When LeEco landed in the U.S. last year, the Chinese technology company attempted to sell directly to American consumers by launching its LeMall e-commerce store, kicking things off with a with a flurry of flash sales to try and build a customer base quickly. It was... less than successful.

In 2017, LeEco began to pivot, selling its wares through more traditional retail outlets. First, it tapped Target to start selling the Le Pro3 and Le S3 on its website and then turned to Amazon to sell its phones and TVs.

Today, LeEco announced it's further expanding its national retail partnerships to make it easier for American consumers to buy its smartphones and TVs. In its latest blog post, LeEco has announced new retail partnerships with HSN, BrandsMart USA, Fry's, as well as expanding into more Best Buy locations over the next few months.

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Only time will tell if these new retail outlets will help bolster LeEco's stateside sales. Both the LeEco Le Pro 3 and Le S3 are decent budget phones with pretty decent internal specs, so there definitely should be a market for them.

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