I use my phone in the shower — don't judge, just listen

I travel a fair bit. Sometimes just for fun, but usually for work. When I travel for work, I'm usually fairly burned out by the end of the day. I'm not much of a drinker (or smoker, for that matter) and so I usually turn to my phone to watch something and just sort of detox from the day. It's usually whatever show I would normally be watching at home, or whatever I downloaded from Netflix before getting on the plane.

Now that it's super common for phones to be waterproof, my phone has started coming with me into the bath or shower and it's made my travel life a lot nicer.

A lot of my daily routine happens on my phone. I usually listen to a podcast or the morning show from my favorite radio station back home as I go for a run or hit the exercise bike in the morning. Standard procedure after that is usually to hit the shower, and when I'm not at home that usually means the phone follows me into the shower so I can keep listening while starting my day. The same basic idea applies to the end of the day, the phone follows me into the shower and I'll keep watching an episode of Altered Carbon or something while I take care of business.

I relax a lot faster at the end of the day now.

This is abnormal behavior for me. I don't feel the need to behave this way when I'm at home, though I think mostly that's due to not wanting to wake someone up at the beginning or end of the day in my house. But for whatever reason, my phone doesn't come anywhere near the bathroom when I'm at home. When I'm traveling, though, I find adding my phone to the shower to be a rewarding bit of self-care. I relax a lot faster at the end of the day, which usually leads to me doing more work instead of going to sleep, but that's another matter entirely.

It's also worth pointing out just how well these phones are built for this environment now. My Pixel 2 is not only waterproof, but the stereo front-facing speakers make it perfect to prop up in those hotel soap dishes that are almost always at eye level. Now that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are creating that stereo effect with the combination of the headphone speaker and the bottom-firing speakers, that is likely also going to be a great experience for in-shower entertainment.

If you've never given this a shot, go for it next time you're able. This isn't as crazy as it sounds, shower speakers have been a thing for a long time now. This just cuts out the middle gadget and as an added bonus lets you catch up on your shows a little faster. Or maybe I'm the only one who does this and I'm a big weirdo for admitting it. Either way, give it a try. You'll probably like it.

Russell Holly

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • Catching up on pornhub while in the shower lol
  • Lol exactly.
  • Somehow it makes me happy that this is the first comment 🙂
  • Makes clean-up a breeze. Not that I would know....
  • I always use my phone in the shower. It's either a podcast or music when I'm in there.
  • Phones are slippery enough outside the shower. Can't imagine taking a thousand dollar phone into someplace where water and soap are present.
  • Thats why a good case helps keep those slippery moments not becoming expensive moments
  • Dropped my S7 in the shower the other day, fell from chest height with no case or screen protector and hit hard screen first. I expected it to be broken, yet I had no damage. I usually use my phone in the bathroom for music, it sits on the counter, but occasionally I want to skip a song or something and pick the phone up to do so.
  • Thanks for opening up to us. It really takes our relationship to a new level.
  • You're not alone! I have a magnet mount in the shower stall so I can enjoy a playlist or classical music streaming from my Note 8. 👍😎
  • I think you're an addict! Can't even take a shower without being glued to your phone? Sorry for you man.
  • I pretty clearly said I only do this in very specific situation and not at home, but alright.
  • Haters gonna hate.
  • I get that that these phones have some waterproofing but considering that water damage is not covered by the warranty, I really don't think it's smart thinking or reporting to publicize exposing your device to a steamy environment. It's just a matter of time before the complaints start rolling in. Not to mention, steam from a shower could potentially be more invasive to sensitive electronics than a drop in the toilet or sink. Just sayin!
  • Listening to this week's podcast in the shower was the only way to finish it since was like 2 days long....
  • Which podcast would that be?
  • Phones aren't "Waterproof" they are IP68 most of the time. That is different from say a 5 ATM rating. One can take the steam of a hot shower, and one can't. IP68 explicitly excludes steam.
  • If ip68, water resistant is a better term!
  • True, but it's never been a problem for me.
  • I have my phone in the bathroom...while taking hot showers and believe me there is steam...never a single problem...my wife even showers with her Gear s2..which is IP68 and has not had a single problem..waterproof no.. extremely water resistant in most conditions..YES!
  • No manufacturer includes water damage in their warranty.
    There have been many cases of seals failing and phones being written off.
  • I'd say that's just luck. Or, indirect steam which is not as invasive. Your luck will run out one of these days...
  • Not in the shower not the bath, not on the toilet, not in the bedroom except for the alarm, and not at mealtimes for me. Not in the car, on a bus or a train. Not wishing to judge you but, honestly, you have a serious addiction.
  • Serious question: when do you use your phone?
  • They're a grandad, they never use it lol
  • When do I use my phone? Every day. But not when and where stated. I'm English so had to look up the Green Eggs and Ham reference (using my phone to do that). I don't think my comment was intended as a judgement any more than any of the other posts here. They're merely comments, points of view. Vive la Difference.
  • I probably use mine way less than most here. I don't use it as an entertainment device, I have books, TV, computers for that. It's mostly business for me, calls, texts, email, look-ups, information gathering, nav, stuff like that. I'll never do a video chat on it, I'll rarely listen to music on it.
  • Green Eggs and Ham??
  • He either reads Dr. Seuss or he needs to clean out his fridge more often
  • So no judgement followed immediately by a judgement. Got it.
  • I don't take baths often, I generally shower and wouldn't bring my phone in there but I do love the occasional relaxing bath and I certainly take my phone with me there.
  • Haha, right!
  • You asked for no judgement. That's not a guarantee you'll get what you ask for. So, don't complain.
  • You do not like green eggs and ham?
  • Toilet, bus, or train are prime times to use a phone. What else are you going to do, just stare off into space?
  • Exactly! And why not in a train? It's not like ull crash is u don't pay attention...
  • Altered carbon! Great show. Just finished
  • None of these phones are waterproof and aren't meant to be used underwater or in hot steam. It's meant for accidents or cleaning with a quick rinse off. Steam, saltwater, chlorine none of this is good for an IP68 rated phone. It can cause corrosion in the ports that are usually exposed and internal damage.
  • I bring my phone in the bathroom (not the shower) so I can pair it to my Bluetooth speaker that's close to the shower so I can blast music while I clean myself. Not bringing my phone in the shower tho. Risky business.
  • I usually take my phone if I'm taking a bath. I approve of bathroom phone usage.
  • I believe this means you're just addicted to holding your phone in your hand. Set it down for once
  • I believe this means you did not actually read the article.
  • A few articles up is something called the Light Phone. You should invest.
  • No judgement needed. Might as well make use of your phone's water resistant capabilities. I have yet to own a waterproof phone believe it or not. I'm on the BlackBerry KEYone.
  • Everyone has yet to own a waterproof phone (which doesn't exist), believe it or not. https://youtu.be/UUvJ4Q6B0Q8
  • I've thought about doing this before, so that I could listen to music or stream a radio station. I was always worried that steam might be worse than normal submersion though, and that has kept me from trying it. Maybe I'll give it a go now though.
  • Take my Sony ZXP always with me in pool. Those water fountains in 960p Slowmotion look so nice.
  • I've been showering with my phone for the last 5 years. I duct taped my phone casing holder on the bathroom door. starting with galaxy note 2 and now Z3 tablet. mostly reading news, helps me shower longer than 5 minutes. before smartphone I bring a piece of newspaper with me. showering is just boring I need to read at the same time. are there people like me?
  • *crickets chirping*
  • I love all the judgmental comments in this post. People he flat out says he hardly does this on a day in and day out basis and that is the rarity that he does it but when he does it, it's to listen to music and podcast...I have a question for every judgemental person here...do you listen to a radio, Bluetooth speaker, etc. While in the shower or getting ready for the day...how is this any different. Technology is different and we have access to things like music and radio like features at our finger tips incased in a water tight device...sorry but you go ahead and be you sir, thanks for the article
  • You are a MUCH smaller weirdo than you used to be - but just as likeable.
  • My son, who now has an S8+, has been using his phone in the shower since he had a Galaxy S5. I asked him why? He simply said, "because I can."
  • Your son is very deep, whoa
  • ...Makes taking my tablet into the shower not seem too bad eh?
    Fits perfectly in my hanging whateveritscalled from the faucet.
    Sony Z2 tablet, best $200 I've spent.
  • These phones are not waterproof.
  • These phones are not waterproof *rated*. Some may well be functionally waterproof, but the manufacturers aren't likely interested in making that claim.
  • I take the phone in the bathroom while I shower but I don't take the phone into the shower. I just let it play on the sink area. Both my Pixel and S8 Plus are loud enough.
  • Yep, I listen to the radio getting ready for work. There's a little ledge at the top of the shower wall at the back that's perfect and the speaker fires towards me. I've been doing this before phones were water resistant.
  • Oh yeah those long showers are the best! We all watch "Netflix" there
  • Pfft, I've been taking my phones in the bathroom for years! It usually just sits there on the counter in case I get called from work (I'm on-call. Permanently!), and there' s been a few times where I have answered in the shower as well. I also washed my M8 off under running water in the sink many times. Funny how water resistance was unimportant until Samsung and Apple started doing it, lol.
  • My problem is that my phone isn't truly waterproof. I don't trust it to survive in water: for me, IP68 is a bonus. It is not a feature. It tells me my phone is more likely to survive an accidental immersion or rain, but I will not put it to the test on a regular basis. This is all after my S7 died. Twice. To water.
  • I have the XL 2 but I mostly take showers and don't want to try and hold a phone while showering. I don't take bubble baths very often but don't use the phone because I was nervous the soap would possibly mess up the device.
  • I have a small cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker for listening to music. It's pretty robust as my kids sometimes mess about with it in the shower. But even if it does die it didn't cost too much and won't be too much hassle to replace. Unlike my phone if it were to get wet. I really like listening to music in the shower so I'm with you on that. I just won't risk my phone in there!
  • Not in the shower. But then.. 1st Gen Pixel so not as resistant. In the bathroom all the time though lol. Especially in the middle of the night, hooray for blue light filter.
  • Since the Treo days I've used Ziploc sandwich bags when the kids are at an indoor pool, or when we're walking miles and it might rain. I've never considered using my phone in the shower but a good bag solves the steam and water pressure problem generally.
  • If that's not addicted to technology, I don't know what is...
  • I totally do this. First thing I do when I wake up is hit up my local radio station and tune in... on Tune-in... and set the phone on the edge of the shower door so I can hear it while I scrub-a-dub-dub. Sometimes I choose a Youtube video instead and prop my phone on the shower caddy so I can watch. I've been doing this for years and have had ZERO issues with water damage. Not saying it won't/can't happen... just that it hasn't happened yet. So.... You be you, Mr. Holly... Haters be damned.
  • Water-resistant or not, I don't think anyone's ever tested IP67 for steam, just for water. I think I'll wait to listen until I'm out of the bathroom. But have fun, don't let me ruin your showers.
  • After reading your article the other day, I tried the same today with my G6. It worked perfectly fine under the shower, but then some time later it's telling me that "charging blocked due to moisture". I'm sure it will dry up eventually, but I wonder if you ever had that issue as well before.