Intel CEO Paul Otellini to give keynote at CES; will we see a new generation of Android hardware?

It's 50-50 on this one, we suppose, but Intel CEO Paul Otellini will be giving a keynote address on the first afternoon of CES on January 10 in Las Vegas. And it's entirely possible that we'll see some new Android hardware come out of it. You'll recall that Google's Andy Rubin joined Otellini at Intel's developer conference last month to announce that "Combining Android with Intel's low power smartphone roadmap opens up more opportunity for innovation and choice." And that goes from the kernel on up.

Needless to say, this won't be a CES to miss, and we'll be there to bring you the whole thing.

Source: Press release

Phil Nickinson
  • Intel powered cell phones? Interesting to see but personally I'd rather stick with ARM. Android's draining my battery as it is, don't need Intel to have less power efficient CPUs eating up that precious battery life that's already strained with the current Androids.
  • I agree. Intel is a competent chip maker and innovator in the PC and server markets, but so far their efforts to make a low-power chip have been less than impressive. Here's hoping they can do better this round.
  • Makes sense that he would announce their android devices at this event since I heard they are already testing devices internally.
  • Maybe they will put it in the droid 6, next summer
  • If any company has the money etc to develop awesome chips, it is Intel.