Just a week after expanding its U.S. sales to include Target's online store, LeEco is now selling its latest phones and TVs on Amazon. To kick it off LeEco is selling its higher-end Le Pro3 and Le S3 in two colors, as well as its 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TVs at a nice $100 off discount as of the time of writing.

LeEco TV

Whether this recent decision to expand sales beyond its own LeMall store is related to its financial troubles or not, this is a great move for LeEco. At this point you're going to be fighting an uphill battle trying to get people to come to your store specifically to buy your products. When you're selling phones and smart TVs, you've got to go where the customers (and all of your competition) are — and in many cases that's Amazon.

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Getting customers to be interested in the products themselves is another fight entirely, but at the very least getting your latest in front of a huge audience where they're already shopping is a big (and easy) stepping stone.

See LeEco at Amazon

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