BIG LauncherBIG Launcher

BIG Launcher, the homescreen replacement app designed with the visually impaired and elderly in mind, has been updated to version 1.7, and is available now in the Android Market. The big change here is the addition of two new font sizes, bringing the total to three to choose from. Straight from the developer's changelog, other tweaks found in the new version include:

  • + blue color theme
  • + haptic feedback
  • + add/remove star in contact detail
  • + added support for eesti, bahasa indonesia, ภาษาไทย
  • better TalkBack support
  • fixed: can't call hidden number
  • fixed: custom application icons toggle
  • fixed: MMS correctly detected in messages thread

Hit the break for some more information and to grab the update from the Market.

BIG Launcher is just one of many similar apps that have found popularity among Android users who want to replace the Motoblur, Sense, or TouchWiz that their device ships with. BIG is unique in that its style is in its functionality: BIG is specifically intended for folks how have poor eyesight, or for older adults who may find the standard Android UI to be too small and difficult to navigate.

BIG replaces your homescreen with jumbo sized icons for your device’s most standard tasks, including the telephone, messaging, camera, and gallery apps. These icons can be rearranged or, for the more savvy users, replaced with a jumbo-sized icon for any app on your device. BIG can alsoadd specific contacts to your homescreen for easy texting/calling, and with BIG’s SOS function, an emergency call or text can be placed to your emergency contact, complete with GPS coordinates, with the touch of an icon

While BIG is a must have the visually impaired, those searching for a fresh look for your device might find BIG worthy of a try. Hit the source link for the app's official website, and grab the update from the Market with the QR code below.