Late-night poll: How do you use a stylus?

Call it a stylus, call it an S-Pen, call it what you will -- styli are making a comeback. They used to be standard issue with a smartphone, until a fellow in a black turtleneck who had a huge influence on technology said we didn't like them anymore. But that was then, this is now. Styli are coming back because they're useful in a lot of cases. Whether it's annotating notes, just cruising through the UI, or playing Draw Something, you'll see more and more people using one with their smartphone.

So what about you guys? We figure you all have your finger on the pulse of all things Android, so we want to know what, when, and how you use a stylus. Hit the poll up, let us know!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I did but it's hard to use Swype with a stylus. Plus I lost it, kinda bummed actually.I should really look for that...
  • I didn't use a stylus until Draw Something came along.
  • I don't care for styli and have never used one (well, apart from my Nintendo DS) but I was going to get one at Best Buy a few weeks ago to use with Sketchbook Mobile on my phone.
  • I'd use it for sketching and taking notes, especially if I had a tablet. Seriously, I think all tablets should have wacom capable screens, because styluses would be godsend for taking notes on the go or writing up quick diagrams. On phone's they are of limited use, though on a 4+ in phone, they could be handy for some delicate use cases, such as making a quick drawing or perhaps as an enhanced gaming peripheral (touch controls suck for most real time type games) Overall, I think styluses should be more common for all 4in+ Android devices, as a peripheral. Just because you can use the interface without one doesn't mean they aren't useful. But I'd never use a capacative stylus. Waste of time and money. I want a "real" stylus, with buttons, active digitizer, and palm rejection.
  • Captive styli? I'm sorry, but what's the difference between a captive stylus and a non-captive stylus?
  • What's a styli or stylus? On a serious note... I do not like them as they are always too thin. I have tendonitis and they do not work well. I had a touch screen net book where entries on the web interface needed a touch screen pen. I gave the company back there's and purchased the fat one (and lilac in color) for the Nintendo DS. I have the pink one which has never been used. I've not had to use a styli or stylus since, thankfully.
  • PS - please do not reply, yes I do know what they are. It was a joke.
  • If you use flash video sites, a stylus is great for navigating the tiny buttons on the interface.
  • They are great for scratching deep inside the ear canal, but be careful not to puncture your eardrum
  • Remote desktop. Would be a pain without it.
  • I think the results would be a bit skewed given that there are only like three or five android devices that comes with a stylus. Capacitive stylus don't really offer much even though you can use one on every device with a capacitive screen.
  • I don't use a stylus because it isn't 2004. When capacitive touch screens became common, people were overjoyed at the idea of getting rid of styluses, because they are bulky, awkward, and stupid. Edge use cases aside, leave outdated garbage in the past where it belongs.
  • Oh shut up.... just because you have no use for one doesn't mean you have to go all out rage about... I'm an artist and I'm loving my G-Note, I can sketch ideas and let my creativity fly ANYWHERE I am.
  • Yes, Lightning Wolf (if that's your REAL name), that is known as an edge case. Every single person I've seen with a Galaxy Note is some silly-looking twit sitting alone at a bar or on a bench, stabbing awkwardly at the screen with their silly little plastic pencil. It's hilarious.
  • If I`m an artist.... do you think I would be wasting my time at a bar alone poking at my phone with a plastic little pencil? Think about it... ;) I think what you want to address in a non-dick kind of way is, if you don't have a REASONS to have a stylus you are fine with capacitive...isn't it?
  • That silly little plastic pencil is actually pressure sensitive and is a lot better than the styli we've come to know from 2004. I'm so sorry but I haven't seen a Galaxy Note user sit alone. They're pretty sociable and not at all pretentious.
  • I was hoping I could prove my point without getting technical but alas, I think that should open a mind a bit. :D
  • You're a stupid little shit aren't you? Fuck off.
  • I believe all tablets should have a wacom digitizer and more apps need to inclide stylus support. Maybe then they would have more use then mostly media consumption devices. The main reason why I have yet to purchase a modern capacitive tablet whether it be an iPad or an Android is because of this. None of the current tablets are really capable of replacing my Motion Tablet or even my ancient TC1100 for that matter. I almost bit tho. I was extremely temped to pick up a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, but without stylus support in apps, stylus support on the tablet itself is pretty useless.. I Love my brothers Galaxy Note and the fact that it is compatible with my Wacom Styli.
  • Tink Tink!! That's where the G-Note 10.1 comes in! the tablet you have been waiting for is here! :)
  • Does the Galaxy Note stylus (I assume that is what is pictured above) work on capacitive touch screens? Or does the Note have a resistive screen? I'm sick of those fat rubber tipped ones for my GNex.
  • To pick my nose or nether regions
  • I use a sausage support stylus. It has an ink pen on one side and what looked like a rounded eraser on the other. I would love one of the s-pens that can draw a thin line and is pressure sensitive like the pen on my wacom. But the only time I have seen them, they cost like $100. I do not feel it is worth that much for what I would use it for.
  • The Stylus should only make a come-back on tablets....
  • Hold it in your hand. Apply pressure to the screen of your choice.
  • It was ridiculous getting rid of the stylus. The Pocket pc had soooo many more functions on a screen. Trying to highlight a document, use any app with ANYONE's fat fingers on a little screen is madness. Even on a little bigger screen it's madness. Have you tried to use a word processor or excel spreadsheet without a stylus? The number of functions is NOTHING compared to the stylus days... Steve Jobs was so "hip," people fell into it. Bring the stylus back on ALL smartphones and tablets!