What you need to know

  • UK-based Music Magpie saw a 154% increase in Huawei trade-ins.
  • The Huawei P20 was one of the most popular models being traded in.
  • Music Magpie received thousands of trade-ins in just a day.

In just a matter of days, the future of Huawei's smartphone business has become more uncertain than ever before. This past weekend, news broke that Huawei would be losing access to Google services, apps, and Android updates. While that ban has since been put on hold until August 19, the impact of that initial news still had an impact on the company.

Speaking with TechRadar, UK trade-in site Music Magpie reported that it saw a massive increase in trade-ins for Huawei smartphones. Specifically, there was an increase in trade-ins on Monday of 154%.

Music Magpie notes that the trade-ins were at their biggest around 1 PM BST, at which point Huawei devices were being traded into the site more than phones from any other brands. Of the thousands of phones that were traded in, the Huawei P20 was one of the most popular along with the Huawei Mate 10 series.

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Considering the future of Huawei's smartphone business is so up in the air at this point, this news doesn't come as much of a surprise at all. Customers that own these devices don't know what's going to happen to them once August rolls around, so in their eyes, it's better to cut their losses, trade the phones in, and get something from another brand that'll be able to offer all of the services and updates they need.

Going forward, it wouldn't be surprising to see these trade-ins continue. Huawei was recently hit with yet another ban — this time putting the future of its custom Kirin chipsets in jeopardy.

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