Hulu Plus arrives in the Android Market, only available for select phones initially

It's been quite a while since Hulu initially announced they'd be bringing Hulu Plus to Android. That wait is now finally over -- for some users that is. In order to make use of Hulu for Android you have to have one of the only six devices that are currently compatible. As noted on the Hulu blog:

With the first phase of the Android rollout, Hulu Plus is available on six phones, including the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Droid II, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Atrix. We expect to add to the number of Android smartphones and will be making additional device announcements throughout the year.

Limited support starting off with further devices being added later on. Sounds familiar right? Netflix chose this route and truth be told -- that didn't really work so well considering it's up and running on various devices in unauthorized form. If you're looking to get in on Hulu now and have a supported device you can jump on past the break for download. You'll get a free one-week trial and after that it'll be $7.99.

Source: Hulu

  • Just let everyone with a smartphone get it. So stupid. I think this is going to be the way forward for all these softwares now. I had a hacked version of Netflix. I'll have one for HULU soon.
  • I tested it on my droid incredible and it works fine. I'm surprised they didn't add that to their compatible list.
  • I have a Droid Incredible. I cannot find the huluplus app for it. how did you go about getting the app?
  • Things like this will kill Android ... it just keeps getting fragmented more and more.
  • That is what happens when you have choices. Rather have choices then locked into one phone. Variety is the spice of life, Apple never heard of that. Give it a little time. Fragmented gets very old fast. When there are over 50 probably more phones from different manufacturers running an operating system, you have to have differences. Wouldn't have it any other way. Kill Android my ass, nothing will kill this Apple eater, nothing. "Give me another beer honey"
  • No, jessee813 is right. Why only certain devices? What is there to gain? It's like the new DX2 shipping with an older OS then it's predecessor. When someone is standing next to you with a phone that is a year or two old, running all the new stuff, and you are holding your phone that was release a week ago not having access to it, then variety is not so spicy anymore. It's not going to kill Android, but we see these issues come up over and over again. It used to be with just the OS, now it's with the apps. And about this happening when you have choices... How many choices to you have in cars, computers, tv's, etc. Can't I put any tire on any car? Or watch ESPN on any TV? Or install Google Chrome on any PC?
  • Completely agree. Windows or Apple would not be as successful if they were fragmented. Maybe I am just miffed cause MT4G does not get this or even Netflix but this is what drives me nuts about Android. I know it's the developers issues but doesn't make Android look good because Google should mandate that Apps are available accross all versions of OS and devices. Can you imagine if Microsoft had done similar things like say Outlook will only work for IBM laptops. They would not have marketshare as they do now.
  • Let me correct you on that. The only company NOT fragmented is Apple Computer (like the iphone). Apple has certain specs for their computers and are all almost similar. Windows IS fragmented. Do you know of ANY COMPUTER that is made by Microsoft? Microsoft just like Android, only provides the software. Toshiba, Sony, Compaq, HP all make PC's made for Windows. So you could buy a Sony PC that does less than a Compaq. The Compaq might run Photoshop but Sony might only run certain games. You have to choose your phone wisely before you purchase just like a Windows PC. Buy only the best Windows PC and you will probably not run into any compatability issues. Buy a the best Android phone and you probably wont run into comaptability issues either. You're choice for buying an new outdated phone. The specs are on the Box. Im getting the EVO 3D one of the top of the line phones. ;) You wont hear me complianing.
  • Put ANY tire on ANY car?! I'd like to see you THAT!!!!
  • At least we can run Flash...
  • Yay!!! My Droid X with CM7 is an unsupported device :)
  • Yup CM7 inspire 4g unsupported. thinking about what ROM i could flash to make it compatible
  • I can't believe the first ever 4G phone the EVO is not one of the first supported devices.
  • I HULU on the EVO, are you kidding me!!!
  • I love my atrix. The pastt news feeds are some of the best I've some of the best news.
  • So I can't stream Hulu shows on my phone via their website even though I can watch plenty of other streaming content. We wait for the app/fix and we get an app that only allows the use of the paid service. With the icing being that the app is only available on select devices. ....Sounds like a great business plan!
  • Hulu says plainly, on their site, what the differences are between regular "free" service and Hulu Plus. You can only watch the free service with a computer ONLY. If you want to be able to get it over the iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox or other devices, then you have to sign up for Hulu Plus service....That's why I pay my $8/month and I'm happy that I can finally watch on my Droid X now.....installed the app and it works GREAT!
  • Except....a ton of their content is classified "web only" which means you can only watch it on a computer. I have a Hulu Plus subscription and can access the service on my TiVO and my 360. Neither will display any content labelled "web only". If this keeps up, I will definitely dump the service. It's ridiculous.
  • +1 I signed up for Hulu plus once and cancelled it 10 minutes later because a majority of the shows I wanted to watch were classified as "Computer Only". That's a load of crap, especially for a customer that is offering to give you cash in hand for content. Hulu sucks and if anyone ever comes along and offers fair access to this content they will put them out of business quickly.
  • Not to mention that you pay for the service and still have to watch at least four comercial interuptions during a 30 minute episode.
  • That's the reason I won't subscribe. I'll just stick with Netflix and no commercials!
  • It didn't use to be this way. Hulu first made it to where you could register so you could have a cue. Then you could have a subscription if you wanted to watch shows the same night they premier. But now you can pay and watch less content streamed the same way to other platforms...what a rip off!
  • And not get access to things the day after they air. It's a trade off sure, but you really can't compare them. When netflix starts offering TV shows during the same season get back to us.
  • I'm so thankful I choose to roll with the Droid x. For all the bitching everyone does about motoblur (which never bothered me, but I eventually replaced with launcherpro anyway), it always seems to be one of the first devices supported for anything (froyo,gingerbread,Netflix,Hulu,you-name-it). Droid X FTW! Hope everyone else gets hulu soon though....
  • Uhh.... Evo was first non-google phone to officially have froyo....... as well as netflix. Here is a list of opening devices for netflix:
    HTC Incredible with 2.2+
    HTC Nexus One with 2.2+
    HTC EVO 4G with 2.2+
    HTC G2 with 2.2+
    Samsung Nexus S with 2.3+ :)
  • He said one of the first, not the first. Big difference.
  • Read again, he says, "One of the first" The Droid X got Gingerbread before the EVO did & HULU now too. Don't sweat will come to the EVO.
  • This hurts. I have a Galaxy S, a Charge, a 10.1, and a 7" Tab. Nothing for me? Argg... I Love Hulu too. Can't wait to watch Greeeeen Acres is the place to be. ; - ) -- Faaaaaaarm Livin is the life for me
  • YESSSS!!!!!! I have the Evo 3D, though (which is great but not supported yet)
  • I think it is sad that the media industry can't get on the ball and provide a way for people to watch digital content on mobile devices. The consumer wants to be able to do this. I think the consumer is willing to pay for content. And even the services that are provided are very limited in my opinion. In order to watch what you want you need netflix, and hulu and still probably cant find the content your looking for. There are a few Android apps that actually have good content and service (so it is possible), but then again they probably are not legit. Hope in the future they make this better.
  • They will get it running on every phone, when there is $$$ to be made they will get it to you.
  • MUHAHAHAHAH And the Droid X reigns supreme yet again! Netflix and Hulu BAM, no waiting. This phone just keeps delivering. Not to mention Gingerbread with little waiting. Happy I held off on the Droid X 2.
  • That's crazy. I don't seem to seem to have access for my Droid X. I know it's listed but when I went to the market on the phone it isn't available. When I look on the Market website it stated that my Droid X was unsupported. Maybe b/c I'm running a rooted GB and not the normal OTA GB update. *shrug*
  • I also have rooted GB but I was able to get it ok for my DX.
  • I have to say the Droid X is verizons best phone.
  • So.....apk? Anyone? Anyone?
  • Hmm, so there isn't gonna be an official mobile app to access their free content? Weak.
  • If you pay for PlayOn you can have HuluPlus, Netflix, etc on all Android phones & tablets that can handle flash.
  • True, I use PlayOn, but it still relies on your home computer. A native app is faster and easier to use. Netflix on PlayOn buffers quite a bit. The native Netflix app never buffers on me.
  • Just posted the same....been using it for a few years now for my 360 and PS3 and over the last couple of months for my Evo. Works pretty decent, but as pointed out, has some issues that would be addressed with a native app (such as better fast forwarding, rewind, resume capabilities and less buffering....although I don't really get buffering too often, but my PC at home is pretty powerful and it has a fast connection to the internet to stream it to me). Still though, it is one of the only ways (if not the only way) to get Hulu on your phone. Not to mention the dozens of other content sources it provides, such as your local media on your PC,, Comedy Central, FX, etc.
  • confirmed working on my nook color
  • Perhaps this is only on At&t, Verizon, and T-mobile phones because they have stricter data limits or there is some kind of beef with Sprint.
  • Works great on Nexus S 4g. And I'll second PlayOn for those of you who don't have access, want Hulu's web-only programming, and/or want access to other shows and features (including live TV and access to your computer's own media content)
  • Just what Verizon customers need - pay for Hulu so you can pay for a more expensive data plan. Really makes me want to watch reruns on a 4" screen. NOT Dear customer,
    By agreeing to the Hulu terms of service, you have activated a new plan on Verizon which requires one of the new Data Plans that customers have asked for. To re-activate data on your device, please choose one of the new plans..... Love,
  • Sweet! Makes me wonder how much you could watch on that 2gb plan!
  • Available for the "Droid II" eh? Must be different than my "Droid 2", because the market won't let me download it....
  • Same here.....guess they are just teasing us droid 2 customers with anything and everything only to have it locked down even further with the lack of support for these apps.
  • I'm using the PlayOn media server and can stream Hulu (the free Hulu, not the paid "plus" stuff) just fine to my EVO, my XBOX 360, my PS3 and other devices. Of course, PlayOn costs some money up front for the software and runs on my PC at home so that has to be on, but I can stream it just fine to my phone over 3G/4G.
  • Tiered data / or unlimited data throttling will probably put a stop to these services. Verizon's data usage gods will 'have a cow' when people start using these new services with any frequency...
  • Thunderbolt dissed again.
  • What about the epic?? Oh... is the screen too small???
  • WOW! My D2 got some love from the jump this time. About damn time. Sorry for the others though.
  • Hulu Plus is a waste of money I think since the only difference I've seen on both services is Hulu Plus has less commercials and if I'm paying for the service I shouldn't have to deal with commercials.
  • I don't get why everyone assumes there was some sort of stupid decision behind limiting it to only certain devices. Your assumption should be "Businesses want to make money, not lose money." Thus everything they do is designed to do that. NOW, by what logic would a limited release serve to make more money? What's the biggest complaint you see on the android market? "This app don't work!!1!!!" How do you avoid that? You limit the release to devices the software is KNOWN to consistently perform at or above expectation. I wouldn't expect the Netflix app to work well, if at all, on say The T-Mobile G1 or even the MyTouch. The phones are older and the specs probably don't support it, not to mention the OS.
    So Hulu, being smart, does a limited release on a few select devices to make sure it works and works well so they can both limit the bugfixes that are likely to be needed and simultaneously work on the next update(s) that will work on more devices. Hulu Plus is a pay service. You don't want to release an app that zooms on the Evo but stumbles on the Droid. Not when you've got paying customers. And rather than wait until ALL phones are supported (and tablets) they did a limited release.
    More and more with business the potential problems with a large global release aren't worth it, and it's better to roll things out in waves so that you can more effectively deal with the problems that will inevitably arise. Try not to take it personally.
  • This is neat, but its merely a novelty. Pay $8/mo. to watch movies and tv on my D2's 3.7" screen? I think not! I have little interest in streaming Netflix to my phone either, even after being a member for 6 years (I'm more interested in managing my queue without a 3rd party app). Even on tablets it seems silly. A ten inch screen pales in comparison to even a 32" HDTV. These apps are an interesting development in technology but ultimately just a waste of time, money, and data-usage.
  • I understand your point, but many people are on the go now. The problem with being on the go, is that there is a lot of hurry up and wait time on buses, waiting rooms, airports, etc. Mobile video watching helps to fill these voids. I think there is a huge market for this service, and so must large ditributers of media or they wouldn't even make the effort. As soon as producers of the media get on board with DRM, this service will explode.
  • There is no easy way to accommodate every device. There should be a certain requirement for all android phones to meet. If you want hulu and Netflix and every app to work just buy a nexus s. It's the equivalent to an iPhone. Just one standard device that everything works for and is tested on, and it's updated once a year like the iPhone. I have an evo 4g and an inspire 4g . The evo has Netflix and the inspire has hulu, the evo has gingerbread, the inspire has froyo. Both htc, different chipsets it's crazy. I want a galaxy s 2 and an evo 3d. I'm hoping they both get Netflix and hulu . I just want to say hulu and Netflix are trying very hard to get as much content as possible it's just digital rights laws are giving the movie and tv networks a lot of control over how people consume media. Totally out of these guys control.
  • Since I haven't seen anybody suggest this yet, I have Droid incredible and am watching hulu through the playon media mobile app. This app has numerous channels to watch and you add more channels called plungins. Must have playon on home computer, and this connects over 3G. The picture isn't the highest quality but it is hulu none the less. Playon also works on xbox 360. Also if you want live tv, I recommend using the slingbox from sling media with the sling media mobile app. Runs off your cable box, phone controls the channels and DVR' d shows. Cable box>slingbox>router>mobile phone. Currently not using, but have used on old MOTO q9m. Worked awesome. Hope this helps with your mobile TV needs.
  • In arriving Hulu to keep things more updated to in getting application that will develop in managing certain desire that inhibit a perfect details.