Woot has a variety of Link2Home Extension Cord Reels on sale today only with prices starting as low as $24.99, making now the perfect time to add one to your garage. Shipping at Woot is free for Amazon Prime members and $6 per order for everyone else.

These electrical cord keepers feature three or four grounded outlets on the reel so you can use them as a power strip. A few of the Link2Home reels even come equipped with USB ports so you can easily charge your smartphone or another device without needing a wall adapter. The most affordable option has a 25-foot cable and 4 sockets for $24.99. That's a $10 savings versus its price at Amazon right now. There are others on sale that have cords as long as 60 feet or 80 feet if you need it.

Keeping feet upon feet of cables in an untangled, proper pile while stored away is nearly impossible without something else helping you keep it all managed, and these extension cord reels really are the perfect solution. They're designed to be easy to move around too with handles making them convenient to carry and a compact design making it easy to keep them out of the way when not in use.

There's not much longer to score one of these deals, so head to Woot while the sale's still live to review your options.

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