Leaked materials give us a sneak peek at the EVO 4G LTE marketing campaign, suggest a May 18 release

This morning we're getting a first look at what the promotional blitz for the upcoming EVO 4G LTE will look like, courtesy of the fine folks over at Good and EVO. In addition to the packaging for Sprint's next flagship seen above, the website also got its hands on a few marketing images which tout the device's ImageSense-powered camera and built-in Beats Audio. Along with the leak comes some information about a release date, too: the next EVO will launch on May 18 with a $199.99 price tag, with preorders beginning on May 7, the website says. 

Sure, leaks like this aren't set in stone, but based on the quality of material, we're going to go ahead and hope that this source knows what they're talking about. We'll continue to keep our ears to the ground; as we all patiently wait, check out the EVO 4G LTE marketing materials below.

Source: Good and EVO; thanks Francisco!

  • Believe it or not, I cant wait to switch back to Sprint. I jumped over to Verizon 6 months ago, and i realize the differences between the two arent far fetched and between right now. But i think Sprint is gonna rise to the occassion with there new LTE service. Im pretty stoked about this one.
  • So am I, I hope Sprint knocks it out the park with the new LTE and their new upcoming phones!!!
  • What LTE? What good is the device if there's no where to get LTE speeds?
  • Answer: No worse than if there's no WiMax in your area either, which is the situation that many if not most Sprint customers find themselves in.
  • Its like saying why buy a brand new game console when there are hardly any games for it yet. Just wait and it will come.
  • they do it now, look at the PS Vita and even the Nintendo 3D did it
  • Right on. I got the EVO 4G the first day it hit the shelves and have had no 4G in the Bronx where I live. I've been reliant on my wi-fi. Sucks. But with an unlimited data plan, I'm not sure if I should jump to another carrier. And the EVO's successor seems like it's going to be a very cool phone. I will probably hang around with Sprint for a while until LTE drops, and if the LTE sucks around my way--buh-bye!
  • oh, and I live about 5 miles away from Baltimore city and about 15-20 miles away Washington DC, lmfao, is I will be seeing LTE soon lol
  • your gonna regret going back to sprint, their network still sucks.
  • That is an over-reaching statement. Their voice network is fine.
    Coverage is OK.
    Their WiMax network is fast. It is their 3G data network that is falling apart in some places (it certainly is here, anyway).
  • Not at all. They are currently getting rid of nextel, opening up that frequency, and using it for sprint phones. It's RUMORED that they are going to be on the same level if not better than Verizon. Google "Sprints network vision". Nows the time to hop on just in case anything changes to the plans you can be grandfathered. NETWORK VISION BABY!!!
  • Sprint has great future plans for their network, but none of that helps most people for now or for many months or longer. Some of us have been waiting YEARS for 4G, only to find the 3G network just crumbling... In my area, there is no WiMax and Sprint 3G has be reduced to a snail's pace over the last year and a half. Now, I am *lucky* to get more than 100kbps download speed at my home tower... it is usually even worse. A friend with AT&T popped 700kbps on AT&T's 3G network, right next to my Sprint Evo 3D which got 60kbps with a full (6) bars of signal. So I can see why some people will want to wait. If they have WiMax in their area, moving to the Evo LTE would mean they have to suffer with possibly miserable so-called 3G for who-knows-how-long. And if they are not in the few lucky cities getting Sprint's first rollout of LTE, I can see why they might want to wait too, rather than being trapped for an undetermined amount of time.
  • I agree with you 1000% I to left Sprint in November for Verizon for my first pure stock android device my galaxy nexus on Verizon. Trust me Verizon is extremely OVERRATED and OVERPRICED. Sprint launched the same galaxy nexus device with the most up to date android software 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich while my galaxy nexus is currently stuck on the released 4.0.2 ice cream sandwich. I knew years ago Verizon was the WORST CARRIER in the update game bit i hoped the stock android device would change that. Well the JOKES on me verizon has a very unstable network poor signal strength in the strongest LTE markets and all the devices they sell are OVERPRICED. Verizon is the BIGGEST JOKE in the industry all they care most about is getting your money every month. Least Sprints galaxy nexus has google wallet and better software far better than my current Vzw gnex. All Verizon cares about is there crappy droid and razr devices that have all that crappy carrier bloatware. Piss on Verizon time to move on for me .
  • Verizon is a waste.
  • Is it me or is there nothing in any of those pictures that state May 18th.. Can someone break into Sprint and get a screenshot already the suspense is killing me!
  • Although i want to believe this an article on the s4gru site gives a pretty convincing story about why it will not release until June. The marketing materials could simply be reprinted. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-168-s4gru-reconfirms-june-10th-...
  • That is not a removable battery. It is another device to carry around. Different context. Removable battery means go from 0 juice to 100% instantly.
  • You are apparently replying to the wrong post. But to address what you said- you are wrong. Swapping a removable battery with a spare means you have to wait and shut the phone down, carefully pry off the back cover, swap the batteries, replace the cover and then wait to boot up again. That is certainly not "instant". You also imply that carrying around the external battery is "another device to carry around". That is also wrong, IN CONTEXT. If you have to carry around a spare internal battery, that is not much different than carrying around an external battery. Using the external battery, it can charge pretty quickly, and there is no need to reboot. PLUS, a typical external battery can charge the phone two or more times. Yes, the two options are, indeed, different- each with advantages and disadvantages. Plus, having a non-swappable battery in a phone means it can be lighter, slimmer, and better sealed. Dismissing an external battery as if it is totally crazy or not a valid option is not fair.
  • I want that guy to be wrong so badly. Partly because I want it to be may and partly for his over the top ego by the way he responded to a reader's very legitimate question in the comments. He's a jerk!
  • I cant believe this doesnt have a removable battery. Really was considering this.
  • And I can't believe that you don't believe that it doesn't have a removable battery...lol
  • I had sprint for 10 years. Gave up and went to Verizon. Its all about the network. If u cant use the high powered phones...thats half the point.
    I am gun shy of htc. I had both evos...and had to go thru 3 to 4 phones to not get on that didnt overheat or have other issues. Htc quality has dimished...esp when they launch flagship devices that seem to be ahead of the competition.
  • Ummm... there have been more than two Evos. Having come from Palm, I have found HTCs quality exceptional (although I've for to admit I've been disappointed with my wife's Evo Shift).
  • U knew what I meant...the other two were not considered flagship devices...but we're good none the less. And my wife had the evo shift while we're talking about it. Decent phone...We only had to return one. Horrible horrible network.
    The guys at best buy also said htc seemed to have a lot of returns on the evo line.
  • I love the EVO line, but I`ll wait for the white one... And I`ll wait until black Friday to buy it.... I`m running SG4GT and I`m happy with it.
  • As a Sprint dealer I need to tell you that the original EVO did not go on sell on Black Friday, it didnt drop from its $200 price point until Jan-Feb so if you are holding out 7 months to save $50 you are a fool.
  • They messed up big time not making a removable battery.. reminds me of an iphone or droid where theres no option to carry around a spare battery.. i hate to have to charge your phone for a couple of hours during the day..definitely enjoyed the E4G,with a spare battery.. Now got the Samsung Galaxy 2,waiting on the 3
  • Droid?
    The Droid have a removable battery , the entire Motorola DROID line have removable batteries except the RAZR
  • >"where theres no option to carry around a spare battery.." Wrong. There are plenty of external spare batteries available. Here is a killer one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005K7192G/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF...
  • Love the EVO line, so I will get this one after the earlier adopters finish beta testing and the price drops. I never carried a spare battery nor do I ever remove it or know anyone one that does. I will lmfao if the new SG3 doesn't have a removable battery.
  • I wish to get this phone on first day of release but no LTE on my area. I don't want to go down 3g.
  • I wish to get this phone on first day of release but no LTE on my area. I don't want to go down with 3g.
  • I wish to get this phone on first day of release but no LTE on my area. I don't want to go down with 3g.
  • I really hope this is correct. I'm still having fun with my EVO, but I think it's time for an upgrade.
  • Niiice! May 18th is on a Friday, which is conisistent with the launch days of the OG EVO 4G and EVO 3D. So if this is true, the E4GLTE will be in my hands in 3 weeks!! Can't wait!!
  • Will we see a GSM variant ? Like the EVO 3D !
    I love the EVO design (except the EVO 3D)
  • Well, if this is true then I'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Because I'm not eligible for upgrade until Jun 06. :(
  • Your eligibility will be ready on the 1st of the month, everyone's is set up that way. Also if your current phone is "broken" you can get your upgrade 13 days early so May 18th is the day you need to circle on your calender
  • The new EVO looks nice but for the first time in ten years I am gonna pass on the next big Sprint phone. I have Verizion LTE in my town so I will use that until Sprint wires up my town. 3g is very slow on Sprint so I will not by a third EVO that wont have any 4g. I like Sprint but its time to wait for them to catch up i think.
  • I will join my girlfriend who is with sprint and buy this phone for her. Bad ass phone but I prefer vanilla android. Galaxy Nexus it is!!
  • San Antonio will have LTE ;)
  • Love my GNexus
  • The original evo was one of the highest rated phones ever... It was so far ahead of everything else, it took months before anything even came close... The evo shift and evo design weren't the greatest, but I've loved my evo 3D since the day I got it... I can't wait for the evo LTE... It'll destroy every other device out... Then once Sprint finishes converting old Nextel to Sprint towers, the network will be hard to beat too!
  • Good timing do I can see the May 3 Galaxy S3 announcement and hopefully when it'll be available....and still get in on te EVO preorder if I decide not to wait.
  • Take some good advice from me guys. I work for Sprint. My upgrade isn't until January 2013. I called account services and asked them for what we call a "buy up". Sprint will bill you for moving up an upgrade. It doesn't show until the next billing cycle. They are charging me 65.00 (10 year customer) to move my upgrades (plural)up. For those who say they won't be eligible call account services. You have to have been a customer at least a year and be within a year of your upgrade on whatever line you want to move up. Sprint's best kept secret. I hope this helps someone.
  • What a smart idea. I wish Verizon offered the option to " buy-up " your upgrade date.
  • Ahh...my friend "Stitch". That would be a brilliant idea!
  • ...and the closer you are to your upgrade the less they charge. I did it last year to get the 3d and they did it free. I was two months away from my upgrade.
  • Waiting until June for SG Note on Sprint. Would've taken pic of material like this guy, and but didn't want to risk my brother's job.
  • So does your brother knows when the Evo 4G LTE going to drop dates, Thanks
  • I wish HTC released that model globally, I'd much rather have this than a one x. Lucky Americans :)
  • Everybody has there own respectable reason for being on which ever network they want. I started on Sprint, went to AT&T and was disappointed so I'm back with Sprint. I jumped into the Android game back in the first generation with the Hero....I love me Hero!!!! BUT all the rom flashing in the world won't make the internal hardware better...I've been sitting on to upgrades and a extra line for six months planning on getting the Galaxy Nexus, but they announced E4GLTE, so I waited. It eats me up that I could have a Nexus right now, yet I know this phone will be worth the wait. I'm not worried about LTE even though I live the the ATL area because all I've known is 3G. I remember when I first got a 3G signal with my blackJack on AT&T, I was esctatic. I'm starting to get that feeling all over again. I might not be able to use LTE right now, but I know that will change down the road so I have something else to look forward to.
    Bottom Line for us old schoolers whom need upgrades from 1st gen devices will be thoroughly satisfied with being the big dog on the block again, even if it's only for a few months.
  • I need help. I have an upgrade coming up and I can't decide on this phone or the galaxy nexus. Which should I get?
  • You get the newer phone the Evo 4G LTE, and not the older 7 month old Galaxy Nexus