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Droid, Android, Lloyd

Get it straight, folks: A Droid is the little mechanical creature from Star Wars, and the phone from Motorola. Android is the operating system. And Lloyd is the lovable-yet-mysterious fellow you'll see around here, various foreign adverts and the odd Christmas tree.


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Know your robots


ok, so I'm new to Android (looking forward to my chance to upgrade my phone to an Android in about 12 months)

But I read this and I THINK I got it. Moto Droid is the original "droid". However that is really the only "droid phone". Android OS does not mean its a droid phone, but all droid phones (as licensed by Verizon) run Android.

However, there are other phones that use the name droid, mostly (maybe all??) from manufacturer HTC

Did I get it right?

Thank goodness, now that I've got the low down... now I can get onto messing with my new phone!

Eh not a huge fan of Lloyd myself, I think it's the attitude he appears to have. Like he's looking at me as though I'm not cool enough for him, then again, maybe i'm not. However I do hate it when people ask me if I have a "droid" phone. "No", I say. "It's a Samsung Fascinate it runs the Android operating system." To which they reply. "Is that like an iPhone" ... ugh

Ironically, not one of those images shows a true android, because none of them look at all human.

This site is responsible for confusing a lot of people with the way they word things. They have mistakes in their own "dictionary" that I have reported to them, and they have yet to fix it.

Droid Eris: Manufactured by HTC for Verizon, was one of the first phones to run the HTC "Sense" user interface. Currently is end-of-life. U.S. version of the Hero.

Hero: An HTC phone released as the Droid Eris on Verizon. Also known as the G2.

C3PO and R2 were both Droids..

Remember the semi famous line in the movie.
"These are not the DROIDS you're looking for"

I dont like Lloyd!
to me it looks cheap and ugly,
but oh well...
and who didnt know all this? you have to be very dumb and not so smart to know the difference between them..

Very dumb AND not so smart? A little redundant eh?
And if I WAS both (dumb and not smart) I WOULD know the difference? Good job. While you are busy criticizing the graphic, maybe you should work on your grammar and properly communicating your point.
Thanks for wasting space on our board genius.

Until someone on Twitter asks you if a certain file or hack will work on their Droid, you tell them yes, only to find out after the fact that their particular "Droid" was an Samsung Vibrant.

My 5 year old routinely schools people on this factoid/misnomer.
"all Droids are Androids...but not all Androids are Droids...only the better ones"
He is a a technically savvy tot.
When and if there is a non-tablet Android device without a cell radio he will be the youngest owner of one.

>"all Droids are Androids...but not all Androids are Droids...only the better ones"

At least he got the first two of the three concepts correct.

Partially true. C3P0 introduces himself to Uncle Owen as "C3P0, Human-Cyborg relations." But I think he is still technically considered a droid.

Gaak! An android is a robot that resembles a human. R2D2 is not, in fact an android. C-3P0 is an android. Cyborgs are humans with mechanical parts. Steve Austin is a cyborg. (Cyborg is the name of the book that the Six Million Dollar Man was based on.)

But R2D2 is still a droid in the Star Wars universe. Bear in mind I'm a total Sta Wars fanboy while you read this next bit: Do we REALLY need to get into the parts of Star Wars that make NO sense and are totally logically inconsistent?

a cyborg is living tissue mixed with non living, so ,no i dont think he would qualify. vader on the other hand, and grievious, they would be cyborgs.

Sick and tired of seeing only R2D2 called a droid. C3P0 was a droid!!! And so was R2's cousin R5D4!

What about the 3P0 Gold Edition Droid 3? Verizon and Moto are you listening?

I hate it when people see my Samsung Epic and tell me "oh! You have a droid?" I HHAAAAATTTTEEEE ITTTTT!!!!!!

Ok. Im better now.

Thank you! I am so sick of people calling any Android phone DROID! Droid is a copyright of G.Lucas that Verizon licensed from Lucas to market a line of Motorola phones that just "happen" to run Android OS! get it st8 already peeps!

As stated earlier, it's a VZW licensed name. There are "Droid" marketed phones made by HTC and Moto, not just Moto as you mention.

Yes, you are correct, there are other phones that VZW has decided to put the Droid label on, like the Dinc. However, my main point was that it is a copyrighted/trademark of Lucas. VZW licenses it from Lucas to market their phones and by looking at their ad campaign and it's "theme" it has nothing to do with "Google Android OS". and never the twain shall meet. ;-)

I hate it when someone calls an Android device a Droid.... they think it is like an iPhone where they release a new device named the same every year....

A Droid is not a Motorola trademark. It's a Verizon Wireless trademark (licensed from LucasFilms) that they apply to their high end Android smartphones.

Case in point: HTC Droid Incredible.

Very good. Now please point out where in the above sentences it said Droid was a Motorola trademark. And then kindly explain this. :p

While it's true that the original Droid phone is a Motorola product, Motorola is not the only manufacturer of Droid-branded smartphones. It needs to be stated that Verizon owns the brand, not Motorola, and that Verizon also has an HTC Droid (a la the Incredible). Otherwise, people will think that the only Droid phones are made by Motorola.

That's the Droid Incredible. Next question.

The point, people, is that while DROID is a brand (and that's the only time I'll type it in all caps), there's only one *phone* whose name is "Droid." And that's the Motorola Droid. (The others being the Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid Pro, of course.) They're not "Droids." They're phones that happen to share branding. This really isn't that difficult.

That's not to say that it can't be a little confusing -- and I blame Verizon for that. Had the original Moto Droid been called the Motorola Droid SOMETHING, we wouldn't be in this mess. Like it or not, right or wrong, we don't refer to "Droids" the way you'd refer to "Treos" or "Chevys."

Gotta love when someone tries to talk like they are smart then in the process, sticks their foot in their mouth. LOL!