Player FM

Player FM is a podcast fan's most valuable tool for Android, allowing users to remain up to date with their favorite shows, or discover new content they may have not been aware of. The app has been updated to version 3.0, which introduces a number of features. In this update we're looking at added video support, advanced audio enhancements, the ability to filter podcasts by country or language, and more.

Here's the full log of changes, as shared by the developer:

  • Video support - not just video podcast playback, but a fully curated video catalogue.
  • Related Series discovery feature.
  • Advanced audio enhancements.
  • Allows you to filter popular podcasts by country or language.
  • New languages - the app is ready for German, Italian, and Russian users to pick up and play.
  • A cleaner settings redesign.

Head over to the Google Play Store to download the app and see what you make of the latest release.