Inside Marshmallow: What is Doze, how do I use it and what does it do?

Android Marshmallow has changes deep in the operating system that can allow your phone (or tablet) to get better battery life. We see this mentioned with every operating system update from every company that makes smart devices, but this time they mean it.

Enter Doze. If the name reminds you of a pleasant nap while nothing pressing is going on, you've figured out what it is. It's a set of changes and rules that will put your phone to sleep when it's idle, which means you're not using as much of that precious juice from your battery. It sounds simple (and it is) but there are a few things to know.

You won't have to do anything to use the new Doze feature. There are no switches or settings you need to toggle, and once you've updated to Marshmallow it just works. That is, when it's supposed to work.

And that's the thing. You won't see any benefit from Doze while your phone is in your pocket and you're working or at school. Things need to be idle, and that means really idle.

For Doze to kick in, your phone needs to be sitting still with the screen off, and not connected to a charger. That means no moving around and nudging the gyro or other motion sensors, no touching the screen or the buttons and no waving your hand around in front of it if you're using a phone like the new phones from Motorola that have motion detection on the front bezel. Set it down, and leave it alone.

Doze in action

After a while, everything goes to sleep. Well, almost everything. You'll still get notified when "high-priority" apps need your attention. That means things like phone calls or SMS messages can get through (and thus waking up your dozing phone) as well as any app that declares itself as high-priority. Other things, like email notifications or Clash of Clans telling you your gold mine has leveled up aren't going to come in and wake your phone up.

And yes, this sounds like there is potential for abuse by developers who want to declare their app as high-priority. But Google has thought of this, and has a pretty good way to curtail any devious developers — high-priority notifications that aren't part of your carrier network (calls and texts) have to come through a Google Cloud Messaging server. When they find someone abusing the system, and subsequently keeping your phone from dozing as intended, they can take action. We assume this means those notifications can no longer come through as high-prioity, but we also hope there is tar and feathers involved.

Abuse of high priority messages have a special difference from other things like notifications: they must go through Google servers, so Google can monitor and modify what is being sent to devices. If apps abuse these for other things besides their intended use, we will be able to stop that abuse without touching any software on the device. — Dianne Hackborne, Android Framework engineer

This doesn't mean you never get any notifications while your phone is idle. Google uses what they call an "Idle maintenance window" where they pick up any notifications that may be available in one big batch. Then your phone can quickly go back to sleep. This means Doze isn't really a substitute for any Do-Not-Disturb settings.

So does all this dozing make a difference? It looks like it does. Most people are reporting much better standby battery life — Doze doesn't help while you're using your phone — and it looks like things are working just like Google described. Of course, people using their phones on a network with a poor connection are still seeing battery drain while idle, because Doze doesn't stop your phone from searching for a better signal to latch onto. I can fiddle with Project Fi dialer codes and force either Sprint or T-Mobile as the carrier, and see better battery life from whichever works better where I'm at. A very poor signal will still kill your battery. But Doze is a great idea that was implemented well, and will be a great addition to Android for most of us.

Of course, the idea of your phone not using power while you're not using your phone or by putting features to sleep while idle isn't new. We've seen apps try to do the same thing with limited degrees of success. Adding it as a default method directly into the operating system takes away much of the guesswork and should provide a great experience for most of us.

More about Doze from the Android Developer team

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • This is gonna be a great feature. I can't wait Posted via the Android Central App
  • And you may be disappointed. On my Nexus 5 it's no better and maybe worse than Lollipop for battery life. Taking it of the charger at 100% and leaving it alone for 5 1/2 hours takes it down to 83%
  • That better than my Samsung S6. I have it in power saving mode, took it off the charger at 100% and have done nothing with it and it is now at 87% after 3 hours. You are getting vastly better standby power usage than I am. Consider yourself lucky. Usualy after getting home from an eight hour day I am down in the low 60 to high 50 range on the battery.
  • It's very well may be improving your battery life, but as it was stated in the article this is immeasurable by conventional standards. Plus you can't activate the phone while Doze is workin; at all!
  • "you can't activate the phone while Doze is workin; at all!" Complete falsehood!
  • It's called Doze, not Brick.
  • I have an older, well used S5. Every morning it comes off the charger at 4am, and by the time I get to work, it is down to about 85%, and down to at least 40% by 9 or 10 o'clock. Today, it is at 77% at 8:40 so it seams to be doing very well, and is staying very cool compared to before.
  • Its night & day different for me on my Nexus 7 now with 6.0 & my 6p has been sick outta the box. Doze is the shizz.
  • It's pretty incredible on my Nexus 9.
  • +1 N6/9
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, went to bed the other night and my Nexus 9 had 68% battery left. The following morning it was at 66%.
  • My LG L90 is working with kitkat and I charged it until 100% then unpluged it and went to bed and in the morning it was still 100%.
    in fact in a normal use it can hold from 100 to 80 in an ten hour labor day.
  • Good read Jerry. Thanks man. Posted via the Android Central App from my LG G4
  • Agreed, I try to never miss a Jerry article. But I think Doze needs to take into account that most guys carry their phone around all day in a pocket or on their belt. Lots of women too. So we won't see much value from Doze unless we get into the habit of taking the phone out of the pocket an leaving it on the desk or table somewhere. And that brings up other risks of forgetting it just because you were trying to save battery.
  • Agreed; I don't see why Doze can't be expanded for these scenarios. If the screen has been asleep for an extended period, it's generally safe to assume Doze could activated without negative consequences. At least having the option to ignore movement would be an excellent compromise. Posted via the Android Central App
  • HTC anp perhaps others have a pocket detection mode that uses the camera or ambient light sendor, and an edge-down position. It just uses it for ring loudness adjustment.
  • I see what your saying but they set this new feature in place with the intention of forgetting you have it (no user option to enable or disable this feature). Hence my belief that this is targeted to improve your device's battery consumption when you least expect it. When your driving around, taking a stroll your phone is constantly looking for the next best connection either from your carrier or from someones Wifi so at least I expect my battery to drain for the sake of a fast speed connection. When your device is one place the connection is established and doesnt change so for Gmail, Clash of Clans or majority of the apps installed that push notifications and constantly look for updates being blocked off so your device can "doze" off is great. One example that I can use is you walking around your house doing chores, feeding kids, cleaning clothes, mopping and your kid starts doing homework. Your child comes to you and states they need help so here comes doze time because now that you are not moving and the phone is in your pocket or on the table, it essentially is in a non moving state thus activating Doze. 30 minutes or even an hour just sitting there your saving battery life without any action on your part. Your done helping with home work and grab your phone. You see your battery life is where it left off an hour ago, FANTASIC! and then your notifications come through and your back to wasting your battery. Life is bliss. Anywho im sick as a dog right now so im probably not making sense but thats ok. Toodles!
  • But Jerry said: That means no moving around and nudging the gyro or other motion sensors, no touching the screen or the buttons and no waving your hand around in front of it if you're using a phone like the new phones from Motorola that have motion detection on the front bezel. Set it down, and leave it alone. That means that any subtle movement while helping the kid with the phone in your pocket will trigger SOMETHING. And Doze stops.
  • My new 6P appears to doze while in my pocket. I think the trick might be to not have anything using the sensors. For instance, I turned off the "ambient display" which shows your notifications anytime you bump the phone.
  • It's version 1. Give then time. I'm sure it will be tweaked as more people start using it.
  • That would be nice to implement that feature for doze to kick in when screen off whether it's in your pocket or not. Seems silly to just come on when laying completely still. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was going to say the same thing. I carry the phone around with me all the time at work, even though I rarely use it or wake it. It is never placed on a desk and not moving. Why would it have to be "still" to be dozing? And yet, my standby battery time on the N5 is now WOW after Android 6.0. So perhaps Jerry is wrong and it will doze even with motion? Or perhaps it is dozing little bits here and there while I am sitting in my chair? Or perhaps there are different levels of "doze"? Or perhaps it uses the light sensor to detect it is in a case or pocket and that overrides the motion detection??
  • RE: "Things need to be idle, and that means really idle." I wonder if this is going to be one of those things that is great in theory, but in reality ....
  • For the 6P, there is an official folio case that is suppose to wake up the device when opened and sleep it when closed. No idea if it's detecting the cover state with magnets (ideally) or with the ambient sensor, but it may make sense to enable doze when the cover is closed. If we are at a secure place (work/home) and the phone is out, we will likely have it connected to a charger. But when are just about in public, I think people will feel more secure if the phone is still in their pockets/bag. So doze currently doesn't seem that useful and almost like something that only makes sense in controlled/lab settings (like phones that claim it's great in low light without camera image stabilization).
  • Doing good on my Nexus 7 2013 Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3
  • Pretty great on my Nexus 5. Nexus 5 | AT&T
    Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Agreed. Lost only 5% overnight on N5. Previously 20%+. Would be better if you could toggle it on/off it you know you don't need Notifications but need the phone in your pocket. Ie meetings or strict workplaces with nowhere to store phone throughout day. Not a complaint more of a suggestion really. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Is there some reason why you don't charge your phone overnight?
  • You can, sort of. I keep the Android Power Widget on a home screen and turn off auto-sync if I think I need to conserve juice.
  • It's impressive. my usual time between charges used to be about every 16 to 20 hours.. Now is't probably 24 to 30 or better.
  • Still waiting for rotten tomato, he can't resist this one surely. Posted from my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface Pro 3
  • Hahahahahaha same here. Until then I'll carry to torch of lunacy. Dam It's Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • I think he's still on the last Note 5 comments section. Dam It's Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • I've already said this should be a great feature under some circumstances. In fact, I've said it's the one feature in Marshmallow I think is worth having. I don't want some of the other "features". I'm getting fine battery life already, so if I go to bed with 30% battery or 90% battery, it's not going to matter to me. But if you've got such a battery sucking phone that you'd have to charge it during the day, and you leave your phone untouched for much of the day, then yes, it should help. It's also not going to help extend your battery life when you're using your phone, which is when some people need it most. The one time I ran out of battery too soon with my S3 was during a trip to San Francisco, where I was constantly on the go. Doze never would have kicked in. I got an extended battery for the next trip, and that did the trick. If I had a phone without a removable battery, I'd just get an external battery.
  • And there it is :D Posted via the Android Central App From my Blackberry Priv where I am out of toilet paper
  • S3?! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes, S3. That trip was 2 years ago. I was actually content to stick with the S3 indefinitely, except that I got a great deal on a Note 4. Now the S3 feels like junk to me. I still use it as an alarm, Internet radio and podcast player, Audible player, etc. It sits on my nightstand on a wireless charger.
  • Man I can't wait till the Samsung S5 gets Marshmallow. Happy days are coming!!!! Dam It's Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • The S5 will probably get a stable custom Marshmallow by the time Samsung ships the S8.
  • LoL Dam It's Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • Cyanogenmod will have an alpha in a month, if Lollipop is anything to go by.
  • Just got the OTA yesterday on my N5, looking forward to this making a difference! Edit: do we know how long the device has to sit before Doze kicks in? I'm just curious.....
  • Not sure, but I do know I'm losing a bit less than about 3.5% every 4 hours or so on my nexus 6 the last couple weeks
  • You lost 100% when you bought the Nexus 6.
  • Damn, I'd hate to see what that means for people with phones running on touchpiss
  • Twilight is still a better story than the one you have been telling lately +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Closer to reality, too.
  • Groan....Must....defend.....Samsung... Must......defend.....Korean electronics company........groan
  • Nah not defending them, they have poor aspects but when you stoop as low as you have lately it deserves a measured response. Samsung is still the second best skin, and still more feature rich than the rest. Yes the nexus has a skin. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Just stop. Your fanboyism sticks out like a sore thumb. Not that there's anything wrong with that
  • The only skin would be the Google applications and that's about it. Posted via the Android Central App From my Blackberry Priv where I am out of toilet paper
  • Technically, Android is the API and subsystem. All the user-facing stuff is the skin. So stock Android is a skin on top of the Android API/subsystem, just like all the OEM skins are skins on top of the API/subsystem.
  • Still acting like an idiot I see Posted via the Android Central App
  • Aww... a Samsung bandwagoning fangirl. How cute.
  • 15 mins I think I read somewhere Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doze sounds like a big step forward in saving precious battery life. But I'm looking forward to the day when battery life will "doze" whenever the screen is off and not just sitting on a table somewhere. If my phone is sitting down somewhere, chances are I have a charger of some type near by. My phone is usually with me for my whole work day. So I'm really not that excited about this new feature. S6 edge+/AC App
  • +1. I know we had our disagreement yesterday, but I feel exactly the same way knowing what it takes to activate doze. It doesn't help people who regularly keep their phone in their pocket all day like myself and that's annoying.
  • Exactly. Just image how many people in the world have active jobs and need their phone on them at all times. Seems like Google only had desk jockeys in mind when they came up with the "doze" idea. S6 edge+/AC App
  • It's still very effective when its just sitting, but hopefully Google improves it with Android N
  • Stand by drain on Android is still unacceptable - especially when compared to iOS. I don't understand why is it taking them so long to figure it out. via AC App on
    VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • That's because there's more going on in the background on Android devices. But even so, 0.4% per hour is not bad if you keep things on. iOS took a hit in the recent update to 9, as standby is not as good as it used to be, but battery life while using the phone is better now, and I like that. It's not exceptional yet, but it is getting better. I was just at lunch with our network architect who had to take a call before we drove back from lunch. His iPhone 6 (same as mine) went from 85% to 78% in 15 minutes, which is pretty horrible. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Exactly right. I just installed AEL kernel 6.0 yesterday, and I was looking forward to seeing how the battery life is with this kernel. But I rested the phone on the wireless charger for a couple hours this morning, so today doesn't count. It's just so easy to rest your phone on a wireless charger. I did it without thinking. I put it on the folding charging pad so I could watch a video while working. So it charged while I watched. Too bad 5X and 6P owners (along with Moto X Pure, etc.) won't be able to do that.
  • +1 S6 edge+/AC App
  • I am hoping this and other features puts my HTC One_M8 battery life like when I was on KitKat. And that it fixes the lag that only goes away when you close the recent apps. 5.0.1 sucks.
  • So, why aren't you on 5.0.2? It's quitting time for me and my M8 is still at 70%. Posted via the Android Central App
  • There's no 5.0.2 for the M8, not that I know of. I have Bluetooth always on connected to my Moto 360, data always on (no wifi at work), auto brightness with the slider to the right, gps on saving mode. What about you? Maybe my battery is has less capacity than yours. Did 2 factory reset and flashed the RUU file, no difference. :(
    Did you have the m8 when we were on KitKat also?
  • I'm on the standard M8 (not the Harmon Kardon version) running Android version 5.0.2, Sense 6.0, software number 2.48.502.2.
    I switch to wifi at work (no cell coverage there) or home, but use mobile data on with HD calling enabled, location services on battery save unless I'm using Maps, and auto brightness with the slider mostly to the right (I like it bright but not blinding). We actually have two M8's, as my wife fell in love with the M8 and ditched her iPhone (she never had anything else until now). Both phones were on Kit Kat and I upgraded mine to Lollipop, but left hers on Kit Kat for a week. The extreme power save mode under KK was better than L, but the normal mode and regular power save mode is better under L. I did not do a factory reset for the move to Lollipop, just a warm reset. My wife leaves everything turned on... wifi, mobile data, HD calling, bluetooth, high accuracy location services, and NFC even though she never uses NFC. She gets similar battery life, which kind of hints that you may have a rogue app sucking your battery. There are a few apps that I disabled or uninstalled for that very reason. By the way, the HTC normal power save mode gives you MUCH more control than you get under iOS power save mode. You have options for CPU power, reduced screen brightness, turning off vibration feedback, and putting data to sleep when the screen is off. If you like, you can have this mode ONLY control data while the screen is off, and not have it affect anything else. You may also want to install GSam Battery monitor and have it track what is using your battery. I have the pro version, but I like the free version better.
  • II have an unlocked European version which comes with a T-Mobile Poland firmware. I am with the 5.0.1 version, version which is the latest for my phone with the stagefright updates. I have GSam battery monitor installed, the free version. It shows that Android OS is the app that spends more battery, I also un installed facebook app just in case. I could use power Saving mode but the phone gets sluggish and I feel I am not using its full potential. While on KitKat I never had to use it and I got to bed with 30 per cent of battery life left. Nowadays I have to charge it during the afternoon because I don't want to risk running out of battery in the meantime.
  • What you may want to do is go to settings, Battery Manager, tap on Power saver (not the button to turn it on/off), then un-check "CPU power" and "Display". This will give you full performance, but will put your connections to sleep when the screen is off.
    By the way, do you use Quckcharge, or the regular charger that came with your phone?
  • Thanks, I knew those settings but never used them since I won't be getting the notifications in real time if the phone dosent have the screen on, correct? I use both chargers. By night the normal one. Why?
  • I still get notifications in power save mode, and they seem to be real-time. I asked about the charger type because, while I was testing and documenting the charge times, I noticed that the battery life seemed a bit shorter than usual the following day after quick charging. I have not done follow up testing, as I'd have to run a strict routine after charging the three methods I tested, and there are too many variables on a phone that I'm using during the day.
  • I guess your right, they do seem to be in real time! I will for now on use the power Saving mode except the CPU and vibration settings, that way I don't seem to be missing much. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
    I still don't understand how do you have 5.0.2 and I have 5.0.1, could you please check again your settings?
    The price of the new Nexus 6P in Europe is outrageous, I will wait for the Marshmallow update and then decide if I wanna upgrade, that way the price of the Nexus 6P meanwhile certainly comes down.
    Our M8 is pretty slick regarding design and it's very fast still, don't you agree? I believe it's one of the best smartphones out there, even after a year and a half after it was launched.
  • I just checked to confirm, and it is 5.0.2. Perhaps the carrier performed their own changes. I agree that the M8 is slick and still fast, and I still have people stare at me when I use it from time to time. A few days ago I showed a very pretty girl something on my phone, and she kept looking at the phone itself instead of the photos. There have been some good phones that have come out since the M8, but none of them have been enough to make me want to give up the one I have. Perhaps with the M10 :)
  • So if I'm at work, and my phone sits idle on my desk for awhile, new work emails will no longer be immediately pushed to my phone and only arrive during these "maintenance windows?"
  • NM. It looks like you can pick which apps you want to "Not Optimize" under the Battery settings overflow menu. I'm assuming that means those apps won't be affected by Doze.
  • If only I didn't keep shamu in my pocket all day, I might actually appreciate doze more. I need a desk job
  • Seems useless for me...if my phone is laying idle its on my charger. That's the only time I lay it down , when I'm asleep. Seems to work the same as "Battery Saver" , which is what I use instead. So it works in my pocket. If I don't need my phone and am somewhere like a concert it goes on battery saver. If you want Doze to work on command its called Battery Saver... LoL I'm curious why Jerry doesn't point this out....
    Posted via Serenity
  • I'm in the same boat, with my phones in the pocket most of the day when I'm not using them. On some phones they keep the gyro and other sensors active for special functions, like knock or tap to wake, and swipe commands that work with the screen off. You also get the function in Google Now where it can tell the difference between you driving or walking, and it will set a marker where you parked. Useless when you just go the the same corner store, but a huge benefit when on road trip and tours.
  • I dont know what kind of sorcery Google did but, Im having a very good experience with the new battery life in my N5, last night (about 12am) my phone was fully charged, so, it was all night on; right now is 20:35, I have been playing some games and using it like I do always and the battery is 48% (with 2:30hs screen on), I'm really impressed!!!
  • I keep my N5 in my pocket all day and doze is definitely kicking in and making a big difference in battery life.
  • According to the article, that's impossible. Maybe you're saving battery life some other way?
  • Don't think so. Either the article is inaccurate and doze is more discerning about what triggers it or there is a second miraculous battery saving technology in 6.0.
  • Maybe. Or it could be just because you have a fresh install of Marshmallow. I have no idea what you have (or don't have) loaded and running on your phone.
  • It was an OTA package I sideloaded. No other changes. Whatever the cause, battery life is much better.
  • Just wiped cache on my Nexus 5 after 24hrs of using it with 6.0. Too early to tell if doze has helped or not. My phone feels slower (hence the cache wipe) but I was at least able to get everything set up the way I want. Don't feel like starting over from scratch since HOPEFULLY I'll have the Nexus 6p sooner rather than later. Posted via Android Central App
  • 80% down to 76% over night -seems to be a magic bullet for my trusty lil' Nexus 5 which would've dropped to around 68-63% on Lollipop overnight. Bravo Google
  • Sounds like doze is useless then cause the only time my phone is that idle and not moving or being used is when it's sitting on my wireless charger at night. Posted via NOTE 5
  • It sounds a bit like Sony's Stamina mode, except Stamina mode seems to kick in a lot sooner and really keeps app you don't allow from waking your phone up. It's cool to see it baked in to stock
  • Works wonders for my N5 and N9. My phone sat overnight off the charger and lost 1%. I'm quite amazed Posted via the Android Central App
  • I wonder if I should turn off my moto display when the time comes to get the full benefits of doze. I use the hand wave gesture to check the time and such, but even when the phone is just kidding there the display since comes in from time to time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nice to see the nsa is concerned about our battery usage. Pretty clever!...manage my notifications in the cloud and decide which ones I should get, just for some battery manager? Uhhh no thanks, try again. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What are you talking about? Notifications have always been pushed through Google servers.
  • If the email client on my phone gets pushed an email from my Exchange server, why would any part of that, including the notification that shows up on my phone, go through a Google server? And why would I want Google to see any of it, much less have an opportunity to modify any part of it before I see it? What happens if the Google server happens to be offline for some reason? I don't get my notifications? Why would I want that? As another commenter said, the only time my phone is THAT still is when it's sitting on a wireless charging pad. I.e. this is a useless feature with negative potential, for ME.
  • What kind of notifications could you get that the NSA would care about. When your candy crush lives are all restored, yep, that makes you a terrorist threat. Network notifications do NOT go through cloud. So your text messages, missed calls, etc are not being monitored. But since your every move leaves some sort of digital footprint, I'm not sure why this one would require a tin foil hat response.
  • LOL - if you don't see the dates in the phone shot, it looks like it loses most of its charge in 2 hours.
  • Your life must be sad and pitiful Posted via the Android Central App From my Blackberry Priv where I am out of toilet paper
  • Not as sad and pitiful as those who follow me around and comment on everything I say.
  • I don't have marshmallow, but I use the app called 'doze' to increase my standby time and its really good dreaming of electric sheep
  • Not sure how this is all that useful. My Note 4 still on KitKat only loses 3% battery over a ten hour period of non-use (ex. overnight) even with its cell radios left on (strong Verizon signal). Going back even further my OG Note 10.1 on Jelly Bean sips battery when not being used for long periods of time too. Think it all has more to do with the efficiency of the hardware, the apps you have installed and how you have them configured. So Doze sounds like it may be more useful for those who may not know how to manage their device in a way to minimize battery drain or just want the OS to do it for them.
  • install lollipop and watch your battery life chopped in half
  • If after u install lollipop and do a factory reset immediately after the phone reboots from the will avoid 99.9% of the problems people reported. If you are smart with your phone, you shouldn't have an issue Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes, lollipop on my Note 4 and now my Note 5 have been flawless. Many battery life issues are self inflicted, even if the use doesn't realize it. As for your great battery life, good for you,but there are many, many different circumstances out there, and these are bot iPhones, we should be given a tool from google that #1 doesn't take away anything for those people who don't need it, yet provides some usefulness for those of us who do.
  • "only loses 3% battery over a ten hour period of non-use (ex. overnight)" I leave my Note 4 running 5.1.1 unplugged and unused overnight and it gains battery charge - it goes all the way to 100%.
  • Is your phone powered off overnight?
  • Nope, it sits on a wireless charger.
  • I'm suprised it took this long for AC to recognize that doze was a huge feature in 6.0 Everyone complains about battery life and before the release google said doze would double battery life in standby
  • Desk setter here for a big portion of my day...lets see how it goes.
  • I wonder what is going to happen with the Doze app I am already running from the store? Posted from my AT&T 64 gig Black Sapphire leather wrapped Note 5
  • Are you using this one? I don't use any Doze or power saving apps or features, but the app I linked seems like a better approach than M doze if and only IF you don't want notifications while it "sleeps". I wouldn't know without trying it and comparing it to M, though.
  • Yup... That's the one, and it works great. You can check off on setup what you want to not sleep while the screen is off. Posted from my AT&T 64 gig Black Sapphire leather wrapped Note 5
  • I'm trying it now. The only app I keep active is my SMS app. I don't need email notifications while I'm on the computer. If it suppresses email but lets me get SMS, I'll be a happy camper. I already checked to see if it gets SMS, and it does.
  • Jerry said it himself though. It won't help with one of the biggest battery drains out there, bad signal. When I was on lollipop I'd Just tell lean droid to automate my LTE, only turning it on for 15 seconds at a time every 35 minutes. It was brilliant. I miss being able to do that without root. And before anyone talks about how easy that is I know that. I used to root when it wasn't just running a wizard. My issue is that Motorola will not honor my Moto care accident protection if the boot loader is unlocked. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Definitely helped my Nexus 7. It lives for 3-4 days before I have to charge it now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doze is NOT well implemented, it already upsets developers and it will upset users (despite the battery savings). Switching off battery optimization for an app does NOT make the app behave like before 6.0. If that would be the case, then no problem. The user should have the power to whitelist apps, period. To get ANY alarms during Doze, the developer has to change the app. What if the developer does not do it? Even with the app changed, it will get only alarms every at least 15 minutes and it will not have the same possibilities (for example sensor access) like outside of Doze. And to use the network during Doze, the user still has to switch off battery optimizations for that app. Advertising GCM as the solution to these problems is nonsense. Some apps simply can not or should not use GCM. Doze kicks in already after 1 hour. This is both good and bad. Doze is supposed to end when moving the device. But I have to switch the screen on to end it (Nexus 5). Right now, for example the only Android email app with PGP (K9-Mail) is useless for me because of Doze. It simply stops checking for new email after 1 hour of not using the phone. Lots of other useful apps are also affected and some of them will never work like before. But I am sure, developers of rogue apps will find a hack to get around Doze. Links to check: and
  • Yup, exactly my issue. This is ridiculous.
  • Not even GMail is using the new AlarmManager methods. So, IMAP is not working during Doze with GMail either. :-(
  • Yep, I can see that side, but when a major company like Coke produces a fun little usable app (I love the freestyle app, making my own soda mixes) that simply will not go to sleep on its own, and drains 2% of my battery continuously, what hope do we have for other apps to behave. Android, and life, is always a balance, and the app community will find a way to deal with this new balance. Like the SD card writing issue with KitKat and Lollipop. Developers will adjust.
  • For your (valid) case, it would help to have the Doze feature and to even have it on by default for all apps. But still it should be possible to switch it off for certain apps by the user.
  • Didnt Google state that even while in Doze you will get push notifications all in one shot every X amount of minutes?
  • High-priority Google Cloud Messaging notifications will always go through, like for Hangouts. But that does not help all apps. Email apps that poll a POP3 or IMAP server won't and can't use GCM, for example.
  • It works great, my nexus 5 only lost 2% in an hour and some change after having it in my pocket at work Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think this is messing with my alarm. It has not gone off the last 2 days. I wake up late, check my phone and that's when the alarm goes off. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Acalendar+ event alerts don't work reliable either. And today my clock widget was 2 minutes behind for a while after dozing.
  • I am having this same issue after this last update (last week). It goes to sleep and I end up being late for work unless the cat wakes me up.
  • So, help me understand. If I put my phone on the table next to me, it won't notify me of emails and other things ? And people think this is a good thing? There is no setting to "allow" the user to get normal notifications? Why would I want to miss notifications to save a bit of battery? No one else sees this as an issue?
  • just commented below. You can make them high priority and you can wake up in the middle of the night, instead. They need a whitelisting feature for doze, separate from the priority system for sound profiles.
  • My N5 got MM on Monday and the battery has been pretty good, until yesterday when I did a reboot and since then the battery has been draining like a mofo, not so much when idle but certainly when in use. It's like the bad old days of L when you could see the battery percent visibly lowering by the minute. Posted via Android Central App
  • I had the same thing, I got Marshmallow, then I did a factory reset and my battery life was awful, I could maybe get 2 hours of battery life. I looked around at the apps that might be causing it and it was "Android System" was using a huge amount of battery, nothing I could do about that. The one that was second was the T-Mobile app to show my billing info, I deleted that and my battery life has been at least back to the way it was before with lollipop or even better. Right now I took the phone off the charger at 7am and still at 73% and says it will go until 3am tomorrow. Also I've listened to a bunch of music and podcasts. I guess what I'm saying is look for an app that might be hogging all the battery and get rid of it.
  • Well I have been using marshmallow a few days and found the doze feature to be inconsistent.... Sometimes it works like a charm the battery does not drop a single percent overnight, sometimes the battery drop 5 to 6%
    I might be wrong or misunderstood how doze works but I found it to be inconsistent. Posted via the Android Central App
  • More hyped battery magic from Google that won't stop the cries for bigger batteries in these devices any time soon.
  • Here's my problem. I frequently leave my phone on my desk during the day at work. I don't want it going into doze (aka practically airplane mode) and not telling me about notifications for an hour or more. There is apparently an interval built into doze that wakes the phone up and dumps all the collected notifications out all at once. This interval is at least an hour, then gets longer the longer it sits. Perhaps we could have a light/med/strong doze setting that would change the time. 15 or 20 minutes would be fine and I think still help battery. I don't want to raise apps to high priority (thus making them work in the middle of the night while DND is active) just to get an email while my phone is sitting on my desk, a reasonable amount of time after it was sent.
  • That's my concern. I still don't have marshmallow. But I do know that one of the most critical things I use my phone for is up-to-the-second push notifications to keep me up to date on all of my news (and weather alerts). Things like... -Weather Channel app alerts for severe weather and real-time rain alers
    -Breaking news from CNN, USA Today, and Buzzfeed News apps
    -Sports alerts from ESPN, MLB at Bat, NFL Mobile, and Bleacher Report I want all of these notifications to continue to come in to my phone the second they are sent. And I feel like having to go through and make each app "high priority" is excessive. I'd much prefer just turning off the Doze functionality completely. I already lose only 3% to 4% an hour on my M9. That's good enough for me. Doze isn't necessary and I wish it could be turned off.
  • Nope. No notifications, but high priority during doze.
  • Only high priority notifications from Google Cloud Messaging.
  • If that's the way it works (no notifications during Doze except at long intervals), then between this and the new permissions handling (popups? no thanks), it looks like I will deliberately avoid upgrading to Marshmallow.
  • It's called an "Idle Maintenance Window". Check it out, here:
  • I have a better solution than Doze. I put my phone down without plugging it in, and it actually GAINS battery charge while it's idle. If I leave it idle overnight, it actually goes to 100%!!! Try THAT with your 5X or 6P or Moto X Pure running Marshmallow and Doze. I dare ya.
  • Jerry does this mean that theoretically apps should no longer be able to go crazy in the background keeping the device awake and killing the battery. I ask because I have seen some apps on android m still keep the device a wake and can drain battery. I was hoping doze would kill any apps that keep the device awake for no reason. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It should kill them, when doze is initiated, but that doesn't happen until the device is left alone untouched on a desk or something, for a period of time. It would still be possible in your pocket.
  • Do you know how long it has to be left alone before doze kicks in. Can't seen to find a specific time or is it just random. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm interested in this, as well. I can't find it, either. Check the article I linked a few posts up. It might be in there.
  • 1 hour.
  • Is that a guess or did you read it somewhere? If so i was hoping half hour or even an option to choose when to go into doze. Either way doze definitely has improved standby time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have read it somewhere and I have verified it myself by monitoring when K9-Mail stops connecting to my IMAP server.
  • I wish this worked while in your pocket. Going out all day/night and I may not always be on my phone but it is sitting in my pocket draining away.
    Also, a bit odd that email notifications aren't high priority
  • This works fine on my Nexus 6 on carrier - the problem I am having with Doze is on my Nexus 5 - This phone is VOIP only using my Google Voice number and hangouts via Wifi - This phone can sit for long periods of time and it will turn off Wifi - essentially making it not function as a VOIP phone - I have not found a way to exclude Doze from turning off wifi as of now...
  • Doze doesn't seem very "exciting" at all to me! ... *yawn* ...
    I'm still on Lollipop (besides the point), anyone can implement Doze on their rooted phones!
    I use an app called : #HibernationManager found here : It actually works!
    It's that good I upgraded to PRO, you don't "need" Doze or Marshmallow, the right app will do the same job!
  • Extend battery life? Yes. Is it useful? Cause the only time I am not using my phone AND the phone is in stationary is when I'm sleeping. And just like other phone which only lasts a day, it will be on plug throughout the night. So when will Doze kick in? None?
  • How does iOS "deep sleep" work in comparison? I suspect it doesn't have the same caveats with the gyros and sensors. Gryo/accelerometer/GPS should not prevent dozing. If the screen is off, I can't think of any scenario where I would need these things to be active...maybe if you have Maps running in the background, but that's not a dozing scenario to begin with. Otherwise, it can just activate these when you "undoze" the phone and turn the screen on.
  • They're also used to monitor your sleep, if you have one of those Apps installed like Sleep As Android. Posted via Android Central App
  • RIght, so it's kind of like, if i have an app running that needs access to that hardware, it's more understandable not to doze. But otherwise, the fact that the OS itself might be detecting "activity" from the hardware shouldn't count for dozing purposes...
  • They should make Doze start time configurable by the user. And they should concentrate on background CPU consumption by Chrome and games. Once in the background: Freeze immediately. Battery saved.
  • And they should let ME, the user of the phone, decide what apps can still give me notifications, not the app developer, and not some faceless engineer at Google.
  • So if I'm at work, and concentrating on my work, with my phone sitting on the desk next to me, it's going to go to sleep, and I'll miss important emails, weather alerts, and other notifications. Sounds incredibly stupid to me. Hopefully the devs on XDA will figure out a way to turn it off.
  • Well plus if its just sitting on your desk wouldn't you just charge it? In my pocket walking around the mall is the important time to conserve battery. Not to mention while using it..
  • If it's already at 80 or 90% there's no need to charge it. This is just another example of Google becoming more and more like Apple. "We know what's best for you, so we're not going to let you decide how you want your phone to work."
  • * " [ For Doze to kick in, your phone needs to be sitting still with the screen off, and not connected to a charger. That means no moving around and nudging the gyro or other motion sensors, no touching the screen or the buttons and no waving your hand around in front of it if you're using a phone like the new phones from Motorola that have motion detection on the front bezel. Set it down, and leave it alone. ] ........ .......... ...................... ............. .........What about using it on the sailboat during long voyage , where swinging , motion - vertical, horizontal is almost constant and where electricity is the serious issue ? ........................................ ( Just for morons who will be negatively commented , that on the open sea no need to use cell phone. Yes it is a need , while on the Great Lakes or along Canadian or US coast !!! )
  • Is this a joke? Marshmallow on my Nexus 5 [2013] is draining my battery fast-fast-fast!!!
  • This is stupid honestly. Who leaves their phone completely still on a desk? When I do, it's charging!! Duh Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you want to fix battery life get rid of rogue apps that constantly check location like on my g4. Or the media services drain, or the Google play services drain. Need I go on? Posted via the Android Central App
  • What is the media services drain and how do I get it corrected? Thx! Posted via my Nexus 5X
  • I do not like doze. Alarms not going off on time, notifications not working right. Can I go back to Lollipop?
  • You can switch Doze off with an ADB command. So I guess, there will be an app (if you have root) for that soon.
  • What about email? I leave my phone sitting on my desk at work while I know, what if i receive an email on my gmail work account...will it not notify me? Or can I make gmail a top priority app? If texts come in then email should also! I have read just about everything I can on Doze and still do not have a clear answer...or maybe I still do not have a clear understanding!
  • just type "nexus 5 reboot loop" in google. Marshmallow has crashed the nexus 5 devices so its a crap feature all together doing some non-sense inside especially related to power button and battery.
  • This sounds very useful - I assume there will be very few configuration options as they don't want users messing it up? Because if emails could come through too, I'd turn that on, it's the main thing I do with my phone...
  • For periodic checks (email app), the app has to be modified for 6.0 by the developer.
  • I am not sure about nexus series phones....I am using ANDROID ONE SERIES PHONES [ MICROMAX CANVAS A1 ] battery 1700 mah....after updating to ANDROID 6.0 i noticed in idle mode only..[ mobile data on]...the battery drains 19% from 100 to 81 % . It was not the case with android L 5.1 version... Is there any way to fix the issue? My Google maps / wifi is off...onle E-mail & whatsaap runs....I use MICROSOFT OUTLOOK app for e-mail.
  • I think it turns off the WiFi, which messes up the location. So when I wake up, Google now tells me how long it will take me to make the 3 mile trip to home, even though I'm already home.
  • I am yet to experience " Doze ", but from what I understand, it only kicks in when the phone is absolutely STILL. So if it's in your pocket or I'm driving etc, it will have NO effect & Doze will NOT kick at all. I could be wrong.? Waiting for my Marshmallow update to arrive, can't wait.!!
  • I finished charging last night and unplugged. Still had 98% left in the morning. I just want to know exactly how long it takes for Doze to kick in...
  • I think that they should add Battery optimization tile in the App info screen, add Aggresive mode tile in the three dot menu of the Battery Optimization screen, add "(Doze)" to the "Battery optimization sentence" and add the word "apps" to the "Not optimized" sentence
  • Wow
    I recently bought a nexus 5x and was excited as hell for using the doze. Cuz you know using the phone for a long time without charge.
    Ok so i am not a power user. My phone stays idle for long hours during the day. And it saddens me to still see the battery be drained like crazy.
    I mean 2-5% would be understandable but its way worse than that.
    I had my phone full charged in the morning kept in on my bed for the full day. I check it 8 hpurs later and battery is 20%.
    No activity at all and the 80% of the battery gone.
    I rewlly feel like google false advertised me into this sale. I mean i was using lollipop before this and the battery usage was way better in that.
    Really dissapionted google
    Didnt expect this
  • mvhNQdefinitely something wrong here as I noted the same problem .It just discharges as normal 14% overnight with no use.
  • I've been using it for about a week now on my S7 Edge. I am NOT a fan. I own a small business and I live and die with email. I need alerts the second the email is sent and received. So far, when it dozes I do not receive email alerts (Gmail or Exchange) in a timely manner. This is not a good thing for me personally. I understand the concept, and think its a great idea, I just wish the user could opt out certain apps or make them priority.
  • I have a 6P and I dont think this thing actually does anything.
    I still get all my emails alerts and everything else I normally get.I set the phone down at night at 100% charge and in the morning it was 86% the same as my LG3 and other phones I have owned.
    Also noted that some sites say you have to download Greenify to get it to work. ?
    Personally I did this and saw no difference to the way the phone behaves
  • i have to reiterate.Doze does nothing and you cant even tell if its actually working and apps like Greenify are the same they make no difference and refuse to even go into an auto mode unless you make some change to your keyboard.they ,like this article do not explain a damn thing.
    I have to say after being with the 6P now for a few months battery drain is heavy.
    You pick it up for a few minutes and the power ticks away as fast a s a clock.i reckon I could drain it by just using it for a couple of hours non stop.
    Anyway, i bought a brick a Ravpower Turbo series, charge it up and keep it near the phone .