Go Time Podcast

We've talked a lot about Pokémon Go recently. Some of you love it, a lot of you wish we'd be a little less excited about it, but the fact is there's a ton of people playing this game and many of us are actually enjoying the game. We've made new friends, had new adventures, explored parts of our cities we otherwise never would have, and in some ways become healthier human beings. Outside of the technical merits to the game or the explosive popularity, it's just plain fun to get out and enjoy something with new people.

It's a fun conversation to have, and we're going to keep having it in a slightly different format. Welcome to Go Time — a Pokémon Go Podcast!

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Go Time is a weekly podcast featuring one person from Instinct, Mystic, and Valor sharing their experiences, talking about adventures in the Pokémon Go community, and of course any strategies or tips we encounter along the way. If that's something you're interested in, here's where you can find us!

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Pokémon Go


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