The latest Android O developer preview has a new Easter egg: 8 is for octopus

We didn't expect the name for Android 8.0 to be revealed with the latest developer preview's Easter egg, so we're not disappointed. What we are seeing is almost as cool.

The 4th dev preview comes with a floaty-magic-physics-enabled octopus on a deep blue sea background. You can tap and touch and drag it around and see the new physics and acceleration features Google is using with Android O on your octopus friend.

To get there:

  • Open the Settings and scroll to System.
  • Open System and choose About phone.
  • Choose Android version and tap it over and over quickly.

You'll see the older circular Easter Egg. Tap the center a few times then long press on it.

You can use your finger to fling the octopus around, and rotating between portrait and landscape will change its size. Have fun tapping and pulling to see if google has hidden another layer of Easter Egg here ...

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Oreo.
  • Oatmeal cookie
  • Ostrich.
  • Opioid.
  • Love it!
  • +1
  • Lord knows I pop them like pez
  • That's what Android P will be.
  • Nice I just rolled back to 7.1.2 after all of the issues I was having with Dev 3 version....what was fixed in release 4
  • Same. Literally rolled back 5 days ago
  • I mean, this is probably the final Dev preview before release, so lots has been fixed.
  • I still think it will be orangecicle
  • Octopus
  • Google troll 101
  • Oxycodone?
  • They Should allow all devices not just Google devices. I have the S8 plus and would love to be in the beta program.
  • Google doesn't make Samsung's (or other's) version of Android. You need Samsung to do it, not Google.
  • They could still build a version of stock android on them that works enough to test it
  • No they couldnt. Google doesn't have the license to distribute code required for the hardware components in your phone to function. Furthermore, why would Google waste the resources to make something like that to function?
  • no they can't. Software licenses are at play
  • Not to mention since a lot of manufacturer bootloaders are locked, getting a custom build would require cooperation with each hardware manufacturer (which would likely mean more costs for something that just wouldn't be worth it for Google)
  • not only is it not possible, even if it was, do you think people who bought the samsung want to lose every single special feature that's exclusive to the samsung?
  • Not up to Google.
  • O well
  • The Ocho
  • I believe ESPN8 has that trademark
  • Taimen, muskie, walleye... now octopus. There seems to be a pattern.
  • Sea life related device board names and code names go back a lot further... As I recall the Nexus 4 was mako, Nexus S was herring and the Nexus one mahi-mahi, to name a few...
  • Hopefully since the Essential is pure Android it will be part of the beta program. Probably not if I had to guess. Also I have a Daydream, should I sell that with my pixel or do you think it will work with the Essential. Fingers crossed.
  • There's no such thing as "Pure Android," even among devices manufactured by Google. Every device needs a specific software build for the components inside, and this is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Essential needs to focus on actually shipping their phone before worrying about providing a beta build. I'm guessing since Essential hasn't said anything about Daydream, it probably isn't certified.
  • I haven't read too much into the essentials specs but I'm guessing no Dadydream as it would have probably been mentioned by now.
  • Whoa their, cool your jets. How about they release the dang thing first.
  • Orange Sherbet.
  • My favorite candy!
  • The octopus is great! 🐙 The new emoji are pretty alright too, as I just discovered. 😃👍
  • Orange roll
  • Interesting. An octopus Easter egg in Oreo.