Kyocera Rise

Kyocera this morning announced two new devices, the Kyocera Hydro (which we took a look at earlier), and the Kyocera Rise. At first the two devices don't look extremely different, they have the same screen size, and many of the same specs, but a big difference with the Rise is the inclusion of the physical QWERTY keyboard. Just like the Hydro the Rise features a 3.2-inch IPS display, but this device is not rugged nor waterproof, which gears it towards a different crowd.

Touring the hardware you will notice the set up is nothing we haven't seen, but they have added some nice touches to the device style wise to make it appealing. At the top you have the power button and headphone jack, on the left you have a volume rocker and the micro-USB charging port. On the right there is a dedicated camera key, which is something that I enjoy greatly. The back of the device is where the style really shines, with the two tone colors, and the nice glossy back that was used.

With the same 1GHz processor, and 2GB of on board storage for the device, the device does not lack speed, but it also isn't the fastest we have seen. The custom lock screen and Eco-Mode is also found on the Rise, and while only small additions to ICS, it is nice that they went above and beyond to bring something unique. The keyboard is actually very easy to use, and the keys are well spaced so that typing on them is rather accurate.

The device is geared towards a more entry level crowd, the specs and overall product show that, but that doesn't mean that it should be shun. They have done a great job with the device, and if you are looking for something entry level, want your first Android device, or want to grab something nice for your parents, this is a great option. Hit the break for some more shots and a video tour of the device.