Jaybird X3 may be the perfect sport buds for Android

There are three kinds of people at the gym: Those wearing huge over-the-air headphones, folks with wired earbuds — and then there are those with proper wireless buds. I've long been one of those people who don't mind plugging in at the gym. But it's 2017, and time for some proper wireless headphones while I'm working out.

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The Jaybird X3 aren't the least expensive headphones I've ever used. But for as much as I've been enjoying them day after day, the $129 price tag seems just about right. The fit is just fine (with plenty of options for customizing that.) The sound is really good considering they're in-ears. And the wireless connection has been excellent for me. Battery life has been good, charging just about once a week or so. (YMMV depending on how often you use them, of course — I'm getting a good 7 or 8 hours or more every week.)

There's a companion Android app, too, that allows for a bunch of EQ customizations. You can choose from any of the branded ones, or make your own — and save your presets. (I've just been sticking with stock, though.)

What don't I like about 'em? Only real thing I can think of is the charging dongle. But that's not a huge deal by any stretch of the imagination. For me these wireless buds have been excellent for the gym, or while I'm out walking. Highly recommend.

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Phil Nickinson