June is the perfect time to play Star Wars: Squadrons in PSVR

Playstation Vr Psvr Star Wars Squadrons
Playstation Vr Psvr Star Wars Squadrons (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Star Wars: Squadrons is one of the free PS Plus games for the month of June 2021.
  • PlayStation Plus members can play the game for free, so long as it's claimed in the month of June.
  • Star Wars: Squadrons has full PSVR support on PS4 and PS5.

If you were looking for a reason to keep that PlayStation VR around for a little longer until the PSVR 2 releases, Sony and EA have a pretty convincing offer for you. As part of the monthly free games on PlayStation Plus, all PS Plus members will be able to claim Star Wars: Squadrons on their account for no additional charge. That means experiencing one of the very best VR titles to date can now be done free of charge — so long as you're a member of PS Plus, of course.

Remember, once you claim a game for free via the PS Plus program it's always in your library, even if your membership lapses. The trick is, you can only play these games so long as you're an active PS Plus member. PlayStation Plus retails for $60 per year and includes several free games each month. PS Plus also grants access to the ability to play multiplayer games online, and a host of other benefits.

Star Wars: Squadrons is an incredible way to experience the Star Wars universe first-hand in a way that's never before been possible. While there have been other Star Wars games that you could play from the seat of an X-Wing or Tie Fighter cockpit, there's never been one that made it feel as real as Star Wars: Squadrons does. That's, of course, thanks to the fact that the entirety of the game is playable in VR on the PS4 or PS5 with the PSVR headset. Sure, you could also play the game on a boring old TV, but then you'd be missing the best part of the experience.

Aside from just being in VR, the most immersive experience can be found by grabbing the best PSVR accessories like a HOTAS joystick, which will make it feel more like you're actually piloting the ships for real thanks to proper HOTAS support on the PS4 and PS5. Once you've dusted the old PSVR off and put plenty of hours into Star Wars: Squadrons, be sure to keep the headset around for just a little while longer as there are still plenty of upcoming PSVR games to look forward to.

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