Invaders on Android Wear

Sometimes you just need to play a classic arcade game. And Invaders is now available on Android Wear, and it might just hit the spot. This game runs well on a smartwatch, and it's just as addictive as ever.

When it comes to classic and iconic arcade games, then Space Invaders should most definitely make your list. Invaders is available on Android Wear and even better, it's absolutely free. Gaming on your Smartwatch might seem a bit strange at the get go, but with a game this simple it's not hard to get hooked. It's got the same look and feel as the original game, and it works fantastically with both round and square watch faces. There are no options or settings to fiddle with here, and the app won't even open on your phone.

Invaders screenshot

To open it find it on your smartwatch manually, or just say "OK, Google, open Invaders." You only have three options once the game opens. Tap once to start a game, or while in game to fire your weapon. Press and hold to quit the game. Slowly swiping across the bottom of the screen will let you move from left to right. In game there is a score counter to let you know how you're doing, and your high score is displayed at the top of the title screen. Starting out can be tricky until you get the hang of how the app wants you to swipe for movement, but it's simple and easy to grasp.

Invaders for Android Wear is a great way to hook an entire new generation of gamers back on this simple but addictive game. Whether you're an old school arcade fan, or you're looking for a fun game to burn away boredom, this app has you covered. It's got the retro look and simplicity that make it easy to play on your phone, and it's just as challenging as ever.