Instagram begins beta testing program on Android

If you consider yourself an Instagram connoisseur and want to be on the bleeding edge of future updates (read: filters) to the network, the company just took the wraps off of its beta program for Android.

The photo-sharing network made the announcement via Twitter earlier this evening:

If you'd like to get in on the action, simply follow the link in the Tweet (or click here) to join the beta testing group with your email address associated with your Google Play account. After that, simply follow the instructions on that page to get started.

Keep in mind that, if you aren't comfortable with dealing with bugs in your day-to-day Instagram experience, you may be better off sticking with the release version of the app.

If you do decide to take the dive, however, our own aspiring Instagram queen, Jerry Hildenbrand has a word of advice:

Protip: You'll notice a persistent notification if you install the beta. It's there for the folks who are doing serious testing and nothing that requires any attention if you're just checking it out.

Source: Instagram on Twitter

Dan Thorp-Lancaster