The Kurio7 is the 'ultimate tablet for families' and available for preorder at Toys R Us

Techno Source has announced that their Kurio7 tablet, billed as the "ultimate tablet for families" is now available for preorder at Toys R Us online. The 7-inch tablet will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, be available nationwide in July, and retail for $199. On the surface, it appears to be just another cheap Chinese craplet that we'd advise everyone to run away from at all costs, but there's something different here. The specs aren't it, they are what you would expect -- 1GHz single core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, USB host enabled USB port, and low resolution cameras. We've seen all that on most of the generic tablets available at half the price. It's also not the full suite of apps designed for kids (and those of us who still think we're kids) like World of Goo, Fruit Ninja, or Cut the Rope.

What's different, and potentially game-changing, is the multi-login software. Designed to keep kids safe from the kind of filth adult material you'll find across the Internet and in the Google Play store, the Kurio7 allows up to eight different login profiles complete with parental controls to control what your little ones can and can't do on the tablet. It's a novel idea, and we hope it takes off -- many of us would love some sort of user profile on our tablets. Hit the break for the full press release.

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Kurio7, The Ultimate Android(TM) Tablet for Families Now Available for Preorder Online at

Robust, App Enabled, Kid-friendly Tablet That Allows for Safe Web Browsing Will Be Available First at Toys“R”Us Stores Nationwide Beginning in July

NEW YORK--()--Techno Source today announced that Kurio7, the advanced Android-based tablet designed for families with children and teens is now available for preorder online at and will first become available at Toys“R”Us stores across the country beginning in July. The Kurio7 solves problems typically associated with tablets that are passed from parent to child; allowing for safe Web surfing through fully customizable internet controls, while prohibiting the “accidental” purchase of apps. Additionally, users can safely surf the Web, read e-books, draw, play games, take photographs, record video, watch movies and more. Kurio7, a 7” tablet, comes preloaded with top-tier kids’ content, including some of the most popular games, e-books, videos, and educational content available, ensuring its value right out of the box.

“Most parents reluctantly hand over their own expensive tablets to their children, and with good reason,” said Eric Levin, Division Head, Techno Source. “Not only are they concerned about the device being damaged, but there is also a real danger that their kids will be able to access inappropriate content or purchase hundreds of apps unimpeded. Kurio7 solves this problem elegantly and easily by giving parents the peace of mind they want, and kids the feature-packed tablet they are clamoring for!”

“We know that our customers consider quality and safety the top priorities when selecting internet-accessible devices for their families,” said Troy Peterson, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Electronics and Entertainment, Toys“R”Us, U.S. “We’re excited to be the first destination to offer the Kurio7, a standout device which allows a single tablet to be used safely by family members of all ages.”

The Kurio7 wi-fi enabled tablet allows parents to create up to eight unique login profiles, offering different levels of internet access for each member of a household. This sense of security is highly sought after by parents since 70% of tablet owning households with kids under 12 are sharing the device between kids and adults1. Each profile is governed by advanced parental controls, found in a password protected area. The easy-to-use system includes a fully customizable internet content filtering system designed to allow access only to Web content that fits parameters set by adults. It also allows parents to choose which apps are available for use in each profile, as well as controlling access to the app store. Additionally, Kurio7 provides parents with the ability to limit session times and can allow access only during certain hours each day. Importantly, they can change the controls for each user profile, expanding access as their children become older. A significant benefit of the device, Kurio7 does not make value judgments for parents, allowing parents to decide what is appropriate for their kids.

Kurio7 comes pre-loaded with some of the Web’s most popular apps, including full versions of games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Cut-the-Rope, Where’s My Water, and World of Goo. Kurio7 also comes with strong educational content, provided by, one of the most up-and-coming sites on the Web, as well as video content from ToonGoggles and e-books from Aldiko to make learning fun and easy.

Additionally, the entire Kurio Android Marketplace is available for users to download thousands more apps. The marketplace is curated by the Kurio team to ensure that all of the top apps are available and that all content is family appropriate.

Kurio7 runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), is Flash 11 compatible, allows users to output content in HD for viewing on a TV and has an advanced capacity 7” multi-touch-screen, as well as content from external drives. Designed for heavy use by kids and teens, Kurio7 comes with a durable, protective shell available in a variety of colors. A complete range of Kurio7 add-on accessories, including travel carrying cases, car mount systems, headphones, external speakers, styluses, shaped USB keys, digital cameras, and external keyboards will also be available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide, as well as online at beginning in July.

About Techno Source

Techno Source, a division of LF Products (a company of Li & Fung Limited (SEHK:494)), is one of the fastest growing global toy companies. Known for its ground-breaking products, marketing prowess and strong retail relationships, the company is committed to delivering high-quality toys and games that offer significant value at affordable price points.

Under its original Techno Source brand, the company focuses on innovative products, great games for the whole family, and technology toys. Its award-winning original and licensed toy portfolio includes Kurio™, Glow Crazy™, Battle Lights™, Codee, 20Q®, Tetris®, Disney®, Rubik’s®, Nickelodeon®, Intellivision™, Guess What I Am!™, and Electronic Touch-Screen Sudoku™.

Under its Toy Island brand, Techno Source offers a wide range of traditional toy products, including puzzles, figures, collectables, play sets, vehicles, plush, stationery, art activity sets, and magic toys. Co-branded products feature top licenses, including National Geographic®, Barney™, Marvel®, Hello Kitty®, Animal Planet™, Where’s Waldo? ® and Loteria™.

Techno Source products are available throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

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