Huawei's EMUI received a significant boost with version 4.1, which made its debut on the Huawei P9. It looks like the vendor is working to bring the UI closer to stock Android, with version 5.0 said to offer an interface that resembles vanilla Android while offering a lot of customizability.


That's according to GSMInfo, which states that the changes are geared twoard making EMUI more palatable to a Western audience. Android Central can confirm that we've heard the same on the future of EMUI from our own sources.

Given that Huawei has a strong presence in Europe and is gaining a foothold in the U.S. market, dialing the interface back will go a long way toward making its devices more appealing. Huawei makes gorgeous phones, but the software has always proved to be a sore point. The overhaul will be helmed by chief UX designer Abigail Brody, who previously worked at Apple as a creative director for iOS.

Huawei is said to debut EMUI 5.0 sometime in the third quarter, which puts the launch during the IFA window, signaling the unveil of a new Mate handset as well.

In other news, Huawei is also said to be mulling a "contingency measure" in which the vendor is building its own mobile operating system as an alternative to Android. Citing "three people briefed about the project," The Information mentions that the homegrown mobile OS is Huawei's way of ensuring that it has a foothold in the mobile space if Google were to scale back support for third-party vendors, or start restricting what OEMs can do on the platform.

There's no information about the Chinese vendor's own mobile OS at this point, but if Huawei is making strides in this direction, we should be hearing more later this year.