No smartphone is invincible, even one rocking carbon fiber like the Droid Turbo.

Incipio DualPRO Droid Turbo

Cases for your phone are one of those things you either go the bare minimum to keep things as thin as possible or you go all out to make sure your hardware can survive anything. For those interested in the latter for your Droid Turbo, Incipio's DualPRO line has you covered. It's a two-stage case, meaning a squishy silicone on the inside with a hard plastic shell on the outside. These pieces are put on one later at a time, with the end result being a shock absorbent squishy later combined with an impact repellent exterior.

Incipio DualPRO Droid Turbo

This case is is not going to win you a whole lot of style points, but it will absolutely get the job done if you have problems keeping a hold of your smartphone. The rigid plastic casing covers the entire back of the phone, save for the very top and bottom. To compensate for the pack of plastic in these areas, Incipio makes the silicone significantly thicker. This works well on the bottom of the phone where there's a lip to hold everything in place, but at the top of the phone there's a little bit of wiggle to the case. While this doesn't affect the durability of the case, it does significantly increase the potential for things like sand or pocket fuzz to get in between the case and the phone.

If you're looking for some additional armor plating to go with your Droid Turbo and you don't care about bulk, you'd be hard pressed to find a better offering than what Incipio is offering with the DualPRO Hard Shell case. It's a solid design for keeping your phone save no matter what, which is going to be a lifesaver for those in need.

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