If you could only change ONE thing about the Google Pixel 5, what would it be?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

In our Google Pixel 5 review, Daniel Bader called it the best Pixel ever, and Alex Dobie also raved about the device in his video review. Everyone here at AC who has either used the device or owns one themselves definitely considers the Pixel 5 to be high on the list of the best Android phones, but we certainly can acknowledge that it's not perfect.

That's why this particular thread on the AC forums caught our eye. In it, folks were discussing what one thing (and sometimes multiple things) they'd change about the Google Pixel 5:

Love my Pixel5. I have read a lot of love/hate comments about the phone. With a great camera, rear finger printer reader, snappy performance, and a crazy battery... how could it improve. If you could change one thing about the Pixel5, what is it ...? My change would be screen size.


The screen size is one of the reasons I sold my pixel 4 xl and purchased the pixel 5. I would change the speakers. I miss my dual facing stereo speakers from the pixel 4 xl. The pixel 5 does allow a little bit of stereo with the top in screen speaker but it has basically none to very low bass. It's still sound fine since the bottom speaker is full and loud, but that's the one thing I would...


Screen size is why I bought it, finally we have a phone that fits in one hand and a battery that lasts all day and can be used without a case and won't pull your shorts down because it doesn't weigh a tonne Speakers could be better


The only change I would like to see would have been a larger XL option. I love the phone, just wish there was a larger option available. But I do understand that most people love the current size & current form factor.


I wish there was a micro SD slot since they're not even selling anything bigger than 128gb. But maybe that would be hard whole keeping it skinny.


Now we want to hear from you — If you could only change ONE thing about the Google Pixel 5, what would it be, and why?

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