Best PlayStation VR accessories 2022

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) is a phenomenal headset. Still, there are always more of the best PS4 accessories and other items you can use to enhance your experience, especially since PS VR2 isn't released for some time yet. That next headset will pack numerous improvements, including controllers utilizing the DualSense haptic feedback. For now, though, if you're looking for the best travel and display cases, we can show you our favorites. Do you want better sound quality or controller options? We know the best options for those, too. We've got your back all the way down to keeping your PSVR safe, clean, and at its peak performance. Here's everything you need to live like a king or queen in virtual reality.

The best PSVR accessories

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It only gets better from here

There are many great experiences with the PlayStation VR, and all of these accessories heighten that experience. Show off your pride and joy with a phenomenal vertical stand highlighting all of your accessories or jump straight into an immersive game with the best sound quality using PlayStation Platinum. It doesn't matter what you're doing; it matters that you're having fun, and it makes you happy.

It isn't always just about the fun, though. You also want to keep your console safe, clean, and sanitary. That's where the products like the disinfecting wipes come in. Whether you're saving your lenses from the devastation of a scratch by glasses or making sure your snotty nephew doesn't get you sick, cleaning products are endlessly useful (and cheap!). Plus, they'll also be handy when the PS VR2 is released. 

I bet you're curious about my suggestions of a clamp light and green LED bulb, right? Long story short, your PlayStation VR camera tracks your movements by the lights on your headset and your Move controllers. So the camera will scan your room and choose a color for your Move controllers to display to combat the lights and colors around your room. This is why your Move controllers, some of the best PlayStation VR controllers, light up differently in different rooms!

So, if you turn off all your lights, block out the sun, and turn on a green LED bulb, your PlayStation camera will only have to compete against the green. This prevents it from having to register posters, wall paint, carpet color, etc. The easier it is for your console to process information, the better it will work.

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