What you need to know

  • Huawei Mate X has been delayed once again.
  • The foldable smartphone is now expected to be released in November.
  • It was initially planned to be launched globally in June.

Huawei's first foldable smartphone, the Mate X has been delayed once more. According to a new report from TechRadar, the foldable smartphone will not be released before November.

Huawei now plans to begin shipping the foldable smartphone before the holiday shopping season begins. The final version of the Mate X will include a slimmer lock button and a refined 'Falcon hinge' for higher durability. However, TechRadar says the hinge isn't made out of carbon fiber, as some had predicted.

The Mate X engineering team had apparently tried replacing the steel back of the phone with aluminum, which would have made it 20g lighter. However, it was found during testing that the aluminum material wasn't strong enough to replace steel.

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Huawei reportedly shared some interesting details regarding the Mate X successor as well at a press event held in Shenzhen today. The company's next foldable smartphone may come with a glass back instead of the steel rear cover on the Mate X. Those glass surfaces, according to the report, could be used as touchable displays.

Now that Huawei has confirmed the Mate X will go on sale only by the end of the year, it looks like Samsung's Galaxy Fold will be the first foldable smartphone to go on sale. Samsung announced last month that the Galaxy Fold will be released in September in "select markets." The final version of the Galaxy Fold includes several design changes that help reinforce the display structure and protect it from external particles.

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