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HTC ThunderBolt reboot update finally appears to be imminent

Might it finally be happening? Might the HTC ThunderBolt finally be getting that long-awaited update to squash the reboots and bring a host of fixes be dropping ... soon? Tonight, according to a leaked screen and confirmed by Verizon's own support site. Build 1.70.605.0 brings:

  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • View App Menu in tabbed layout.
  • People search function enabled.
  • Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
  • Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape m
  • NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.

Note that this is not the supposed Gingerbread/Skype update that surfaced last month. So we'll all have to bang our fists a little longer.

Source: Verizon (pdf); via @TLKoontz

More: ThunderBolt Forums; XDA, Droid-Life

  • "Reduced number of device power cycles and resets." - So it will go from 10 a day to 5. Ya way to go HTC and Verizon. What quality products you guys put out. And to that the bloat they are pushing out. "Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos." Thank god I has root.
  • At least you can root to get rid of this bloat. Us DInc 2 users are still stuck with them.
  • They are pushing that V Cast Music and Videos. I guess that they want to make sure that everyone uses lots of data so they can get data overages :)
  • I am grandfathered for life do bring it them on!!!!
  • * Yawns *
  • I'm a rooted TBolt user with no reboots so who cares lol. I just want to say to everyone on the forums who claimed GB was NEXT that I was right and to unleash the "Told ya so!" :)
  • Amazing how it takes so long for a device to come out with all the testing they do and all the bloatware they have to put on the devices just to have so many right out of the box and update problems. Verizon may not care but I am very close to leaving for Sprint. To bad we can't get a mass exodus from this company to show them that we are in control not them. RANT OVER.
  • The exodus starts today when they try selling their tiered data. You know, because they "care about their customers." Enjoy the extra customers Sprint.
  • Is the Thunderbolt this years Samsung Fascinate....? Watch how nuts TB owners will go when the Fascinate gets GB before the Thunderbolt (I don't actually think that would EVER happen, but could you imagine?!?! I'd call it the Thunderevolt!)
  • This was Verizon's first LTE device, and the only HTC LTE device on their line-up. Updates will roll out slower for the Thunderbolt, just because the technology is relatively new. Early adoption yields these negativities, but it's still a killer phone. GB will not be too far behind this OTA.
  • The LTE radio has nothing to do with updates. Total bullshit. The public puts up with it and Verizon gets away with it.
  • So what Rom / Radio do I need to Load to get rid of the Reboots.. IM SO SICK OF IT!!! It reboots nearly every 30 mins if Im using Wifi.. and with No Wifi its atleast every 3 to 5 hours.
  • it's about time!!!!
  • it's about time!!!!
  • I actually had my Tb for about 3 weeks with 4 reboots, not that angry with the phone but i probably get a Rom if this GB update doesnt come soon. Bad thing is I have no clue on how to put a Rom on this phone.
  • wonder if the preload of 'My Verizon' will actually work?
  • My T-bolt rocks and I didn't root. Way better than my old Hero.
  • Wait!!!!!!!!!!! NY Times in the browser bookmarks!!!!!!!!!!! Wow screw CM7/root rights I'm getting the OTA!!! :)
  • Ok im done waiting. Which is the best room out there.....
  • This update better have Gingerbread or the Thunderbolt is going thru Verizon's front window.
  • I would like to see that
  • I loaded the Mr2 update when it was leaked for unrooted thunderbolt, fixed the reboots, added an LTE toggle and I haven't had one problem that my free hotspot is over BRING ON THE ROOT!!!
  • So isn't this supposed to be a software fix? "Reduced number of device power cycles and resets" If it still does it, *Newsflash VZW* it's still not fixed!
    On another note I am still on the day 1 release software and have never had my phone reset itself. Those suffering from reboots try going back to the release day OS if your rooted.
  • I'm so jealous. If only there were a way I could add the NY Times site to the bookmarks on my current device. I guess I have no choice but to buy a Thunderbolt now. Do these people have any idea how stupid they sound with these "feature" lists?
  • lol I thought the same thing (see my above comment). Because it is impossible for any phone user to just add a bookmark to a site, you MUST receive an OTA to get that site bookmarked! I can't believe that is a FEATURE! WTF VZW?
  • The GB update was taking too long, so they had to put out SOMETHING to kill tethering.
  • I don't see where it says it's coming TONIGHT. Can this be confirmed? So basically the delay was waiting for MORE bloatware to be added??!!!
  • Gingerbread for TB will have to wait until all other phones are done being released for the year and have been updated at least once. There's no hurry, the Thunderbolt is old news, it can wait it's turn.
  • Kind of want to see the tabbed layout, reducing power cycles is a plus, more bloatware (including the bookmark I hope I can remove) is annoying.
  • Disappointing. As with most things involving the Thunderbolt.
  • This a JOKE please tell me 2.3.4 is hidden in the update
  • I'm downloading this now...
  • Im over this, yeah, thanks Verizon. Get rooted, best decision I've made for my phone.
  • Just updated via the OTA, sorry there is no hidden Gingerbread! :)
  • The update removes the free hotspot. Is verizon trying to piss us off on purpose or just naturally stupid and greedy?
  • The Free Verizon hotspot expired in June!
  • Still Android 2.2.1 after 70meg update. Any word on Skype video support with this POS update?
  • should i be concerned that under baseband my phone says:, and what does view app menu in tabbed layout mean. maybe im missing this change or my update didnt go right?
  • Boy am I glad I dumped the Thunderbolt months ago. Such a POS.
  • I'm not seeing the tabbed layout either and my update went smoothly. Maybe it's not set by default, but I can't find a way to change it. I also don't see the NYT bookmark. How will I sleep tonight?
  • Still haven't got the update, as limited as it appears to be. When I check for the update the looking for new software screen appears, then just disappears. The VZ guy said that if the update didn't appear in two days, bring the phone back for a replacement. I'd rather it just update.
  • Just do the update!!!!!!!!!!!
  • All my versions on my new TB are higher than above and it was bought on the 24th - and the rebooting is still there.
  • Yup, still rebooting. Anyone found a solution yet? Also, how do I "root" to get rid of bloat aps?
    noob <----