing, gee if only i had another 3/16 of an inch on the bottom of my phone then this movie would really pop! We are really stretching for new features these days.
  • Showing your age using metric and imperial in the same comment!
    I do agree adding a couple of mm to the screen while in vertical, by removing the top bezel adds virtually nothing to the experience.