Latest PUBG Mobile update offers a new game mode to play, adds snowboarding, and much more

PUBG Mobile Winter Festival 0.16.0 update
PUBG Mobile Winter Festival 0.16.0 update (Image credit: Tencent Games)

What you need to know

  • Version 0.16.0 update is rolling out starting today with a slew of new features, weapon rebalances, and bug fixes.
  • The most exciting addition is the new RageGear mode featuring team-based vehicular combat with roof-mounted guns.
  • You can also try your hand at snowboarding on Erangel, one of the more intriguing features added with this Winter-themed update.

Christmas has arrived early for PUBG Mobile fans. The latest update delivers a fresh winter theme for the game along with an exciting new EvoGround mode called RageGear centered around team-based vehicular combat. The massive 0.67GB update begins rolling out today.

You can check out the full 0.16.0 patch notes which details everything newly added or updated in the game, but I'll break down the most important updates below.

PUBG's new RageGear mode

Source: Tencent Games (Image credit: Source: Tencent Games)

First up is the RageGear mode, which continues to expand the unique ways you can play PUBG Mobile beyond the classic Battle Royale mode. This is a team-based mode focused on vehicles with each player designated as either a driver or a shooter and assigned to vehicles in pairs.

Each vehicle is installed with a powerful weapon — either a Gatling, mounted shotgun, or a mounted RPG — which fire automatically when the driver points the vehicle towards an enemy. The designated shooter chooses between an RPG, grenade launcher, or heavy machine gun and can fire freely at enemies. Players swap roles any time the vehicle is destoryed.

RageGear actually offers two modes to play: a more traditional team deathmatch mode where you get a point for every vehicle destroyed with teams battling to hit the target score first, and Pick Up Mode which tasks teams with collecting Points Crates scattered around the RageGear map.

It feels like a mix between Twisted Metal and Mario Kart Double Dash and I'm all for that. You can find it in the EvoGround tab under the PlayLab section.

Snowboarding has arrived in PUBG Mobile

Source: Tencent Games (Image credit: Source: Tencent Games)

Another interesting feature included with the update is… freestyle snowboarding?

Yes, if you queue up to play on Erangel in Classic mode, you have a chance at entering the Snow Paradise. Each player will be equipped with a snowboard on the drop plane which you can use on three mountainous areas on the map. You use your snowboard on the snow-capped hills the same way you would enter and exit another vehicle in the game.

There are even ski lifts available to take you back up to the top of the map, but be aware that there's still a Battle Royale raging around you, so don't get too caught up having fun on your board or you'll be eliminated from the game.

The Snow Paradise mode pops up randomly so you may need to try a couple times before you get to test it out. You're unable to shoot while snowboarding, leaving you completely open to sneak attacks so be aware of that.

Other notable game updates from the patch notes include:

  • EvoGround now has its own Loadout feature where you can pre-select the weapons and items you want to equip before and during a Team Deathmatch. Gone are the firearms, ammo, and other resources that used to generate at the spawn points.
  • You can now switch between First-Person and Third-Person perspective while playing in Classic, Arcade, and Training Grounds. You'll see a button to switch perspectives in the game UI (which can also be moved or disabled in the game settings).
  • Big changes to healing. You can now heal on the move using your Med Kits, Painkillers, Energy Drinks and other consumables when playing in Classic mode, although your movement speed is reduced while healing. Bandages can also be used continuously and automatically to restore your health.
  • The dev team has rolled out some new optimization to help curb cheaters. Low-tier players will no longer be able to spectate high-tier players. Also, you can prevent a teammate who knocks you out or kills you with friendly fire from raiding your Death Crate.
  • PUBG Mobile is doing a cross promotion event with Angry Birds to celebrate 10 years of flinging birds at green pigs. For a limited time you'll be able to play a makeshift version of Angry Birds while waiting for a Classic match to start on Spawn Island. Each player spawns with some Angry Bird throwables which you can toss at some green pigs chilling in a wooden structure.

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