Instagram will once again show you posts in the order they were shared

It's no secret that Instagram is the biggest social network for sharing pictures and videos of whatever's going on in your life, but for the last couple years, it's been a hot mess for a lot of users. Instagram made a change to its algorithm in 2016, and rather than showing you posts in the order they were shared, users began seeing photos/videos that Instagram determined you'd like to see.

This change was welcomed with very hostile arms, and after nearly two years of users complaining about this change, Instagram appears to be taking a step back.

Per a blog post on Instagram's official press site –

Based on your feedback, we're also making changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed. With these changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won't miss the moments you care about. So if your best friend shares a selfie from her vacation in Australia, it will be waiting for you when you wake up.

It doesn't sound like Instagram will be reverting completely back to the old chronological-only feed, but progress being made in these regards is exciting to see nonetheless.

Along with this, Instagram also notes that it's testing a "New Posts" button that you can tap to view new posts when refreshing your feed rather than automatically being thrown back to the top of it.

I'm personally ecstatic about this news, but what about you? Is this something you're looking forward to?

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Joe Maring

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  • This sounds good to me!
  • There is a God.
  • If there were a god, Snapchat would take this same advice. I hate my messages and stories not being in chronological order!
  • Just want chronological order again....hope Vero app doesn't steal instas thunder in the long run
  • Vero wants to be a more organized IG. I'm not feeling the UI, but it's still early...
  • It's better than the current stupid idea.
    But a COMPLETE reversion to the chronological order is the only perfect decision.
  • this excites me, despite I believe they said it would be impossible to go back to it having that form of order
  • Gee. all it took was people creating a ton of Vero accounts for someone to grow a brain there.
  • You're welcome
  • If only we could get Facebook to do that.
  • Facebook does have the option to have the most recent posts, although I would like it to be by default. Top stories is their default.
  • YEEEESSSSSS, about time they got rid of that algorithm crap.
  • Still not the perfect decision. We'll see.
  • Well then... I guess I can stop threatening to leave Instagram.
  • About effin time! I'm sick of seeing days old posts from NBA games on there as brand new, among other things
  • Ikr
  • Final-freaking-ly! Time to get the champagne. A lot of us have been "kindly" requesting this feature return. We'll take this small step back to greatness.
  • It's about time. Instagram is horrible with that algorithm thing going on. I'm glad they are getting close to changing it back how it used to be which was Great!
  • Holy crap, it's about time! Glad they're un-Facebooking themselves.