HTC Droid Incredible

There's a bit of gnashing of teeth apparently going on over the HTC Droid Incredible and its capacitive screen. Chris Tabor -- aka igl007 in just about every forum there is -- has been screaming from the rooftops about the Incredible's screen and how sometimes it won't respond unless you're holding it. And that's a problem, for instance, when you're using certain car docks, which is what started this whole thing.

Anyhoo, Chris did a series of tests, videoed them, and posted his results just about everywhere, and got some really good responses, some of which require an electrical engineering degree to understand. And it looks like some of you have this issue, and others don't. And it bothers some of you way more than others.

Let's face it: There's not going to be a mass recall of the Incredible over in what all likelihood is some sort of technical characteristic of the screen, not unlike what we saw with the Nexus One. Our advice? First, don't be playing with your phone while you're driving, even if it is in a car holder. (And maybe try a different car dock.) And second: If you do have to make a call or something, just touch your thumb to the phone and poke at it with whatever finger feels the most natural.

The sky is not falling. But it might have darkened a little bit. If you're still concerned about this, sound off in the comments or check out the thread here.