Karma will be cutting speeds on unlimited plan

Karma introduced a new unlimited data plan back in November, and now the company is forced to cut the speeds for unlimited data plan users. The company says that since the launch of the new plan, around 90 percent of customers have opted for it, and some of them are even using it like a home internet connection, including performing back ups of large amounts of information over its network. When Karma first launched the unlimited plan, it had a cap of 5Mbps, which it will be lowering to between 1.5 and 2.5Mbps, according to a statement to The Verge.

CEO Steven Van Wel confirmed to me that the speeds used during Karma's testing phase range from 1.5Mbps to 2.5Mbps, though the company hasn't yet settled on a speed that it feels will work to resolve the problem. When the service launched, the download and upload speeds were capped at 5Mbps, so these reductions do make for a significant decrease in speed. Customers that are unhappy with the change are able to cancel their service and apply for a refund.

While this change is likely not one that will get customers excited, sometimes it is necessary to make these changes. Thanks to a small percentage of users racking up data usages in the hundreds of gigs per month, Karma is forced to put these restrictions in place for all of its customers.

Source: The Verge