It's Morphin' Time with these Power Rangers wallpapers

This year — heck, this month — has already seen its fair share of nostalgia. And as we continue to bring back all that was awesome about the 90's, we can't leave out everyone's favorite super-cheesy martial-arts-packed TV franchise: Saban's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Now, I know there's a lot to be apprehensive about with this reboot film, what with the big budgets and the wild new looks, but it's still five teens with attitude against Rita Repulsor and the forces of evil.

Now grab your Power Coins and let's go go Power Rangers!

Go Go Breakfast Club

This is actually a pretty great mash-up, because we have five "teens with attitude" who have been stereotyped not only by normal society but by the very power that has recruited them. Once we start digging into their journeys and their battles, we pull back the layers and see the complexities of each Ranger and the complexities of their relationships.

Also, can we just imagine the five of them stuck in weekend detention together?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers n.12 - variant cover by DenisM79

Rise, White Ranger, and FIGHT

The White Ranger is a fascinating arc of redemption and recovery. Tommy was the first evil Power Ranger, and when he finally was freed from Rita's control and switched sides, he fought as the Green Ranger. Then that power was taken away from him, and he was lost... then like a Phoenix, he rose as the White Ranger, with a sick costume and an incredible new power.

The White Ranger is a reminder that even when you go into the dark, you can come back out and shine again. And by shine, I mean kick evil's ass again and again.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger by The-WoobiE{.cta .large}


Pink Ranger BAM!

Ranger Pink may not be as classic and bold as red or blue, but pink is bright, vibrant, and completely ready to kick your ass! BAM!! That's the brilliance of the Pink Ranger, it stands out, looks like an easy target, and then it will absolutely destroy you. People say they want to be Red Ranger or White Ranger, but no, I don't want that. If I can't be that absolutely sick teal that was Blue Mystic Ranger, then I wanna be Pink.

Real Rangers Wear Pink.

Pink Ranger BAM!

Red Rules

Red Ranger is the leader of the team, the first to believe in the power of the Power Rangers, a good man with a big heart and bigger muscles. Generations may come and go, styles may change, but Red Ranger is a constant, and Red Ranger is gonna call down that ridiculously sick Tyrannosaurus Rex Zord and take care of business.

Red Ranger by RedZeo5

Dumb names. Serious robots.

Power Ranger use Power Coins and Power Up... and they call their Zords to fight larger threats. I get that Zordon gave them their powers and gave them the Zords, and I get that you get to name your creations, but that name is horrible. What isn't horrible is this Megazord wallpaper, which is just about as awesome as a giant sword-wielding robot can look. The defensive stance, the lightning arcing to the tip of the sword... oooh, this just makes me want to pop some popcorn and settle in for some outrageous mecha battles and martial arts madness!

Megazord by Mephmmb

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