HTC's weather provider appears to be under the weather itself

See what we just did there?

Yes, folks, it appears that HTC's weather provider has a case of the sniffles, and widgets from Wabash to Worthington are wondering just what the weather is like wherever we are wandering.

(OK, couldn't keep that up any longer.) We wouldn't worry (oops) ourselves too much over this, folks. It's like just server hiccups on the part of the weather provider (anyone remember who it is?), and there's nothing wrong with your phone. You're not alone, and it's really not worth worrying your pretty little head over it.

But if you just have to have weather info at the ready, there are a number of good apps and widgets available in the Android Market that should hold you over until the hamster gets back on the wheel.

Another option would be to open a window or go outside. Just sayin'. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. [Evo 4G Forums, Droid Incredible Forums]

Phil Nickinson