Lawnchair Launcher has been around for a while on XDA Developers, where the app has slowly refined and developed into a more complete and unique launcher rather than just a Pixel Launcher clone. Now, Lawnchair has made the jump from forums to the Google Play Store, where it can be exposed to millions of users.

Lawnchair loveliness

The launcher is listed as Unreleased, with the warning that it might be unstable. The app takes a while to load the first time you run it, but once it's up and running, things are relatively smooth. As with other launchers before it, in order to accommodate Google's rules on Google Now panes, has had to add a companion app, cutely named Lawn feed. Lawnchair has plenty of Pixel-y and Oreo goodness in it, but it hasn't quite gotten the Pixel 2's awesome new home screen features, but that will undoubtedly be on the horizon.

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