Hi, I'm Daniel.

Though I've been here for a while, and you may have seen my byline here and there, I wanted to formally introduce myself, since I'm going to be around a lot more consistently, as Managing Editor. I'm going to be working with Andrew, Alex, Jerry and the rest of the AC team to make sure we don't miss a beat — even as Phil heads off to create his "Next Big Thing". We're even going to take turns, as the need arises, with the weekly Editor's Desk column. I'll kick things off, sharing what I've been busy working on for AC — our Next Big Thing.

These are only the first of many positive changes coming to Android Central.

Android Central is an amazing place because it has always adapted so well to the changing tides of the mobile space. Over the past eight or so years, we've seen Android evolve from a platform popularized by early adopters and tweakers into the world's most popular operating system used by more than a billion people. Android is a living thing, constantly evolving, but it is also expanding, reinforcing our new motto, Android for everyone.

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To that end, we are making some changes to Android Central that will better position us for the future of the platform, and you for a better experience. As has been obvious by our recent inundation of Pokemon content, Android has moved well beyond a core audience merely looking for information on the latest smartphones; it is a vibrant, diverse ecosystem with millions of users looking to improve the experience of using their Android phone, tablet, smartwatch, Chromebook or, increasingly, VR headset — and we're here to answer the call.

Android is a living thing, constantly evolving, but it is also expanding, reinforcing our new motto, Android for everyone

But that does not mean we are going to let up on what we do best: writing fantastic content, and creating great video, about the latest devices and the ecosystem developed around them.

To accomplish that, we're going to be changing the way we approach news. As of today, we will be posting fewer individual news posts — only the ones that truly deserve the analysis and insight will be written — and are moving instead to a dedicated, constantly-updated news ticker. To make sure you don't miss anything, bookmark that page and return to it once, twice, or ten times a day. We'll make sure to keep it updated with all the little bits of news, from our key markets, you need to stay informed.

We're going to be changing the way we approach news, with a dedicated news ticker, along with fewer, but higher-quality, individual posts.

Consolidating the majority of our news coverage does two things: it cleans up our home page so we can put the focus on our best content; and it frees up our incredible writers and editors to create the world-class content you love to read.

Andrew Martonik, our U.S. Executive Editor, is going to continue leading the industry with his reviews and analysis of the American market. Alex Dobie, our Global Executive Editor, will, in addition to his astute essays and reviews, maintain his position as the go-to analyst for the European market. And, of course, Jerry Hildenbrand will continue to be his incredible self, writing about topics important to the core Android audience, as well as expounding on Chromebooks. And being Canadian, I will be writing about, well, Android in Canada. We also have Harish Jonnalagadda in India focusing on that vibrant, growing market, and Marc Lagace offering his insight on the bright world of Android apps and games.

These are only the first of many positive changes coming to Android Central in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to evolve and grow so we can better serve the people who make this place so essential: you.

Thanks again for following along, and we'll talk again soon.

    Daniel Bader, Managing Editor