HTC's weather provider appears to be under the weather itself

See what we just did there?

Yes, folks, it appears that HTC's weather provider has a case of the sniffles, and widgets from Wabash to Worthington are wondering just what the weather is like wherever we are wandering.

(OK, couldn't keep that up any longer.) We wouldn't worry (oops) ourselves too much over this, folks. It's like just server hiccups on the part of the weather provider (anyone remember who it is?), and there's nothing wrong with your phone. You're not alone, and it's really not worth worrying your pretty little head over it.

But if you just have to have weather info at the ready, there are a number of good apps and widgets available in the Android Market that should hold you over until the hamster gets back on the wheel.

Another option would be to open a window or go outside. Just sayin'. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. [Evo 4G Forums, Droid Incredible Forums]

  • Glad its nothing big.
  • I am just glad I am not the only one! I was messing with it for a while today to see what was wrong with it
  • Same here. *whew*
  • Glad to be running the sense analog clock blk widget from the should've made this clock which is half the size.
  • Ohhh okay I'm glad I'm not the only one. Back to beautiful widgets! (which I use most of the time anyway.)
  • I wonder if this affects the live tile on HTC's Windows Phone 7's? they just released an update for it interesting to see if the both apps use the same servers.
  • Accuweather is the provider, but their website is up. Could be overhaul or maintenence downtime.
  • Phew! I thought I was the only one.
  • i was flashing thing on the wife's hero, then i saw there was no weather, wasn't updating manually either, i was thinking (oh god what did i do, she's going to kill me, cause i borked her data, lol), but then i saw this article, checked my evo and yep samething.
  • In case anyone's wondering, it's cold out!
  • It was 70 today in Arkansas
  • The HTC Weather Provider never worked properly on my EVO from the start. I switched to Beautiful Widgets, and after a few updates - problem solved.
  • 70 in Louisiana today as always
  • go outside!!! but how will i know what to wear
  • worked for me too! thanks!
  • I Think I found a fix. Remove the widget and then add it back in. Worked for me. Hold down on the time/weather and move it down to erase. Hold the screen down and select widget, then Clock HTC scroll through the different clocks and choose it again. Mine is the 3rd one. Hit select and current location. Thats it. Hope this works for everyone.
  • Worked for me too, sort of. I'm using 1st one. My local weather is not updating, but the other 4 presets are. Would love to replace the 4 presets, though.
  • Nope, not working in Detroit, though it's still reporting my second city, Toronto. Maybe this is Julian Assange's doing?
  • Yes. That works. I did the same thing before I saw this posting. Saw my RSS feed and was surprised that this was an epidemic. Anyone else have trouble with the 2x4 People widget on the EVO? When you hit a contact, it sometimes dials another one down the list. I think that is a bug. The workaround was to delete the widget and add back in. However I got tired of this exercise and I don't use that widget anymore...use shortcuts to contacts instead.
  • yep that did the trick!
  • After the snow this past weekend here in Minnesota and predicted snow this evening I thought this was the apps way of saying oh the hell with are on your own...and walks out on me. O_o
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  • Pshhhhh that damn thing never works properly.... since my Hero days... I now have an EVO. It could be 8 9pm and the damn thing would be showing me the sun no matter how many times I refresh... I just stopped using it
  • I use weatherbug. I have the temp. in the status bar. much more reliable that the htc one.
  • Does anyone know if marking comments with 1 star as SPAM does it report them? I really wish AC had a report button.
  • i reset my phone twice thinking it was on my end so good news i guess
  • My Aria weather is broken here in Charlotte, NC too.
  • I kinda got excited seeing the picture on this article had Pensacola in it- and realized we are in the same town!
  • Well that answers that
  • Boy am I glad I saw this lol. I was updating my Aria from an older Liberated Froyo ROM to the latest one, and my weather disappeared. (The only reason it was showing before was because I had sync set to 3 hours). I was a little freaked out that I did something when flashing. On a lighter note, when I open the weather app, it says that it's zero degrees outside. Close enough to the temp here in Ohio :D
  • This weather app has been a mess for MONTHS AND MONTHS.
  • "Another option would be to open a window or go outside. Just sayin'. "
    Classic, made me spit my beer all over my laptop :-)
  • Hah! I did the exact same thing. Luckily, my mom came downstairs to clean it up for me. She said it's 26 degrees outside, too, so I'm up to date.
  • I thought it was cause it because we have some f'ed up weather in GA right now. It's a wintry mix.
  • I know, kinda kills the going outside option. I'm trying to avoid that at all costs lol
  • Sweet, mine is back up.
  • Mine just came back just this minute yes so happy now maybe I will get the update
  •'s weird. I've got two weather locations on my HTC located in my current city doesn't work, yet the perfectly. Quite frankly I like the other weather better as it's in Southern California! In Charlotte it's eff en COLD!
  • Working now
  • Just uninstall and install it again that works.
  • If you have problem go in Settings >> Applications >>Manage applications >> Weather (or something like that) - and Clear Data.
    Restart phone and it is done! I like this wallpaper from the image, I want it!
  • Thank you very much!
  • No weather for you
  • No problems in New york city. Sunny and cold.
  • By the way, I have the incredble.
  • I had this same problem happen to my Droid Incredible on and off in NYC 2 out of the last 4 days. It seemed to correct it self. The remedy I had was to just remove the widget from the screen, re-apply it and change the default weather from current location to New York. That worked until it cleared. Glad it's just the server.