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Data loss is no fun. Whether it's from a ransomware attack or hard drive failure, losing all of your precious files can derail your life for days if not longer. And, while we're all keenly aware of this, only a handful of us actually make the effort to backup our files and protect them in case of a mishap.

If the price is what's keeping you from pulling the trigger on a cloud backup plan, we have good news. Leading cloud backup provider Degoo is offering lifetime plans with 1TB of cloud backup space for over 90% off the usual price, just $49.99 today.

Ideal for safeguarding entire hard drives but equally well-suited for storing smaller batches of important files, Degoo Premium offers unparalleled security that will keep all of your data completely safe in the event of a crash or ransomware attack.

Instead of having to worry about painstakingly slow uploads and bandwidth limits, Degoo Premium lets you quickly and easily transfer your data using an intuitive interface that protects against unwanted duplicates, and it's easy to share your files with friends and family via a secure link.

This lifetime subscription also safeguards all of your files using the latest 256-bit AES encryption methods—meaning you won't have to worry about nefarious hackers accessing or crashing your data regardless of whether they're targeting you specifically or the Degoo servers as a whole.

Land a lifetime of supremely fast and secure cloud backup that can be used for both small files and entire hard drives with Degoo Premium. Usually priced at $900, this subscription is currently available for just $49.99—over 90% off its MSRP for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.