HTC Vision looks to be a WVGA Android slider

There's a bit of a fuss going on at the moment about a slew of new HTC code names. Engadget spilled the beans about the Glacier, LED and Vision -- and that's about all we know. The Vision appears to be slated thus for for T-Mobile, but that could be the European variety as much as the U.S.

Then today Dutch site snags the user agent of the Vision, which points to a QWERTY-keyboard device with a 480x800 screen, and it may well be a version of the Desire with a keyboard . (Though we'd expect more differentiation than that, and we can't help but think of that slider we recently saw go through the U.S. FCC.) Anyhoo, that could well point toward a proper slider Android device from HTC (look, the myTouch 3G Slide is nice and all, but ...) so we can all quit hacking Eclair atop our aging Touch Pro 2s. [via Engadget and Tweakers]

Phil Nickinson