You're looking at the face (well, TWO faces) of the next Android phone: the Kogan Agora from Down Under. Aussie Ruslan Kogan, founder of Kogan, gave some face time to Angus Kidman of at CES this past weekend to discuss the Agora phone and why it is coming in as the 2nd Android phone with no other contenders in sight, at least for a while.

According to Kogan, Android is a bit tricky to work with for hardware development and other manufacturing supply chains are not yet able to produce an Android phone - at least, not in time to catch up with Kogan's Agora. According to Kogan:

With Android, there's a lot of companies that have announced that they are developing for it, but it's only been a couple of months since the software's been made public.



To read more of APC's interview with Ruslan Kogan, just go here. If what Kogan says is true, it sounds like he was able to get a jump start on developing the Agora before everyone else, perhaps due to being smaller and more nimble in the marketplace. Of worthy note, Kogan plans on making the Agora available in the U.S. in as early as three months, so it will be nice to have an unlocked Android phone with an alternative form-factor to choose from. A special thanks goes out to Ryan for this news tip.