Huawei TalkBand B2

Fitness trackers can be useful tools for keeping up on daily exercise goals, but they often aren't much to look at. With the TalkBand B2 and N1, Huawei is hoping to take fitness-focused wearables and add some style so you'll consider wearing them more often. The new TalkBand B2 is a complete refresh of the more mundane B1 of last year, while the TalkBand N1 isn't a band at all — it's a set of bluetooth earbuds.

Other than the general form factor, the TalkBand B2 is hardly recognizable as a successor to the B1. The idea is the same, in that it's basically a stylized Bluetooth headset that pops into a wristband, but the entire case and idea has been redone. The B2 follows many of the same ideas shown off in the Huawei Watch, with metal frames in different colors, a variety of leather bands and lots of fine-tuned engineering. There's still a "sport" model for those who don't care about looks and want something a bit more resilient, but having the choice for those who want a better look is great. In either case you're getting plenty of sensors and software that track your movement and aggregate it back to an app — standard affair.

The TalkBand N1 has a misleading name considering that it's simply a pair of headphones, but even that sells it a bit short. These earbuds hold all of the same sensors you'd find in the TalkBand B2, as well as a full 4GB of storage and can track your movements whenever you're wearing them. When you're not listening to music during a workout you can drop the earbuds down around your neck and let the buds connect with magnets to make some sort of "necklace" look. It's not the most elegant thing ever, but it sure beats having them dangle around loosely.

Both of the new TalkBand models are competitively priced — €169/€199 for the B2 and €119 for the N1 — and definitely have kicked up the style for fitness wearables a notch.