Jelly Bean rolling out for Canadian Galaxy Nexus phones

If you're a customer at one of the Canadian big carriers with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there's a good chance you have a Jelly Bean update headed your way this evening. We're seeing reports from users at TELUS, Wind, Fido, Rogers and Virgin that the Android 4.1.1 update is rolling out en masse, bringing all the great features you've been waiting for.

Ideally you would be notified when it's time for your update, but it's easy enough to check yourself. Open the settings, go into "About phone", tap Software updates and check. The OTA won't wipe out any of your data, and only takes a few minutes to install.

Seeing your update, or already had it? Shout out in the comments, or hit the forums where Android fans love to talk Jelly Bean. 

Thanks, everyone!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Way to go Verizon. Pull your heads out of your asses.If it weren't for the coverage I'd go with an unlocked gsm phone....
  • I'm leaving VZW this Saturday.
  • I'm honestly thinking about it too. We need this update to make our phones work not because it looks cute.
  • This went from sad to just freaking annoying, when every single Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S is on Jelly Bean but the Verizon one, just because Verizon won't get with the program (even Google gave out the update long ago via zips, so it's definitely not their fault). Verizon is just slow all around, being the only one not getting a single HTC One phones, the only one locking the SGIII, and the slowest of all to release updates to phones. Man I can't wait until this contract ends.
  • You went with a CDMA operator, and you honestly expected 0 operator control?
  • I emailed Vzw about this and told them I'm dissatisfied with lack of info about updates, and any news is good news to know they are working on it. I acyually got an email from vzw HQ stating they have to redo the radios for the JB update on the gnex, because they were having problems with their network connecting to it, and he said this is unofficial, i posted the email in the Gnex forum.
  • Good...I don't want the update if the radios don't work. I have a hard enough time getting them to stay connected on stock ICS.
  • Do you know the email you sent the complaint to? Or did you submit it through the VZW Contact Us website? I'd love to send them one of my own.
  • We are leaving and breaking the last 3 months of contract this month. So done with the VZW and the GNex. I had the Fascinate before - great phone for me, crap for updates though. So done with them and their out and out greed. It's one thing to make money, it's another to treat your customers like charging them a fortune is doing them some sort of "favor."
  • Well... that took a while. I picked up my Rogers Gnex in April. A few weeks later I flashed it from yakuux to yakju and was promptly upgraded to 4.0.4. Since then I've played with numerous JB and ICS ROMs. I'm just a little bothered that the Moto Razr (also on Rogers) got ICS before the Gnex. I thought Nexus was supposed to be updated before everything else (but I guess not if Sammy is in charge of the updates!)
  • Goddammit. Canada gets it before verizon too?
  • At the rate this is going, Verizon won't have it until sometime in 2013. Unless they get a phone with it already pre-installed before the end of the year.
  • Still nothing for me on Rogers. Been checking all day. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • What build of Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is rolling out to Canada? Is it JRO03C or JRO03R?
  • Galaxy Nexus/Bell user in Alberta but no sign of Jelly Bean yet. About a week ago got an upd to 4.0.2. Fri 10:00 am
    Jelly Bean upd done. Looking good.
  • wow, I'm glad I didn't wait for this - flashed takju and JB as soon as it was available from google. I guess this is better than Canadian carriers usual track record, but not surprisingly no Bell on the list yet - i might have to pull the new radio out of the update and give it a try, thats a little exciting!
  • Ughhhhhhh..........
  • I'm glad I flashed my VZW Nexus back in June when the first binaries came out. Haven't looked back since.
  • For those of you still on ICS, be glad. When my GNex (I9250T) updated to 4.1.1 (JRO03C), the volume on EVERYTHING went to hell. Notifications, ringer anything that comes out of the front or rear speaker. Google Issue 35084. If you update to JB and you have volume issues, go here ( and star the issue so it gets escalated. I wish I had stayed on ICS. UGH!!!
  • Good Job verizon!! You SUCK!!
  • I'm with wind mobile and nothing yet.
  • am with wind mobile too and just checked for updates and still nothing
  • I'm not sure where the writers of these articles are getting the facts about wind users as everyone I know haven't got theirs yet.
  • I just flashed jelly bean to my s3
  • Galaxy Nexus user in Ottawa on Telus. My phone tried to upgrade yesterday - without any prompt. Same thing happened to a co-worker with his Nexus on Telus. I was on the road and it chewed right through my data plan (my phone was set to disable data when I hit my cap). Telus credited me the charge for going over into the next tier, and when I re-enabled the data this morning the download started again, once again no prompt. Worse still, since my phone was set to kill data when I hit my cap the download yesterday failed and it restarted *from scratch*. So now its pushed me over the second data tier cap. What is up with this!?