Latest Chrome Canary release utilizes next-gen HTTP/2 web standard

Google Chrome Canary
Google Chrome Canary (Image credit: Android Central)

The latest build of the experimental Chrome Canary web browser, which early testers can download to see what's coming to Google's web browser, now supports the HTTP/2 web standard. This next-gen standard requires websites to be configured to use the improved tech (so you'll likely fail to notice any improvements for the time being), but it's a solid step towards a speedier web experience.

Some goals the team behind the standard expect to achieve with HTTP/2 include maintaining a high level of compatibility with the current HTTP 1.1 protocol, decreasing latency to improve page load speeds by considering various factors, and support common existing use cases of the protocol across multiple platforms and components.

For the average consumer, once everything switches over to the new standard in the future, the web should become considerably more responsive. Interested in teasing the latest build of Chrome before features hit official release? Check out Chrome Canary. Note: Canary builds are experimental and are recommended for developers and testers only.

Source: Google+, via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds